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									Municipal Tax Assessor
Reports to: Classification: Date: JOB FUNCTION: To direct the municpal department staff in the development, preparation, and tabulation of technical information involved in the assessment of property on the town's Grand List. Essential Functions: 1. Inspects or directs the inspection of new construction sites, renovations, additions, and demolitions of buildings. 2. Inspects, measures, and collects assessment information on buildings, furniture, machinery, equipment, and fixtures. 3. Reviews work of subordinates for effectiveness and for compliance with professionally accepted principles, state law, and municipal policies and objectives. 4. Acts as liaison between the Board of Assessment and the Board of Appeals. Provides technical information to town attorneys defending cases on assessment appeals. 5. Directs staff or personally responds to public inquiries regarding laws and ordinances governing assessment practices. Additional Responsibilities: Represents the department in staff meetings with Town Administrator and Mayor. Qualifications: 1. At least ten years' experience in assessing real estate and in construction management. 2. Minimum of an associate's degree, or equivalent experience, in architecture. 3. CCMA designation desired. Department: Division: Approved:

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