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									JOB DEVELOPMENT SPECIALIST CLASS PURPOSE To develop employer contacts and promote job opportunities for students; advise students in job-seeking skills; refer qualified applicants to employers; perform related work. PRINCIPAL ACCOUNTABILITIES 1. Job development/referral. Typical duties: identifies and develops job opportunities for marketing student employment services to employers; interviews employers to determine job requirements; interviews students to determine skills, interests, availability and eligibility for on- and off-campus employment; develops and publicizes services to students through brochures, posters, and news releases; screens and refers students to appropriate jobs; certifies federal low-income job program requirements for student applicants. 2. Advising. Typical duties: coordinates and assists students in using computerized career guidance systems; provides information to students regarding employment opportunities; advises students in job placement skills such as writing resumes and effective interviewing. 3. Office coordination. Typical duties: maintains records and prepares reports of students and placements; maintains and updates a computerized job-listing system and directory of employers; hires, trains, and supervises students or temporary staff. MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS Some knowledge of: job markets, employment trends, and job requirements; interviewing methods; hiring practices and Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action requirements. Experience: compiling data and preparing reports; interpreting and applying regulations and policies. SPECIALTY AREAS Some positions require: typing 45 words per minute.

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