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Reports to: Classification: Date: Principal Objective/Scope: 1. 2. Operates and maintains technical surveying instruments to accomplish related work assignments. Surveying assignments are performed for any size project, at any location, as required. Department: Division: Approved:

Organizational Relationships:

1. The incumbent reports to a Party Chief, Chief of Parties, or may report to a Resident Construction Engineer. 2. There is routine contact with individuals outside the Company requiring technical knowledge, persuasion,
and diplomacy.

3. The incumbent must have average written and verbal communication skills and must be capable of writing
technical surveying reports. Essential Functions: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Measures and establishes geodetic baselines and permanent monuments. Performs construction surveys to establish lines and grades within the construction site. Performs property boundary surveys. Provides topographic surveys of construction site areas. Provides surveys for underground pipes and other facilities. Performs alignment surveys for tunnels, machinery, tracks, roadways, and other critical facilities. Provides earthwork cut and fill and quantity surveys. Provides calculations and records in support of all survey activities. Performs specialty surveys such as facility settlement and structural deflection.

10. Coordinates construction surveys with construction execution to expedit
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