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					ARTS AND CRAFTS ASSISTANT CLASS PURPOSE To teach arts and crafts classes; maintain inventory; provide information relating to shop operations and services; perform related work. GENERAL INFORMATION This work involves lifting and moving wet clay and woodworking equipment weighing up to 50 pounds and exposure to loud noises, moving equipment, dust, fumes, extreme heat; and working some evening hours. PRINCIPAL ACCOUNTABILITIES 1. Shop operations. Typical responsibilities: serves customers in retail sales, class registration, and shop membership; assists with selection of appropriate arts and crafts materials, tools and methods of construction; demonstrates and instructs others in the use of craft shop equipment and tools related to sewing, woodworking, pottery, leather working, bicycles, photography, matting pictures and spinning and weaving; performs maintenance on machines and equipment including cleaning, oiling, and adjusting components and changing saw blades, belts, and needles; arranges for the repair of equipment; teaches workshops; conducts tours and informs customers of shop policies and available programs; cleans shop area. 2. Shop administration. Typical responsibilities: answers inquiries regarding craft shop operation; collects, records and deposits monies received; instructs employees on money handling procedures; conducts physical inventory; monitors and maintains optimal inventory levels; orders merchandise for resale and supplies, tools, and equipment; prices merchandise; composes, types and files correspondence and shop activity reports; arranges shop and window displays; designs layouts and arranges printing of brochures; trains and assigns work to staff; evaluates current programs, customer requests, interests and complaints and recommends program goals to management; consults with university personnel to develop shop activities; acts as Manager during absences. MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS Good knowledge of: the use and safety practices of various equipment, supplies and tools used to produce arts and crafts projects. Some knowledge of: retail sales and inventory control.

Description: ARTS AND CRAFTS ASSISTANTS teach arts and crafts classes; maintain inventory; provide information relating to shop operations and services; perform related work. Download this job description and modify using any word processor.|n|span style="f
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