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									HUMAN RESOURCE SUPERVISOR, DHR CLASS PURPOSE To supervise staff; ensure provision of human resource services in the areas of recruitment, job classifications, testing and evaluations, and principles of a merit system. Identify Human Resource (HR) management, employee relations, compensation, and retention issues, and provide consultation towards resolution. To serve as a member of the management team to provide representation of agency needs and activities. DISTINGUISHING CHARACTERISTICS This supervisor position only exists in the Division of Human Resources (DHR), and the decisions of the incumbent may impact the state personnel system, and many of the state’s classified employees. This supervisor may compare and relate interagency HR issues to identify problem areas or trends. This supervisor leads HR professional and technical staff in a team environment to ensure HR consultation and service provision across the areas of classification, recruiting, screening, test development, validation and administration, register development. This is a working supervisor position. NATURE AND SCOPE The DHR Supervisor leads, assigns, and coordinates work among a team, with the goal of creating and maintaining a sense of trust, confidence, respect and interdependence in the team. Emphasis on training, mentoring, assigning and evaluating work, using a coaching method to assist staff on a continuous improvement model. Other duties include hiring, evaluating performance of staff, recommending salary change decisions, and implementing disciplinary actions when necessary. Key daily work includes communications with team members, other DHR staff, and state a
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