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									NURSE, REGISTERED MANAGER - INSTITUTION CLASS PURPOSE To supervise an institution nursing staff and ensure standards and quality management; provide consultation and liaison with staff, health care providers, and the community; perform related work. GENERAL INFORMATION Positions may be used in specialized leadership programs within the community and Health and Welfare Institutions. Work in an institution involves 24 hour and weekend nursing supervision charge. DISTINGUISHING CHARACTERISTICS Positions typically have full supervisory responsibilities over professional and support staff and/or programs, requiring advanced knowledge and skill in program planning and management. They have a strong role in problem solving and conflict resolution with both staff and client groups. Participation in long-range planning and policy development is expected. Direct nursing services may also be performed. NATURE AND SCOPE Incumbents evaluate staff performance and plan, organize, and supervise nursing programs. Advanced knowledge and skill in program management are required with planning and liaison being critical to ensure comprehensive and effective nursing service delivery. Incumbents identify partnerships or resource sharing opport
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