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									INSTRUCTOR SPECIALIST CLASS PURPOSE To plan, develop, implement, and evaluate specialized educational programs; provide leadership, direction and consultation to instructors and treatment staff; provide individual and group educational programs in academic OR vocational areas to youth in a rehabilitation/treatment setting; perform related work. GENERAL INFORMATION Employees are responsible for supervision of physically aggressive youth who typically have not achieved their educational potential in previous school settings. Incumbents may be required to intervene and control juveniles’ assaultive and aggressive behavior toward themselves and others. Must be willing to assist the department during emergency situations. Must be willing to attend POST Academy Basic Training for Detention Officers with an expectation to successfully complete core requirements; must possess or be able to obtain certification in first-aid or CPR. PRINCIPAL ACCOUNTABILITIES 1. Program delivery and coordination. Typical responsibilities: participates as member of treatment team to determine treatment goals; applies and provides instruction in special education and Positive Peer Culture practices and methods; serves as liaison to assigned living unit and integrates educational programs with other treatment services; coordinates student educational goals with staff; consults with other instructors in curriculum and course development, program coordination, problem resolution, and student progress; consults with staff, parents, and officials regarding student management techniques; provides leadwork direction and supervision to instructors, student teachers and teachers' aides. 2. Educational programs. Typical responsibilitie
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