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					LANDSCAPE FOREMAN CLASS PURPOSE Under general direction, plan, organize, supervise, and perform landscaping and grounds maintenance work; perform related work. DISTINGUISHING CHARACTERISTICS A Landscape Superintendent is used at one of the largest State landscaping installations as measured chiefly by the following factors: supervisory responsibilities, acreage, shrub and flower acreage, and lawn acreage. A Landscape Foreman is in charge of landscaping and grounds maintenance at landscaping installations of relatively smaller size as measured by the above factors. EXAMPLES OF WORK Incumbents may lift and carry items weighing approximately 50 pounds, and bend, stoop, and shovel in all types of weather. This class identifies the supervisor who has day-to-day responsibility for landscaping maintenance. In addition to performing the Landscaping Technician, Senior duties, incumbents may supervise daily operations of crews includ
Description: LANDSCAPE FOREMAN under general direction, plans, organizes, supervises, and performs landscaping and grounds maintenance work; perform related work. This job description can be downloaded and modified using any word processor.div style="backgr
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