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                    STAPLES AND STAPLERS                                                            RAPID FINE LINE STAPLERS

                    ARROW STAPLERS

                                                                                                                                       Rapid 13 Staple Gun A handy,
                                                                                                                                       light weight, high impact force gun in a
                                                                                                                                       resistant plastic housing. Suitable for
                                                      JT21M             Staple           Gun                                           stapling fabrics, canvas etc.
                                                      Lightweight compact all steel gun                                                Uses: Fineline staples series 13 [4, 6 and
                                                      tacker ideal for light duty work.                                                8mm deep].
                                                      Uses: JT21 staples.
                                                                                                    Rapid 13 Staple Gun                              code                    price
                                                                                                                                                     STP011                  £23.12

                    JT21M Staple Gun                                 code                price                                        Rapid 23 Staple Gun A handy
                                                                    STP004                £15.10                                      easy to use all steel staple gun for fab-
                                                                                                                                      ric, plastic, rubber, leather etc. to
                          JT21 Staples                                               Tradeline                                        wood. Less tiring than the heavy duty
                    Arrow JT21 Staples       code      per 1000       per 5000       250,000                                          guns and ideal for smaller hands. Our
                         6mm               STP056        £2.25         £8.95           £275.00                                        most popular staple gun.
                         8mm               STP057        £2.25         £8.95           £275.00                                        Uses: Fineline staples series 13 [4, 6
2.82                                                                                                                                  and 8mm deep].
                                                      T50 Staple Gun Heavy duty
                                                      staple gun. The T50’s powerful com-           Rapid 23 Staple Gun            code              list               our price
                                                      pression spring action drives heavy                                          STP014            £33.40                 £28.72
                                                      gauge staples into hard woods, ply-                                             Rapid 33 Staple Gun A more
                                                      wood, composition boards, plastics —                                            powerful, sturdy all steel staple gun, with

                                                      even soft metals! All steel construc-                                           an adjustable impact force to give perfect
                                                      tion, with all chrome finish. High car-                                         stapling of both thick and thin materials
                                                      bon hardened steel working parts. Coil                                          into both hard and soft underlays.
                                                      spring for long lasting reliability.                                            Uses: Fineline staples series 13 [6, 8, 10, 12
                                                      Uses: T50 staples and BN1810 Brad                                               and 14mm deep].
                    T50 Staple Gun                                   code                  price
                                                                     STP003              £29.50     Rapid 33 Staple Gun           code               list                     price
                          T50 Staple and Nail Gun                    STP003PBN           £32.68                                   STP018             £50.82                  £43.71

                                                                                                                                      Rapid 19 Hammer Tacker A

                                                      HT 50P Hammer Tacker As                                                         very light tacker with a one hand grip
                                                      easy to use as a hammer! Simply load                                            that gives perfect balance. Suitable

                                                      the Hammer Tacker and wield it like a                                           for fast covering of display flats.

                                                      hammer. Each blow drives home a sta-                                            Hammer Tackers can double covering
                                                      ple. Ideal for fast canvassing of flats                                         speeds in competent hands.
                                                                                                                  as fast!

                                                      and fixing cloths to paint frames.                                              Uses: Fineline staples series 13 [4, and

                                                      Uses: T50 staples in sizes 6–12mm.                                              6mm deep].

                    HT 50P Hammer Tacker                            code                 price      Rapid 19 Hammer Tacker                           code                    price
                                                                    STP002              £45.80                                                       STP012                 £29.83

                         Arrow T50 Staples and Brads Best selling staples for                       RAPID PROLINE PROFESSIONAL SERIES
                         use in all the Arrow staplers [except JT21] The 6, 8, and 10mm sta-             These guns use the stronger flatwire staples more suited to per-
                         ples have divergent points for extra grip.                                      manent heavy canvassing jobs rather than felting display flats.
                    Arrow T50 Staples       code      per 1250       per 5000        200,000                                           Rapid 11 Hammer Tacker
                         6mm                STP050       £2.25         £7.72           £201.60                                         For professional use with perfect bal-
                         8mm                STP051       £2.27         £7.84          £204.80                                          ance made completely of steel. Good
                         10mm               STP052       £2.57         £8.76          £228.80                                          choice for canvassing theatre flats.
                         12mm               STP053       £2.79         £9.60          £249.60                                          Uses: Flatwire staples series 140 [6, 8,
                         14mm               STP055       £2.91         £9.70           £244.72                                         and 10mm deep].

