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                                                                                                                            March 2011

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                                  The Big Bang
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 LOOK NORTH LOOKS AT MALTBY: Maltby’s Photographic exhibition attracted the attention of
 Look North’s Amanda Harper who is pictured at the Edward Dunn with Cllrs Jenny Andrews, Keith
 Stringer and new council chair John Kirk along with Stuart Platt and Lauren Astbury who helped
 with the exhibition.

Council housing returns
to the local authority
After six years being managed by      transferring services back to the       £218     million     contribution
an arms length company, council       council. The Council is grateful        towards the cost of refurbishing
housing in Rotherham is to return     to 2010 Rotherham Ltd. for the          council houses as part of the
to the direct control of the local    great work that has been done           Decent Homes programme.
authority this year.                  in delivering the Decent Homes            However, Cabinet members
  Following       an     extensive    programme on time. Now we               heard that as the Decent Homes
consultation with both tenants        are set for another step forward        funding is now coming to an
and leaseholders it has been          in the management of council            end, there is a strong economic
agreed that the management of         housing in the borough, and             argument in favour of returning
21,000 council-owned properties       we are absolutely committed to          to in-house provision.
should return to Rotherham            making sure that tenants have             In accordance with the 1985
Borough Council.                      the best quality of housing we          Housing Act the authority had
  Coun. Jahangir Akhtar, Cabinet      can deliver in exchange for a fair      to consult extensively with
Member responsible for housing        rent. “                                 tenants before making any final
for Rotherham Borough Council,           Members of the authority’s           decision and this was done
said that the return to in-house      Cabinet       heard      that     the   through questionnaires, road
management provision makes            overwhelming          majority     of   shows, a telephone hot-line
sound economic sense at a time        tenants supported the view that         and a telephone poll of a random
when the authority is having to       it is in their best interests for the   sample of 15 per cent of tenants
review every part of its budget.      council to provide the services,        and leaseholders.
  He added “This will also be the     which 2010 Rotherham Ltd. has             Overall 7,590 questionnaires
best way forward for our tenants.     been providing during the past          were completed - a return of 36
By making this move we can            six years.                              per cent - and well over 90 per
make significant savings from            2010     Rotherham       Ltd.    -   cent expressed a preference to see
administration, management and        the council’s arms length               the services return to the direct
other back-office functions. These    management         organisation     -   management of the authority.
savings can then be transferred to    ALMO - was set up in May,                 Members are now due to
frontline housing services - to the   2005. At that time, councils            receive a further report in the
direct benefit of our tenants and     could not themselves apply for          coming weeks on the return
leaseholders.                         Decent Homes monies, and so             of services to the authority. It
  “In the test of opinion the         one of the benefits of setting up       is likely that once services are
tenants agreed with this and so       2010 Rotherham Ltd. was that it         transferred 2010 Rotherham Ltd
we will now begin the process of      enabled access to an additional         will be wound up.
2                                                                                                                                                          March 2011

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                                                                                                                                                              Community News

