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									MINERALS LEASING SPECIALIST CLASS PURPOSE To administer mineral, oil, gas, and geothermal leases on state endowment and public trust lands; insure maximum endowment income and minimum impact to natural resources by enforcing governing leases; perform related work. GENERAL INFORMATION Thirty-five percent statewide travel is required. Incumbents are required to work in all types of weather and complete underground inspections which may be hazardous and require carrying a life-support system. Incumbents are subject to fire assignment and must maintain qualifications for ICS rating. PRINCIPAL ACCOUNTABILITIES Lease program. Typical responsibilities: reviews and recommends approval of oil, gas, mineral, and geothermal lease applications on state endowment lands; audits production records for operating leases to ensure correct royalties are being paid; insures leases meet legal requirements, department policies and insures environmental impacts are minimized; researches and studies economic trends that change mineral values; recommends various minerals be placed for competitive sale as demand increases and availability decreases; organizes and conducts oil and gas and mineral lease auctions; reviews and recommends approval of unitization agreements; reviews and calculates oil and gas lease interests; analyzes geothermal resources for development purposes; advises other state agencies on possible geothermal projects; advertises and coordinates drawings for geothermal
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