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Cost Analyst & Estimator


Job description of a cost estimator or cost analyst than can be downloaded and modified using any word processor. This template is used by Human Resources or Personel Departments to describe an employee's duties.div style="background-color: #FF

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									Cost Analyst & Estimator
Grade: 26 Reports to: Classification: Date: Department: Division: Approved:

JOB SUMMARY: To develop cost estimates for parts, subassemblies, and finished devices; to generate and maintain reports for variances, performances against standards, etc. ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS: 1. Obtains sample of product and breaks it down into parts, checking them against bill of materials for completeness and accuracy of part numbers, quantity, materials used, type of operation, or operation performed in the fabrication or assembly of the part or parts. 2. Observes operation(s) in assembly areas to determine if the routing contains current and accurate information. 3. Prepares cost analysis by recapitulating material cost, labor cost, and overhead cost incurred in the fabrication or assembly of part(s). 4. Where predetermined standard(s) are not available, makes an estimate. 5. Informs immediate supervisor and/or materials department of any observed inaccuracies or omissions in bill of materials and routing. 6. Maintains records and files for all related source documents pertaining to product cost, performance against standards, etc. ADDITIONAL RESPONSIBILITIES: None listed. ACCOUNTABILITY: To develop and estimate the cost of parts, subassemblies, and finished products within the guideline established. QUALIFICATIONS: High school graduate, with additional job related training in manufacturing operations, estimating procedures.

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