Why elections are still important to local people
These days it’s easy to become complacent            democracy. If one doesn’t vote, it is a forfeiture   that percentage, then the candidate with the
with modern politics. In a world that seems          of an individual’s say in the running of their       least votes is eliminated from the selection
evermore concerned with only global affairs,         country and their local community. Voting            process, and their second preference votes
it is natural to feel that local issues are being    is exercising the right of every citizen living      are allocated to the other candidates. This
ignored, and that Parliament neglects its            in a democracy, a privilege that people too          continues until one candidate has at least
citizens in the quest to solve the world’s           easily become negligent of as residents of a         50% of all the votes cast, and is thus declared
problems.                                            free society.                                        the winner.
   As a result polling numbers have dropped,            It is through neglecting to vote that free          To illustrate the relevance of this, studies
as more and more people have begun to                societies risk losing the rights they take for       show that currently two-thirds of MPs are
regard their vote as less than worthless. But        granted. It is the representative elected, by        elected with less than 50% of the popular
this is not the case.                                direct vote, who preserves the freedoms              vote. This is an astonishing figure. AV seeks
   It’s important to remember that there             and interests of citizens in a democracy and         to remedy this by enabling MPs of any
is still a trickle down effect in politics, and      a local community. Voting is also the way a          party to reach Westminster. In support of
though it can seem as if it only moves in one        society keeps its politicians in check.              this, a BBC study has shown that had AV             in the current political environment, in a
direction, politics is a grassroots organisation,       This is where we come to the especial             been utilised in the past six elections, while      country that now has a plethora of parties
and is at its most effective when citizens           relevance of the upcoming elections, and the         the final results would have remained               reflecting a diverse range of interests.
take the opportunity to have their say in            Alternative Vote referendum that will also           the same, there would always have been                 The argument is that a yes vote for
every election. No one election is too small         take place alongside local elections.                a rise in seats won by the Lib Dems.                the AV system will breathe new life into
or unimportant not to make a difference in              The referendum is concerned with                    But this referendum is not about securing         elections, restoring a sense of power that
shaping our everyday lives. Voting only              abolishing the first-past-the-post system            the Lib Dems in Westminster. Instead it is          citizens have not felt in many years, by
becomes irrelevant when people make it so.           of elections, and replacing it with the AV           hoped that it will aid in forming a diverse,        more accurately representing the voice of
   It is through local elections and their results   system. It is recognized that under the current      multiple-party Parliament no longer limited         the voter. This would hopefully promote
that devolution- the detracting of power from        system of first-past-the-post voting, many           to the most wealthy and powerful factions           a renewed faith in democracy, and the
a centralised source- can take place. Think of       voters no longer think their ballot carries any        Alongside      the     Lib    Dems      many      very process by which leaders are selected.
the local councils. Councils play an integral        weight. Believing that only the predominant          minority parties support the change to                 Thus voting in this current election is even
part in everyday life, from housing, to waste        Labour and Conservative parties are going            the AV system, while Conservatives are              more important than usual, as it will directly
management, to local police enforcement.             to end up holding the majority in Parliament         against it, and Labour stands divided.              determine whether or not the AV system
Councils are an example of a decentralised           regardless of what votes are cast. Attending           Of course, as comes with any proposed             is adopted for parliamentary elections, as
form of government, and it is important to           polling stations can be regarded as a waste          change, MPs are at odds on the merit                well as allowing you to exercise your right
make sure that councils are always aware of          of time. Thus the need for AV reform argue           of switching to the AV system. Former               to ensure local councils reflect your own
what their local communities need.                   supporters.                                          Home Secretary David Blunkett has said              aspirations. Save the date in your diary, 5
   In Maltby we have experienced a torrid               Unlike first-past-the-post, through which         the AV system is “unwanted, unfair and              May 2011.
four years since the last poll which saw             MPs are selected by having the most votes            complicated”, and Lord Reid claimed it
Independents sweep to power, leading to a            within a constituency, the AV system is a            would be a “backward step”. Ironically this         For the comprehensive study by the BBC
rift which resulted in the wrongful dismissal        bit more complicated in its quest for truly          last comment is similar to Nick Clegg’s view        concerning the effect the AV system would
of the Town Clerk, and saw the Council’s             proportional representation.                         on first-past-the-post, which he says is a “relic   have had if in practice over the past six
decision-making process paralysed at times.             In the AV system one will vote in order of        that deserves to be consigned to the past”.         elections, follow this link
The poll in May gives disillusioned residents        preference, selecting candidates from first            Ultimately, it is argued, the first-past-the-
an opportunity to reflect on that period.            to last. A candidate will be elected if they         post system is an archaic form of electing
   We forget that our vote is indeed directly        have received more than 50% of the first             MPs, one that only works in a two-party
responsible for desired changes in a                 preference vote. If no candidate receives            system; thus the AV system is necessary                                      by Gabrielle Kinney
4                                                                                                                                                        March 2011

