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									INSTRUCTOR, REHAB CLASS PURPOSE To provide individual and group instruction in academic OR vocational areas to youth in a rehabilitation/treatment setting; provide individualized instruction using special needs and positive behavior management methods; perform related work. GENERAL INFORMATION These are professional teaching positions at the St. Anthony or Nampa campuses. The instructor teaches classes for and supervises students 12 to 18 years old who typically have not achieved their educational potential in previous school settings. Incumbent are required to observe, hear and communicate effectively with students; be able to assist in controlling and restraining physically aggressive youth and pursue runaway youth should they attempt to escape; possess or be able to obtain certification in first-aid or CPR. PRINCIPAL ACCOUNTABILITIES 1. Educational programs. Typical responsibilities: develops individualized educational objectives; plans and outlines specific course work compatible with open-entry, open-exit practices; administers and interprets diagnostic tests; assesses student needs and capabilities; develops specialized individual educational plans and course materials; determines appropriate instructional methods; develops course materials; plans and implements class activities; guides peer-group interactions; provides individual and group instruction; evaluates student progress; counsels students regarding progress in meeting educ
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