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Airport Maintenance Manager


AIRPORT MAINTENANCE MANAGERS develop and direct a statewide airport maintenance program; supervise maintenance staff and volunteers; perform related work. Download this job description and modify using any word processor.|n|span style="font-fam

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									AIRPORT MAINTENANCE MANAGER CLASS PURPOSE To develop and direct a statewide airport maintenance program; supervise maintenance staff and volunteers; perform related work PRINCIPAL ACCOUNTABILITIES 1. Airport maintenance management. Typical responsibilities: plans, organizes, directs and coordinates all maintenance and repair projects involving municipal and county airports; inspects airport facilities to determine maintenance needs and develops annual maintenance schedule; develops or reviews and approves plans for all airport maintenance projects; ensures projects include required permits, proper easement and land titles, and that appropriate consideration has been given to storm water runoff, erosion control, herbicide use, and wilderness area concerns; writes project specifications; identifies and projects maintenance costs and determines available funding; ensures projects meet state and federal compliance requirements; reviews and approves documentation on project activities; provides training and ensures safe use and storage of chemicals and explosives by staff and airport caretakers; ensures equipment maintenance standards are met; coordinates projects to ensure that necessary equipment will be available in remote areas; plans and schedules installation of complex airport runway lighting and non-directional beacon systems; plans, organizes and directs statewide activities and agreements for the Adopt-an-Airport program and develops written agreements; provides information to aviators regarding conditions and availability of airport facilities; operates a variety of maintenance equipment such as backhoe, tractor, loader and dump truck; performs maintenance activities such as repairing fences, and constructing and maintaining structures. 2. Administration. Typical responsibilities: develops budget recommendations for section; monitors and controls section budget; hires and trains staff and evaluates performance; oversees work of contractors, caretakers and volunteers; determines lease/purchase options for maintenance equipment; approves purchase of materials and equipment; solicits and verifies quotes for materials, chemicals and services; maintains maintenance, inventory and purchasing records; prepares reports documenting maintenance project activities. MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS Good knowledge of: management practices. Experience: supervising staff; developing and monitoring an operating budget; planning and developing policies and procedures for projects; interpreting and applying state and federal laws and regulations relating to transportation programs such as airports, highways, or hazardous materials transportation and handling; performing grounds and minor structural maintenance; operating trucks over 26,000 lbs. GVWR, and at least one of the following: backhoe, loader or trencher. Applicants must possess a Class A CDL, with Hazardous Materials Endorsement or be able to obtain one within 60 days after hire.

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