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									EMPLOYMENT PROGRAMS SUPERVISOR CLASS PURPOSE To supervise planning, development, implementation, and evaluation of employment service programs; perform related work. PRINCIPAL ACCOUNTABILITIES Program supervision. Typical responsibilities: researches, analyzes, and interprets state and federal laws and regulations; directs program design and development; recommends, directs development, and implements administrative and operational policies and procedures to carry out employment service programs; directs development of program manuals and training materials; prepares program reports; recommends automated system enhancements; reviews local office program operation, advises management of issues, and recommends corrective action; researches and analyzes data related to special management and program studies; develops grant proposals; coordinates activities with other Department operations and state and federal agencies; provides technical assistance and explains program laws and regulations to staff and customers including job seekers, employers, and attorneys; hires, trains, and directs staff; evaluates staff performance; establishes section objectives, policies, and procedures; develops and monitors section budget. MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS Good knowledge of local office operations and service delivery systems. Some knowledge of supervisory practices. Experience: interpreting and applying federal employment service programs, regulations, and procedures; monitoring and evaluating program activities, preparing technical reports, and recommending corrective action; presenting training to customers.

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