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									CURATOR, ARCHAEOLOGY CLASS PURPOSE To collect, organize and disseminate information through the regional archaeological centers; research and document State's archaeological sites and surveys; perform related work. PRINCIPAL ACCOUNTABILITIES 1. Records and collections management. Typical responsibilities: designs and maintains a computer and hard-copy record system for all archaeological and collections sites in State; maintains an inventory of all archaeological surveys; develops policies and procedures for maintenance of statewide site and survey record systems; evaluates, verifies, and corrects information on site records and excavation or survey reports submitted by archaeologists; records all sites and surveys on USGS maps; maintains a register of all federally-funded or licensed projects reviewed by the State Archaeologist; directs archaeological site object and document access, classification, conservation, and photography; provides guidance to people involved in research or exhibit design; answers public and archaeologist inquiries; provides lectures and writes articles on State prehistory; researches objects to insure correct identification. 2. Project review. Typical responsibilities: reviews projects for potential destruction to archaeological sites; recommends approval of p
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