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									LABORATORY IMPROVEMENT MANAGER CLASS PURPOSE To provide company wide laboratory improvement, quality assurance, quality control, and technical laboratory direction; perform related work. GENERAL INFORMATION Laboratory Improvement Managers provide technical laboratory improvement for a central laboratory and geographically separated statewide branch laboratories. Responsibilities involve incorporating new technology, and addressing accreditation concerns, quality assurance, and quality improvement issues. The focus of this classification is managing the direction toward future innovation and required laboratory change. NATURE AND SCOPE Incumbent is responsible for providing technical laboratory improvement management that involves establishing program policies, procedures, methods, and guide-lines to insure continued compliance with state and federal or other accrediting requirements. From a state of the art knowledge, this includes assessing needs, demands, and practicality of new tools that are fiscally responsible investments; ensuring laboratory proficiency statewide to maintain accrediting distinctions; reviewing federal and/or other inspection reports and assessing laboratory plans of correction; assessing needs and practicality of adding or modifying laboratory services; directing or conducting on-site surveys to review records, quality control procedures, physical settings, staff qualifications, and proficiency testing. Other key components of the classification include providing program development, implementation, and evaluation; supervising laboratory management information services and, preparing technical testing and program progress reports; developing laboratory quality control guidelines; a
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