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									ATTORNEY 2 CLASS PURPOSE To perform complex professional legal work and provide authoritative legal advice to department management; perform related work. GENERAL INFORMATION The positions are characterized by the variety and difficulty of the legal issues handled with little or no direct supervision. Incumbents must become very knowledgeable about the overall operation of the entity they represent. Their work directly affects major areas of concern within their departments including issues that may involve large sums of money, generate public interest or have long-range effect on the state's resources. PRINCIPAL ACCOUNTABILITIES 1. Case preparation and litigation. Typical responsibilities: analyzes and determines department's legal strategy in cases to ensure effective and successful negotiation and litigation; drafts pleadings; prepares briefs and legal arguments; may conduct discovery including taking depositions; conducts sensitive negotiations with other attorneys and their clients; interviews, selects and prepares witnesses including experts for administrative hearing or trial; argues motions and participates in pre-trial or pre-hearing conferences; conducts direct and cross-examination and oral argument in proceedings before appropriate jurisdictional body, which may include jury trials; reviews record and prepares briefs and oral argument in appeals to Supreme Court or other appellate body; may prepare 
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