IT Systems Security Analyst, Senior by 4Expertise


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									IT SYSTEMS SECURITY ANALYST, SENIOR CLASS PURPOSE In the information technology (IT) field, to develop, implement, and administer policies to ensure the integrity, confidentiality, and availability of a department’s data resources and automated system components; perform related work. GENERAL INFORMATION This is the senior level. "Senior" level refers to a class of work, not a level of expertise. Incumbents apply their knowledge creatively and use their technical expertise to research and create new and innovative ideas for resolving the most complex multi-tasking system security problems. Significant time is spent on research, long-range planning, system security design, and leadership activities. DISTINGUISHING CHARACTERISTICS Incumbents possess an in-depth knowledge of security and disaster recovery practices within the industry. They evaluate legislation, regulations, and industry practices and provide technical and project leadership to other IT staff to develop and recommend department policies regarding data/system security and disaster recovery and perform related risk assessment
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