Community News

                                                                                                                Head to toe pampering
                                                                                                                experience at Massons
                                                                                                                Masson’s opened for business in           the market, such as relaxers or the
Local Police Cadets came to the rescue to distribute the Neighbourhood Watch newsletter in Maltby this month.   Maltby in 1992 in the shopping            Japanese thermal conditioning, the
Delivery of the publication had been hampered by the bad weather but is now in the hands of local residents.    parade, before moving onto the            Keratin Treatment defrizzes the hair
Pictured are PC Howard Marriott, PC JeannineWaller with cadets Abaid Hussain, Laura Tompkins, Joe Binley,       High Street in 1999 and has been          without damaging or changing its
Alex Small, and Zahreen Kauser. Cllr Jenny Andrews, RMBC candidate Chris Beaumont and Cllr Keith Stringer       a major success with customers            texture. The treatment can be used
were also in attendance.                                                                                        throughout Rotherham and South            on all hair types, including chemically
                                                                                                                Yorkshire.                                treated hair (coloured, permed,
                                                                                                                   Andrew Masson, the owner,              relaxed, highlighted and bleached).
                                                                                                                has been hairdressing for 25 years.          The Keratin Treatment is
                                                                                                                He started his career working in          also known as Brazilian Keratin
                                                                                                                Rotherham and Sheffield town              Treatment.
                                                                                                                centres, training at and then                The application process lasts
                                                                                                                working for Michol M International.       anywhere from one and a half to
                                                                                                                Andrew then moved on to work at           four hours depending on the length
                                                                                                                Headlines in Sheffield before moving      and thickness of the hair.
                                                                                                                closer to home in Maltby and                 The fish pedicure is a painless and
                                                                                                                starting up his own business.             pleasant way of getting your feet in
                                                                                                                   Masson’s is a vibrant and friendly     tip top condition without the use of
                                                                                                                Salon with three fully trained stylists   abrasive stones and razors that can
                                                                                                                and one colour technician ready to        actually damage the feet.You will be
                                                                                                                transform you.                            able to sit with a glass of wine, tea
                                                                                                                   Within modern surroundings             or coffee in relaxed surroundings
                                                                                                                you can be pampered from head             while the fish do all the work.
                                                                                                                to toe, from specialist Keratin hair         At Masson’s there is a private
                                                                                                                treatments to your teeth whitening        room where the teeth whitening
                                                                                                                in one hour, or a relaxing body           takes place. It takes on average one
                                                                                                                detox foot spa and then a Garra           hour to lift the teeth up to eight
                                                                                                                Ruffa fish Pedicure.                      shades, of which the average is
                                                                                                                   The Keratin Treatment is an            between four and five shades.
                                                                                                                innovative process that transforms           Both Client and Therapist will
                                                                                                                the hair in its entirety. Keratin is      first agree on the original colour of
                                                                                                                the primary protein of the skin, hair     the teeth when measured against a
                                                                                                                and nails. This natural substance         tooth shade guide.
                                                                                                                gives hair the ability to return to its      A full Health and Safety guideline
                                                                                                                original healthy, shiny, smooth state.    is followed throughout the
                                                                                                                   Unlike other products available in     procedure.
March 2011                                                                                                                                               5