                    Brad Nails[15mm]                                code                   500      Rapid 11 Hammer Tacker                           code                    price
                                                                    STPBN1810              £1.78                                                     STP010                 £46.60

                    Flint Hire & Supply Ltd., Queens Row, London SE17 2PX                          tel 020 7703 9786 fax 020 7708 4189                  
       This page was updated 05/01/11

                                   Rapid 34 Staple Gun For                       PNEUMATIC STAPLERS
                                   professional use. Constructed entirely                                                  Rapesco A7116QHH
                                   of steel for heavy duty stapling.                                                       Pneumatic Stapler A profes-
                                   Suitable for canvassing and covering                                               sional fast reliable gun suited to
                                   using heavier fabrics.                                                             the full time coverer/canvasser.
                                   Uses: Flatwire staples series 140 [6, 8,                                           Takes 156 Type 71 staples from
                                   10, 12mm and 14mm deep].                                                           4mm-16mm. Fitted with ¹/₄" quick
                                                                                                                      release fitting. Air consumption
Rapid 34 Staple Gun                             code                 price            .34L at 7 bar per operation. PSI 60-100. Max 77 dBA on impact.
                                                STP019              £34.26       Rapesco 71/16 Series Pneumatic Stapler         code               price
                                                                                                                                STPA7116         £89.00
                                   Rapid No 3 Staple                                    Type 71 Staples [670]
                                   Remover Designed for better                   Type 71 Staples                 code           quantity                price
                                   leverage. Comfortable ergonomic han-                4mm                       STP714          20,000                 £9.25
                                   dle.                                                6mm                       STP716          20,000                 £9.55
Rapid No 3 Staple Remover                      code              price                 8mm                       STP718          20,000                 £9.95
                                               STP025           £10.06                 10mm                      STP7110         20,000                £10.30
                                                                                       12mm                      STP7112         20,000                £11.05
                                  Rapid Staples Use Fineline for                       14mm                      STP7114          10,000                £6.29
                                  the Rapid 13, 23, 33, and 19 and use                 16mm                      STP7116           7,500                £7.26
                                  Flatwire for the 11 and 34.                   new     Black Type 71 Staples               [670] At last!
                                                                                  Black Type 71 Staples          code           quantity                price
                                                                 Tradeline              10mm                     STP7110B        20,000                £11.35
Fineline Series 13 Staples        code             5000          200.000        Black! 12mm                      STP7112B        20,000                £12.20
       13/4    4mm                STP100           £5.81          £149.60               14mm                     STP7114B         10,000                £6.90
       13/6    6mm                STP101           £6.59          £176.00
       13/8    8mm                STP102           £7.36          £196.40        NARROW CROWN PNEUMATIC STAPLER
       13/10 10mm                 STP103            £8.14         £216.80                                                  Narrow Crown

                                                                                                                                                                 S ECT I O N T WO
       13/14 14mm                 STP099           £9.69          £258.40                                                  Pneumatic Stapler
                                                                                                                           Type C9725VHH
                                                                 Tradeline                                            Ergonomically designed and built to
Flatwire Series 140 Staples       code             5000           200.000                                             last. This narrow crown stapler eas-
      140/6 6mm                   STP104            £9.81          £261.60                                            ily copes with high volume stapling.
      140/8 8mm                   STP105          £10.56            £281.20                                           Takes 146 Type 97 staples from
      140/10 10mm                 STP106           £12.10          £323.20                                            10mm-25mm. Ideal for rapid
      140/12 12mm                 STP107           £13.31          £355.20            cladding of scenery flattage. Fitted with ¹/₄" quick release fitting.
      140/14 14mm                 STP108          £14.80           £394.80            PSI 65-100. Max 86 dBA on impact.
                                                                                 Rapesco 97/25 Series Pneumatic Stapler          code                price
                                                                                                                                 STPC9725          £98.00
RAPESCO TACWISE STAPLERS                                                                Type 97 Narrow Crown Staples
                                                                                 Type 97 Staples                 code              quantity            price
                                                                                       10mm                      STP9710             5,000             £4.57
                                                                                       15mm                      STP9715             5,000             £5.78
                                                                                       20mm                      STP9720             5,000             £6.39
                                                                                       25mm                      STP9725             5,000             £7.52
                                             £9.95!                              ELECTRIC STAPLER AND NAILER
                                                                                                                 Electric Tacwise 191EL Nail
                                                                                                                 and Staple Gun 240v Fires 18
                                                                                                                  gauge nails from 15-35mm and staples
                                                                                new                               from 15-30mm. Staple/nail refill window.
                                                                                                                  Single shot safety trigger. Rubber nose
              Die Cast Z113                           ABS Body Z113L             UK’s                             protector. Supplied in a heavy duty case
                                                                              best selling                        complete with 2000 staples and 2000
     Rapesco Z1-13 Series These staplers use the Finewire 13                   35mm nail nails. 4 shots per second. Wt 1.8kg.
     series staples sizes 4, 6 or 8mm. The Z113 has a strong die cast zinc       gun. Type                       staple/nail type       code           price
     body with smooth lines and premium steel working parts. The Z113L                    Electric Tacwise 240v Type 91 15-30mm STPTAC0327            £49.99
     is a very lightweight gun ideal for school use with a smooth poly-                                         Type 180 15-35mm [see page 2.81 for 180 nails]
     mer body with premium steel working parts. Both guns are excel-                    Type 91 Staples
     lent value.                                                                 Type 91 Staples                 code              quantity             price
Type                          wt staple type code                   price              15mm                      STP9115              1,000             £4.19
     Die Cast Body            350g      13     STPZ113             £13.95              20mm                      STP9120              1,000             £4.75
     Polymer body             200g      13     STPZ113L             £9.95              25mm                      STP9125              1,000             £5.79
                                                                                       30mm                      STP9130              1,000             £7.39

Flint Hire & Supply Ltd., Queens Row, London SE17 2PX                          tel 020 7703 9786 fax 020 7708 4189                  

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