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Parking/Traffic Supervisor


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									PARKING/TRAFFIC SUPERVISOR CLASS PURPOSE To direct daily activities of campus traffic and parking operations; supervise staff; perform related work. GENERAL INFORMATION These positions may require overtime and split-shift work. These positions involve lifting and carrying up to 50 pounds; visually observing activities in assigned area; working outdoors in all weather conditions; standing and walking up to seven hours per day; communicating using two way radios. These positions are subject to traffic hazards. PRINCIPAL ACCOUNTABILITIES 1. Parking and traffic activities. Typical duties: resolves complaints regarding violations of traffic and parking regulations from students, staff, and general public; directs vehicle impoundments to ensure that proper legal steps are followed for vehicle custody; collects or supervises collection of parking or event monies; surveys parking lots for over- or under-utilization and hazards; assists customers by jump-starting and unlocking vehicles and by providing information regarding campus policies; coordina
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