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									EPIDEMIOLOGIST, STAFF CLASS PURPOSE To plan, perform and evaluate results of field investigations and compile disease surveillance data; provide disease prevalence analyses; provide technical assistance and training; perform related work. PRINCIPAL ACCOUNTABILITIES 1. Investigation and analysis. Typical responsibilities: plans and conducts epidemiological, communicable and chronic disease, environmental health, occupational health and injury investigations; maintains confidential disease registry; drafts contracts and service agreements for provision of a therapy program for tuberculosis; recommends sample selection; develops and modifies questionnaires and other data collection instruments; establishes methods and procedures to ensure quality of the data collected; plans and may participate in interviewing patients, medical staff and technical experts; collects, tabulates and analyzes surveillance data to identify disease trends and characteristics; prepares clinical notes; prepares detailed reports of investigations, surveys and interviews; develops conclusions and recommendations regarding disease mitigation and control; maintains a computerized disease-surveillance network; develops data base for selected research projects; consults with federal, state, local, and private health care officials; develops informational materials; conducts literature review and develops resource library; may supervise clerical staff. 2. Training and technical assistance. Typical responsibilities: provides training and technical assistance relative to assigned program areas to District Health Department staff, other health care providers, agencies, educational institutions, and the public; may participate with in field investigations. MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS Considerable knowledge of contemporary principles and practices of epidemiology. Experience applying principles and practices of epidemiology.

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