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Painting Foreman


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									PAINTING FOREMAN CLASS PURPOSE To plan, organize, supervise, and perform journey-level surface preparation and application of paints, stains, and related products on buildings, furniture, floors, and similar surfaces; perform related work. GENERAL INFORMATION This job involves the physical ability to lift and carry items weighing approximately 90 pounds; work on scaffolding; climb ladders; and bend and stoop. PRINCIPAL ACCOUNTABILITIES 1. Supervisory. Typical responsibilities: supervises journey-level painters and temporary help; plans and organizes work and evaluates staff performance; completes time sheets, accident reports, and work orders; sets schedules of work to be accomplished considering preventive maintenance and emergency conditions; coordinates work with contractors insuring it is completed according to agreement; inspects facilities for needed maintenance; trains others in painting methods and techniques and reviews work for compliance with standards; reviews catalog and product bulletins for new equipment, tools, and supplies. 2. Painting. Typical responsibilities: meets with individuals needing work done and defines project; advises on effect the surface, lighting conditions, and location will have on preparation; selects appropriate products for job; removes greas
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