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									DRAFTER, CIVIL CLASS PURPOSE To prepare working plans and detail drawings from designer notes, sketches or instructions according to specified dimensions; perform related work. PRINCIPAL ACCOUNTABILITIES Drafting. Typical duties: drafts and details sets of working drawings from field survey and design notes, computer printouts, and supervisor's guidance; plots horizontal and vertical roadway alignment; prepares and letters overlays showing topography; plots and drafts profile sheets, cross sections, and sections for roadway construction; operates computer aided design/drafting system; freehand letters, lines, and duplicates graphs, charts, forms, and records; operates calculators; drafts to scale three-dimensional and sectional views, units, or parts of plans, maps, equipment, or structures; operates print machine for making prints, mylars, and sepias; collects information from field personnel needed to update design plans and maps; estimates time and cost of drafting projects; corresponds with department personnel and outside agencies; files project information and maintains drafting library. MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS Good knowledge of: basic drafting principles and techniques. Some knowledge of: basic algebra, geometry, and trigonometry.

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