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									                             Prepaid Card Issuing

New ways to pay

                             Once upon a time, payroll departments couldn’t pay people without
                             bank accounts. And kids couldn’t withdraw cash from ATMs or pay by
                             card. Long ago, paying employees working abroad in local currency
                             was complicated and costly. And bank customers living abroad couldn’t
                             withdraw cash or make payments without credit cards or changing
                             currency. There was a time when prepaid cards did not exist.

                             Solving payment problems
                             We solve problems creatively. We know that, if we haven’t got the solution
                             already, we can build it quickly and efficiently. Our prepaid card service is one
                             tool that can solve a whole range of problems. Prepaid cards can be loaded
                             and reloaded by phone or in shops. Parents can credit pocket-money cards.
                             Employers can reload a card to pay workers abroad, who do not hold an ‘in
                             country’ bank account. Tourists can top up cards by phone when travelling, so
                             they don’t need to carry cash or travellers cheques.

                             Prepaid cards can behave like a debit card that never lets the user get into
                             debt, so wages never go further than they should and benefit payments are
                             used for what they were intended. They are Maestro™ branded, and can be
                             used at any ATM or shop where the Maestro™ symbol is displayed. So, that’s
  Prepaid cards issued by    just about any cash machine in the UK and millions overseas.
  VocaLink can be reloaded
  at a network of 35,000
  convenience stores and     If your customers don’t want to use credit or have bank accounts, or if you
  newsagents in the UK and   want to break with convention and make savings accounts accessible via
  used to withdraw cash at
                             ATMs, there’s a little touch of genius in our prepaid card service that could
  more than a million ATMs
  in over 210 countries.     help you do something new.
Loaded with potential
End-to-end or selected services: we can manage everything from
production to fulfilment for a rapid time to market, and cards can be branded
with your designs and logos to build brand equity and keep your company
top of mind with your customers
Multichannel access: cards can be used at the point of sale, online, by
telephone and at cash machines for withdrawals
International: just like a debit card and more versatile and convenient than
travellers’ cheques, our Maestro™ branded cards can give holidaymakers
access to cash and a safe means to spend anywhere in the world where the
Maestro™ symbol is displayed
Retail or telephone top up: cards can be reloaded at retail outlets with
PayPoint™ terminals (in the same way as for mobile phone top-up), at
Post Office™ counters; customers can also make card-to-card top-ups by
telephone, for example, allowing parents to load their children’s cards
Certified to Mastercard™ standards: so you don’t need to be responsible
for the compliance overheads of issuing cards, the service is internationally
compatible and is run from a hosted data centre.

The best in stored value
Our service combines transaction excellence and prepaid card
manufacturing leadership. Offered in conjunction with Prepaid Technologies
Ltd, the VocaLink prepaid card service gives you professional business
support to get the proposition right from day one and a rapid time to market,
so you don’t miss an opportunity. Our commitment to thorough, secure
and reliable service underpins our dynamic prepaid card capability to give
you business agility and the best opportunity to succeed in driving out the
potential in your customer base.

Unlock the value
To open the door to potential new income streams from your customers,
contact our relationship management team. We’ll help you explore the many
ways you can limit risk and liberate value. Telephone our experts on
+44 (0)870 165 0019 or email us at

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