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									OUTDOOR RECREATION COORDINATOR CLASS PURPOSE To plan, coordinate, instruct, and participate in a variety of recreational activities for physically able or disabled individuals; promote program activities; supervise staff; perform related work. GENERAL INFORMATION Incumbents must be skilled in a wide variety of outdoor recreational activities. They must be willing to coordinate and participate in wilderness trips, spend extended periods of time in remote areas, travel long hours often involving late night driving, work weekends, and may be required to pay own expenses. Incumbents must possess the physical ability to perform strenuous outdoor recreational activities. PRINCIPAL ACCOUNTABILITIES 1. Program coordination. Typical responsibilities: plans, schedules, and participates in or instructs a variety of indoor and outdoor recreational classes, workshops and activities such as kayaking, rafting, mountaineering, rock climbing, dutch oven cooking, outdoor emergency and survival training, aerobics, weight lifting, and cross country and backcountry skiing; establishes and explains safety procedures and environmental concerns of activities to participants; instructs and evaluates students attending college-accredited classes and workshops in outdoor education; recommends purchase or assists in procuring outdoor equipment; maintains and oversees use of outdoor equipment; may adapt or design equipment to enable handicapped persons to participate in scheduled activities; coordinates program with community agencies, organizations, and resources; organizes and trains volunteers; may promote optimum outdoor recreation a
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