Hidden River Ranch
                         19000 Talisman St., Hesperia, Ca. 92345
                                  Phone 760 956-6855

                                  BOARDING CONTRACT
                                           Please fill out one contract per horse

     This boarding agreement between Hidden River Ranch, hereinafter referred to as “Stable” and
     _____________________________ hereinafter referred to as “Boarder”, the owner of a horse named
     _____________________________ and more particularly described as a _______________________________
1.   Stable agrees to provide boarder with Stall # ______ for boarder’s horse; to provide food and water for said horse
     and to clean said stall or corral. Stable reserves the right to temporarily move horse to another stall or corral in
     case of emergency or repairs.
2.   Boarder agrees to pay Stable for these services in the sum of $185.00 per month, payable on the 1 day of each
     and every month. In the event that the Boarder pays the charge more than 5 days after it is due, a service charge
     or late fee of 10% of the total monthly charge is added from the original due date. Boarding cost may be
     increased by Stable by giving 30 days written notice to Boarder.
3.   This agreement is a month-to-month agreement, which renews itself each and every month, unless terminated by
     either party upon 30 days written notice. If Boarder moves horse without 30 days written notice or before the 30
     days is up, Boarder is still responsible for 30 days board. In the event that Boarder has defaulted on payment of
     board, Stable is not required to give 30 days notice and has an immediate lien upon the horse and all equipment
     belonging to Boarder or services rendered per Civil Code section 3080. Boarder is responsible for attorneys fees
     and court costs if Stable is required to enforce its lien. Boarder may not assign this agreement.
4.   If Boarder, Boarder’s guests, employee’s or Boarder’s horse cause damage to Stable property, Boarder is
     responsible for all such damage and must reimburse Stable for cost of repair.
5.   Boarder agrees to abide by the rules of the Stable as follows:
          a. Boarder agrees that he or she rides at their own risk on stable property and uses the facility at their own
          b. Boarder is responsible for any damage, loss or injuries incurred by their guests, agents, employees or
              children which occur on stable premises.
          c. Border shall bring no child onto stable premises, including children of guests, under the age of 16, unless
              child is at all times accompanied by a responsible adult.
          d. All Boarders and guests must wear shoes at all times on stable property.
          e. If Boarder’s horse becomes sick, Stable agrees to call Boarder, if Boarder is available. In the event
              Boarder is not available, Stable is authorized to call _________________________________________.
          f. Boarder agrees to abide by all Rules posted in Stable.
          g. It is the sole and total responsibility of the Boarder to notify Stable, in writing, of changes in telephone
              number for home, business, pager numbers or message phones in case of emergency.
          h. Value of horse $________________________ ______

         i.   Hidden River Ranch is a private property and the speed limit on the property is 5 mph at all times.
              Vehicles are to be parked in designated parking areas only ______

         j.   Barn hours are 6:30 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

     Executed at Hesperia, California on ____________________, 20______________.

     Boarder: __________________________________________

     Signature: _________________________________________                     By ___________________________________

     Address ___________________________________________________________________________________

     Boarders home phone: (______) ____________________                   Business Phone: (______) ____________________

     Boarders Emergency ph. (_______) __________________                  Cell / Voice mail (______) ___________________

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