                                                                                                                                                           Community News
History Society                                    Maltby legal firm joins QualitySolicitors
                                                   Maltby residents will have            price,”      Andrew          added.                                            a recognisable ‘household name’
Maltby Local History Society’s meeting, on         noticed     changes     at    local      Their      services      include                                            for people with legal issues” Holt
Thursday 17th February, saw the return of          solicitors Walker          & Co       nationwide conveyancing, Wills                                                 continued. “People no longer
Brian Morris with a remarkable collection          over the past few weeks.              & Probate, Criminal Law, Court                                                 need to embark on the time-
of images of Old Maltby.
                                                   The commercial and family             of protection matters, Family                                                  consuming and often stressful
   Brian had put these in an appropriate
order to illustrate a description, taken from      lawyers are now re-branded as         Law, Lasting Powers of Attorney                                                task of choosing between dozens
a 1950s article written by Fred Kitchen. The       QualitySolicitors Walker & Co.        & Personal Injury Claims.                                                      of local law firms, uncertain
article traced a route through Maltby, from           The long established firm             The decision to join the                                                    about the service they’ll receive.”
the west, and described who lived where in         retains its independence but          QualitySolicitors group is a                                                      Of the likely competition
1900.                                              is now part of the nationwide         reaction to the “Tesco Law”                                                    from retail brands and banks,
   The very well-attended meeting included         group      of    QualitySolicitors.   legislation which would allow                                                  Holt said, “Undoubtedly, the
a number of people whose memories of                  Originally founded in 1982 by      “external ownership” of law                                                    legal market will undergo a
Maltby date back before the Second World
                                                   Andrew P Walker (pictured right)      practices by companies such                                                    dramatic transformation – just
War so Brian’s fascinating presentation was
further enriched by their reminiscences.           who had worked locally around         as banks or supermarkets.                                                      as Specsavers, Boots and Vision
Time was allowed for questions but a               the Rotherham area throughout            It was years in the making                                                  Express now dominate the
sudden failure of the Library Meeting Room         his       professional      career,   and the centrepiece of Labour’s                                                opticians’ market so a handful
lighting circuit served to curtail formal          providing legal services to the       radical shake-up of legal                                                      of brand names will dominate
activities.                                        residents of South Yorkshire, the     services. “Big bang” day for                                                   the     future   legal     market.
   Prior to Brian’s address, Margaret Sides,       business (Originally ‘Andrew          lawyers in England and Wales          way enables us to be sure our            QualitySolicitors is the first
in her capacity as Chair of Rotherham              P. Walker & Co’) has expanded         is still on the horizon — the                                                  such brand and aims to change
                                                                                                                               QualitySolicitors firms are the
Heritage Association, shared with the
                                                   substantially into a three Partner    implementation of alternative         ones putting customer service            people’s expectations of legal
Society an idea for the potential re-use
of Doncaster Gate Hospital as a museum.            practice      (Andrew      Walker,    business structures and external      right at the top of their priorities.”   services, making it an easier
Members were asked to reflect on the               Paul Dalowsky & Catherine             investment in law firms is               These radical changes to the          and less intimidating process”
idea and to bring any thoughts to a future         Burns), offering legal services to    scheduled for October 6 this year.    legal market will allow retail and          Prof      Stephen       Mayson
meeting. Concerns were later raised by             clients from all parts of Britain.       The aim is to have a               banking brands to provide legal          professor of strategy and
members and friends about the recent                  “We now offer a fast,              QualitySolicitors firm in every       services for the first time, with        Director of the Legal Services
deterioration to 27 Blyth Road (a Grade2           professional, personal & reliable     UK town and city ahead of             predictions that many thousands          Policy Institute at the College
listed building).                                  service at competitive rates          the changes. QualitySolicitors                                                 of Law told the
                                                                                                                               of law firms will disappear
   The meeting also warmly welcomed the
                                                   and are an approved legal             selects    leading     local    law   as a result. QualitySolicitors,          “QualitySolicitors is emerging
completion, on 11th February, of Maltby
Town Council’s restoration of the Crossley         training establishment regulated      firms to become part of the           dubbed the “next generation”             as possibly the strongest ‘home-
monument and members responded                     by the Solicitors regulation          QualitySolicitors brand; they         of legal services, will open a           grown’ response from within
positively to the suggestion that the              authority,”      says     Andrew.     then rebrand and re-launch            number of its new branches in            the legal profession to the need
Society should work in tandem with the                The office is staffed with a       as part of QualitySolicitors.         shopping centres with extended           for a brand presence in the high
Town Council regarding the interpretation          complement of fully trained           Customer feedback is the key          opening hours and a “range of            street. This is likely to be a
of the site. The Society’s next open public        legal staff and the relevant          criterion for selection, resulting    new innovations designed to              winning strategy if the members
meeting will take place in the Library             support staff. “We are able           in the brand’s tag-line of ‘chosen                                             and management can deliver
                                                                                                                               transform how people access
Meeting Room at 7pm on Thursday 17th
                                                   to offer private and legally          by you’. Chief Executive, Craig       legal services” said Holt.               real competition alongside the
March 2011.
   For further information please ring             aided clients with a quality          Holt said “Relying on the                “With a QualitySolicitors in          existing and expected retail
812035.                                            legal service at a competitive        public’s view of firms in this        over 100 locations there is now          brands delivering legal services”.

                  Adult learning courses
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   Monday 1:30pm-3:30pm for 5 weeks                 Wednesday 9:00am for 10 weeks
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   ROTHERHAM, S66 8LF                               Crescent, Maltby, Rotherham, S66 7QJ
   Fees: Full Fee £30.00 Claimant Fee £3.00         Fees: Full Fee £60.00 Claimant Fee £3.00

