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									HOMEMAKER COORDINATOR CLASS PURPOSE To coordinate staff providing routine homemaking services for the aged, convalescent, ill, or developmentally disabled; perform related work. GENERAL INFORMATION The incumbent is required to travel within a local service area to coordinate duties of homemakers providing in-home services for the aged, convalescent, ill, or persons with a developmental disability. PRINCIPAL ACCOUNTABILITIES Supervision and administration. Typical duties: assists with hiring and training staff, provides input to performance evaluations; develops homemaker schedules; authorizes homemaker client service; provides homemaker program information; takes referrals and assigns staff for homemaker services; assigns clients to staff; makes client assessments to maintain or terminate services; maintains homemaker files; provides admission and orientation packets; resolves family-client conflicts; resolves employee client differences; confers with nurses and therapists regarding clients; maintains statistics for and provides input for separation of service reports; schedules and participates in team conferences; coordinates secretarial support for outlying district offices; reviews time sheets and mileage reimbursement for accuracy; reviews homemaker service documentation and coordinates billing and hours logged. MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS Good knowledge of: basic nutrition; home sanitation and safety. Some knowledge of: supervisory practices. Experience: interpreting, applying, and explaining policies and procedures; keeping records and preparing reports; operating household appliances; reading and writing English and performing basic arithmetic.

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