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									IMMUNIZATION PROGRAM COORDINATOR CLASS PURPOSE To plan, implement, coordinate, and evaluate the statewide immunization program for prevention, control, and eradication of vaccine-preventable childhood diseases; perform related work. PRINCIPAL ACCOUNTABILITIES Program coordination. Typical responsibilities: assesses immunization program needs and plans and establishes systems for immunization of children; develops disease surveillance and outbreak control activities; conducts epidemiological investigations; establishes and maintains an integrated system of information gathering; coordinates immunization activities with local, state and federal agencies; contracts with district health departments for the delivery of program services and provides guidance in program operations, budget and fiscal matters, and legislation and policy development; develops immunization education programs for health professionals and the public; conducts immunization workshops for district health department staff, physicians, medical professionals, and volunteers; maintains a monitoring and investigation system to identify adverse vaccine reactions and researches the safety and efficacy of vaccines; develops program budgets and federal grant applications; coordinates implementation of laws related to immunization services by state contractors; conducts assessment surveys to determine accounts for an inventory of vaccines to supply district health departments and selected rural physicians; supervises clerical staff and provides work direction for volunteers; utilizes personal computers in statistical analysis. MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS Some knowledge of: vaccine-preventable childhood diseases including surveillance and epidemiological investigation techniques and control measures; training methods; grant or contract administration. Experience: developing and implementing or managing a program; supervising staff.

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