   Creative Crafts
   Starting: 20th June 2011
   Monday 1:30pm-3:30pm for 5 weeks
                                                    Brush up your literacy
   Venue: Full Life Church, High Street, Maltby,    Starting: May 6th 2011
   ROTHERHAM, S66 8LF                               Friday 9:30am for 10 weeks
   Fees: Full Fee £30.00 Claimant Fee £3.00         Venue: Crags Community School, Strauss
                                                    Crescent, Maltby, Rotherham, S66 7QJ
   Brush up your numeracy                           Fees: FREE
   Starting: 9th May 2011
   Monday 9:30am for 10 weeks
   Venue: Crags Community School, Strauss
   Crescent, Maltby, S66 7QJ
                                                    Yoga for all
   Fees: FREE                                       Starting: 6th May 2011
                                                    Friday 9:30am for 10 weeks
   Computer Workshop
   Starting: 9th May 2011
                                                    Venue: The Parish Rooms, Mary Magdalene
                                                    Church, 41 Morrell Street, S66 7LH                    QualitySolicitors Walker & Co
   Monday 12:45pm for 10 weeks
   Venue: Crags Community School, Strauss
                                                    Fees: Full Fee £60.00 Claimant Fee £3.00
                                                                                                          Your chosen local law firm
   Crescent, Maltby, Rotherham, S66 7QJ
   Fees: Full Fee £60.00 Claimant Fee £3.00                                                               QualitySolicitors is an exciting new legal service. QualitySolicitors rms
                                                    Computer Workshop                                     have to receive consistently positive feedback from you, the public.
   Carer and Toddler Group                          Starting: 28th April 2011                             So to be sure of the best possible service from your local law rm, make
   Starting: 26th April 2011                        Thursday 12:50 for 10 weeks                           sure you come to QualitySolicitors Walker & Co.
   Tuesday 9:00am for 10 weeks                      Venue: Wickersley School and Sports
   Venue: The Parish Rooms, Mary Magdalene          College, Bawtry Road, Wickersley,
   Church, 41 Morrell Street, S66 7LH               Rotherham, S66 1JL                                               QualitySolicitors                  Contact
   Fees: Full Fee £60.00 Claimant Fee £3.00         Fees: Full Fee £60.00 Claimant Fee £3.00                         Walker & Co                        4-8 Tickhill Road, Maltby, Rotherham
                                                                                                                                                        South Yorkshire, S66 7BP
                        £3 to people on selected means tested benefits
           Contact: Gill Lawrence on 01709 709208                                                                                                       01709 817112
 or e-mail: for further information and to reser ve a place
   6                                                                                                                                                                               March 2011

