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									ENGINEER, MANAGER 2 CLASS PURPOSE To manage engineering activities in a department to insure the effective understanding of unique and possibly controversial engineering functions that have a significant impact on major department programs; perform related work. GENERAL INFORMATION Incumbents are managers with responsibility for planning, organizing, directing, staffing, and controlling major programs in engineering oriented departments with multiple types of engineering applications. Assignments given are generally very broad in nature, with general objectives and limits placed on the incumbent. Often times, the work performed approaches uncharted areas, requiring the definition of scope and the selection of problems for investigation and development of novel concepts and approaches. Some positions involve: extensive travel and frequent overnight stays; being on call and responding to emergencies at any hour. PRINCIPAL ACCOUNTABILITIES Plans, organizes, directs, staffs, and controls the equivalent of a bureau or major sectional function in a large department with multiple engineering applications. Develops department policies, rules, procedures, standards, and specifications, and insures the enforcement of uniform statewide interpretation, application, and implementation of engineering issues. DISTINGUISHING CHA
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