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Deputy Finance Director


Job description of Deputy Finance Director or director finance used as a human resources employee description or employee description that can be downloaded and customized using any word processor.|n| All

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									Deputy Finance Director
Reports to: Classification: Date: Major Functions: This is a highly responsible professional financial and accounting position in the City's fiscal activities. The incumbent is directly responsible to the Finance Director and is expected to function in the absence of the Finance Director. ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS: 1. Acts as primary support to the Finance Director in the financial administration of the City's policies and procedures. 2. Responsible for maintaining full integrity of all City revenues, especially in the area of utilities. This is a primary assist duty. Makes periodic reviews of revenues and, when necessary, makes direct contact with other governmental agencies and City departments. 3. Responsible for capital assets projects. This is a primary assist duty. 4. Assists the Finance Director in the administration of personnel affairs within the Finance Department. 5. Responsible for compiling fiscal estimates and preparing special fiscal reports as may be required. 6. Responsible for compliance with the City's accounting procedures including follow-up and testing to ensure proper adherence thereto. 7. Establishes a
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