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									NURSE, REGISTERED CLASS PURPOSE To perform professional nursing that may include client assessment, plan development, health education, clinical activities, case management, and provide direct nursing care; perform related work. GENERAL INFORMATION Incumbents provide skilled nursing services in homes, rural areas, clinical settings, institutions, hospitals or nursing facilities, requiring independent clinical judgment. Patients or families may vary in socioeconomic, cultural, emotional, and/or physical needs and may be confused, disoriented, aggressive or hostile. Some settings may involve exposure to communicable diseases, lifting and moving patients or equipment weighing up to 50 pounds and may involve restraining patients. Some incumbents must have reliable transportation to make visits to homes, schools and/or health clinics. DISTINGUISHING CHARACTERISTICS This classification is the first level for nursing requiring licensure as a Professional Registered Nurse. Working within established policies the incumbent plans and conducts professional nursing services using independent judgment and evaluation. A wide variety of nursing services within various programs includes psychiatric nursing, chemical dependency, fo
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