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									DIETARY SERVICES MANAGER CLASS PURPOSE To manage dietary services provided to residents of an institution; perform related work. PRINCIPAL ACCOUNTABILITIES 1. Management. Typical responsibilities: identifies food-service needs of the institution; interprets and applies federal, state, and local laws and regulations governing operation of a food service department; evaluates nutritional care data; maintains food-cost analysis and control systems; monitors budget expenditures; prepares records and reports; coordinates food-service activities with other units of the institution; participates in developing institutional policies and procedures as they apply to food service; evaluates food service operation, including facilities, physical layout, equipment, human resource organization and work procedures; develops plans based on findings of evaluation; interviews and hires staff and evaluates performance; establishes work schedules for staff coverage; trains staff in dietary and food service areas and serves as technical advisor on related problems; develops and maintains policies and procedures for daily operation of dietetic services; establishes standards for safety, sanitation, and storage of food and supplies; inspects food, facilities, equipment, and utensils to assure compliance with standards; maintains compliance inspection records. 2. Dietary services. Typical responsibilities: determines purchase specifications for food, equipment
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