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									NUTRITION SPECIALIST, WIC CLASS PURPOSE To plan, develop, coordinate and evaluate a component of a statewide public health nutrition and education program; monitor compliance with state policies and federal regulations; provide consultation and technical assistance in delivery of public health nutrition and education services; perform related work. GENERAL INFORMATION Incumbents are required to travel and conduct statewide on-site visits. PRINCIPAL ACCOUNTABILITIES 1. Program coordination. Typical responsibilities: develops, recommends, and coordinates implementation of policies and procedures for public health nutrition and education programs; develops or revises program procedures manual; assesses needs and capabilities of local public health nutrition and education programs; develops or revises portions of the state plan for women, infants, and children (WIC); develops and implements strategies to meet objectives of public health nutrition program components; prepares guidelines for and coordinates development of public health nutrition plans by local agencies; reviews and recommends nutrition program plans; may hire staff and evaluate performance; designs program evaluation and monitoring methods and procedures; conducts site visits, chart reviews, and encourages self-monitoring in evaluation of quality of contracted nutrition and education services; imp
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