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Job description to promote study and understanding, research and interpretation of State (or company) history; perform related work. HISTORIAN can be downloaded and modified.|n| All job descriptions are ba

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									HISTORIAN CLASS PURPOSE To promote study and understanding, research and interpretion of State history; perform related work. PRINCIPAL ACCOUNTABILITIES History research and interpretation. Typical responsibilities: researches and interprets historical, cartographic, and geographic aspects of State history; researches and writes Reference Series on a wide variety of State history subjects; consults with local, state, and federal agencies regarding historic projects; researches, writes text, and determines location of highway historic sign markers; writes nominations to National Register; reviews nominations prepared by others for historic accuracy; makes on-site investigations and reviews; organizes and leads field trips; responds to historical inquiries; advises local and county historical groups on historical projects; provides comments to authors of historical articles and books; writes articles and makes presentations; maintains map collection; coordinates National Cartographic Information Center materials; teaches classes on State history; provides guidance and comments to media and national publications; provides aid and guidance to historical and cartographic researchers. MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS The following knowledges and abilities, however acquired: Considerable knowledge of: history of western United States and State including cultures and geography. Good knowledge of: history recordkeeping and archive methods; research methods. Some knowledge of: federal legislation governing Historic Sites; cartography. Demonstrated ability to: perform historical research; interpret complex and incomplete historical and archival material; communicate effectively orally and in writing; interpret and apply laws, rules, and regulations..

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