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									ENGINEER, MANAGER 3 CLASS PURPOSE To manage the largest and most difficult of engineering assignments in a large engineering oriented department, including the operation of unique and controversial engineering functions that have a significant impact on department operations and the public; perform related work. GENERAL INFORMATION Incumbents manage major engineering functions through other professional engineering staff who are involved in multiple projects and engineering applications. They may also function as department experts in their respective engineering discipline. The overall engineering program must contain critical problems which may require major technological advances and the application of large resources to resolve those issues. Incumbents maintain extensive contacts with other key engineers and officials of other organizations to accomplish their work which requires persuasion and negotiation of critical issues. Some positions involve: extensive travel and frequent overnight stays; being on call and responding to emergencies at any hour. PRINCIPAL ACCOUNTABILITIES Plans, organizes, directs, staffs, and controls the equivalent of a division or district operation involving the most difficult of engineering applications with multiple engineering applications. Develops department policies, rules, procedures, and standards, and insures uniform statewide interpretation, application and implementation of related issues. DISTINGUISHING CHARACTERISTICS This is an administrative/management position which accomplishes engineering applications and improvement through other professional engineering staff. Incumbents make authoritative decisions that have broad and important impact on the protection and safety of the public. Incumbents need creativity, foresight, and mature judgment in anticipating and solving unprecedented engineering prob
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