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									LANDS RESOURCE MANAGER CLASS PURPOSE To perform beginning-level resource management work in forest improvement and timber sales; range leasing, improvement, and land sales; fire control; perform related work. GENERAL INFORMATION Lands Resource Managers are required to work in all types of weather and are exposed to dust, smoke, and fire hazards. Incumbents are subject to fire assignment and must maintain qualifications for ICS rating. Incumbents will be walking over rough and steep terrain for eight hours on a daily basis. These positions specialize in forest, range or fire but will have responsibilities in other programs. PRINCIPAL ACCOUNTABILITIES 1. Forest improvement and timber sales. Typical responsibilities: establishes timber sale boundaries; surveys and locates property lines; implements silvicultural prescriptions for timber stands; participates in design and layout of logging roads; cruises timber stands and estimates timber volume and value; designs harvest methods; drafts maps; administers timber sale contracts and forest improvement projects; inspects logging operations to insure compliance with timber sale contracts and State Forest Practices Act; evaluates and recommends timber sites for thinning, planting, fertilizing, or stand improvement; demonstrates good forestry practices; prepares fuel reduction plans for public and private timber sales; investigates timber trespass violations; inspects slash operations for compliance with state laws and State Forest Practices Act. 2. Range leasing, improvement, and sales. Typical responsibilities: prepares coordinated resource management plans for state lands; conducts inventory of range resources; administers leases for grazing, cropland, mining, commercial, submerged, and miscellaneous uses; collects data for land appraisals of special leases, easements, and permits; participates in appraisals of property and improvements; develops recommendations for lease requests to include assignments, rental adjustments, rental extensions, and lease improvements; develops recommendations for long-term sustained land and range use; coordinates land ma
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