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2011 Brochure Golf Tournament


									                                     Cosmopolitan Club Objectives:
  19TH ANNUAL                    ·  To SERVE others - by assisting others to
 YELLOWHEAD                           obtain a more fruitful, productive, and
                                     happier lifestyle through the path of un-
C O S M OP O L I TA N                             selfish service.
       GOLF                      · To develop UNITY - by the collective ac-
                                     tion of the membership within the com-
 TOURNAMENT                              munity for the betterment of all.
                                  · To take ACTION - which will contribute                                 19th Annual
    Saskatoon Chapter               to the community well being and accom-
 Pledge Fundraiser                   plish the defined goals of the individual
                                    club in order that all may live in a better
                                                                                       -           Cosmopolitan
                                         Is Proud to Support the
 WIN PRIZES & GOLF                           Crohn s & Colitis                                    Golf Tournament
                                          Foundation of Canada
    Help Raise money for                    Saskatoon Chapter                                           Supporting the
   Great prizes to be won!
                                                    F i n d th e cu r e .
Collecting pledges i s fun and
     easier than you think.
   Ask friends, co-workers,
                                 The Crohn s & Colitis Foundation of
family, neighbors and people     C a n a d a b e l i e ve s th a t a cu r e w i l l b e
at your gym, church or asso-      found for Crohn s disease and ul-
   ciations. Start collecting
         pledges ear ly!
                                 c e r a t i v e co l i t i s . T o r e a l i z e th i s , th e
                                  CCFC is committed, f irst and fore-
                                                                                                  Saskatoon Chapter
    Raise over $200.00 in         m o s t , to r a i s e in c r e a s i n g f u n d s f o r       We d ne s d a y A u g 3 1 s t , 2 0 11
                                                 m e d i c a l r e se a r c h .                           1 : 0 0 P. M . T e e O f f
           pledges &
  ENTRY FEE IS WAIVED!                                                                               R e g i st r a t i o n 1 1 : 3 0 A . M .
                                                                                                            Texas Scramble
                                                                                                                Moon Lake
                                                                                                     Golf and Country Club
                               We thank last years Sponsors for your
                                          continued support:
19th Annual Yellowhead                     Media Sponsors -                      2011 Yellowhead
       Cosmopolitan                               C.T.V.                        Cosmopolitan Golf
                                           The StarPhoenix                         Tournament
                                                                                        Player Registration $125.00
     Golf Tournament
                               Cart Sponsor - The Grandey Family                         Team Registration $500.00
      Texas Scramble                                                                         Additional Dinner
      $125.00 per person                 Eagle Sponsors -                                      Registration

    Wednesday, Aug 31, 2011                                                                                 Total:
                                       Globe Excavating (2008)
          Registration                                                                       Name

      11:30 am 12:30 pm
                                        Innovative Residential                              Address

Registration Includes
                                            C.P. Distributors
·   A SUPERB DAY OF GOLF                                                                     Phone

·   18 HOLES OF GOLF                    Birdie Sponsors -                                     email
·   AWARDS DINNER &                 Jays Moving and Storage Ltd
                                                                                      Method of Payment
    Lake Golf & Country Club                                                               Cheque
                                          Bayer Crop Science
·   GREAT PRIZES for top
    team score and hole con-                                                                Visa
    tests                                    Eecol Electric                             MasterCard
                                       Goldak Airborne Surveys                          Credit Card #                          Exp. date

                                            Konica Minolta
                                                                                     Mail or Fax registration form and payments to:
                                                                                 (Make cheque payable to Yellowhead Cosmopolitan Club)
                                       Saskatoon Bottled Water                  Contact for more information:
                                                                                CROHN S & COLITIS FOUNDATION
                                Independent Financial Rick McKay                Saskatoon Chapter
                                              Hole Sponsors                     Phone: (306) 664-4420
                               Foxy s Lounge and Eatery, McDermid Lamarsh,
                               Novokoski Quality Collision, SteelCraft Doors,
                                   Smoke & Ashes & Windshield Wizard                  Please do not use this information for any other
                                                                                              purpose than golf registration

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