   Community News

   Poor response in Maltby to December snow
    Maltby was left to its own devices  report recognises the impact on the                                                                                              8 That priorities for future
    during the severe snows of          town of the diversion of resources                                                                                               accelerated clearance and gritting
    December 2010 and, in the absence to the major incident on the A57.                                                                                                  should be:
    of ploughing, gritting and public   It also gives particular praise to the                                                                                           a. Access to the Edward
    transport services, elderly and     efforts of residents of the town’s                                                                                               Dunn Memorial Hall as a
    vulnerable people were put at risk. Blyth Road area who used muscles                                                                                                 communications and respite centre
    It was only the town’s exemplary    and shovels to free and move on                                                                                                  and as an emergency planning
    public spirit which saved the day.  HGVs which became stuck on the                                                                                                   hub.
       In a detailed and hard-hitting   A634.                                                                                                                            b. Pedestrian access to medical
    report, based on research for       The report makes ten                                                                                                             facilities and the clearance of their
    and the discussions and findings    recommendations:-                                                                                                                car parks
    of the 29th January meeting of      1 That, prior to the May 2011                                                                                                    c. Access to food shops and other
    Maltby Forum, the organisation’s    election, Maltby Town Council                                                                                                    local shopping facilities
    management committee traces         should ensure the completion of                                                                                                  d. Strategic routes eg classified
    events, records the testimony of    the RMBC Emergency Planning                                                                                                      roads, bus routes and estate access
    local people, notes that Maltby     Template and that it should put                                                                                                  roads.
    Town Council had no emergency       in place a protocol to ensure the                                                                                                e. Residential/ Care Homes
    plan and calls for better strategic necessary evaluation, updating                                                                                                   f. Schools and Nurseries
    planning and co-ordination of       and revision of this plan.                                                                                                       9 That Maltby Town Council
    winter services in the town.        2 That the attention of statutory        4. That a local debate should be      quickest possible restoration of                  should conduct an audit of
       It seeks to understand why, with authorities, arms-length providers,      initiated, as soon as possible,       bus services to Maltby after heavy                damage to roads and should
    4,000 tonnes of salt in the dome    local quangos, PFI providers and         about the value of traffic            snow, Maltby Town Council                         identify to RMBC their key
    at Hellaby, only one road in the    utility providers be drawn to the        calming measures versus their         should work with the South                        priorities for action.
    town received timely ploughing      need to think both strategically         inconvenience during snow             Yorkshire Passenger Transport                     10 That RMBC, Maltby Town
    and gritting on Wednesday 1st       and co-operatively about how best        clearance.                            Executive and Rotherham Borough                   Council, South Yorkshire Police
    December. On the basis of local     to provide services to Maltby in         5. That Rotherham Borough             Council to identify and emergency                 and Transport and Service
    observation and an RMBC press       case of adverse weather events or        should be asked by Maltby Town        plan for the high priority gritting               Providers should recognise
    release, the report deduces that    civil emergency.                         Council to advise on ways in          of bus turning routes in Maltby so                the need to work to restore the
    the severe snow fell before the     3 That, in co-operation with local       which traffic calming measures on     that these can be made available to               confidence of the Maltby public in
    borough’s Hellaby depot was fully   residents, Maltby Town Council           classified roads, bus routes and      extend curtailed services.                        their capacity and determination
    commissioned.                       should conduct an audit of grit          key access roads to estates can be    7 That the PTE should be asked                    to respond to civil emergencies in
       It concludes that the RMBC       bins to identify where additional        marked, modified or given specific    to ensure that all bus operators                  the town.
    winter services team were at a time facilities are needed and that it        winter services treatment to ensure   are made aware of the high                        Copies of the report are available for
    of transition and that they were    should make representation to            that they never again stand in the    priority gritting and turning                     inspection at Maltby Community
413 less than fully prepared for the    RMBC ensure 05:10 Page
     OXC Industrial accident compensation v2 to6/6/10 that Maltby is 1           way of essential gritting.            routes in Maltby identified under                 Library and the Wesley Centre, Blyth
    emergency which unfolded. The       adequately serviced.                     6 That, in order to ensure the        recommendation 6 above.                           Road.

                                                                                                                                       How can we help?
                                                                                                                                       Oxley & Coward has a specialist team of experienced
                                                                                                                                       lawyers dedicated to fighting for the rights of victims of

        Disease?                                                                                                                       industrial injury and disease including VWF, Industrial
                                                                                                                                       Deafness and Asbestos disease. Over the last 10
                                                                                                                                       years we have recovered millions of pounds of
                                                                                                                                       compensation for people who have been so injured.
               Vibration White Finger (VWF)                                                                                            We have membership of the special Law Society
                                                                                                                                       Personal Injury Panel and the Association of Personal
               Industrial Deafness                                                                                                     Injury Lawyers.

               Asbestosis                                                                                                              Call Oxley & Coward FREE on:

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                                                                                                                                       In appropriate cases we can also
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       You could be entitled to compensation
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        Do you suffer from whiteness of the fingers or tingling and numbness even when it is not cold?                                 34/46 Moorgate Street Rotherham,
        If so, have you ever worked with power tools such as grinders, jigger picks, chainsaws, stihl saws?                            South Yorkshire, UK S60 2HB
        Have you worked in an industry where you had to shout to make yourself heard?                                                  Tel: 01709 510999
        Do you now find that you cannot follow conversations when there is background noise?                                 
        Have you been exposed to Asbestos during your working life and been diagnosed with either
        Asbestosis/Pleural Thickening/Lung Cancer or Mesothelioma?                                                                     Oxley & Coward is proud to be supporting Deafness Research UK. Deafness
    If so, you may be suffering from an injury caused as a result of the fault of your employer and may be able to make                Research UK provides free information, guidance and advice on deafness, tinnitus
                                                                                                                                       and other hearing conditions, based on the latest scientific evidence and informed
    a claim for compensation.                                                                                                          by leading experts. Call Deafness Research UK, FREE on 0808 808 2222.
March 2011                                                                                                                                7

                                                                                                                                               Community News
                                                                  Pauline wins greatest loser award
                                                                  Pauline Higgs has just won                “I am very close to my personal
                                                                  greatest loser award at Slimming       target now and feel great. It’s not
                                                                  World Braithwell group. Having         like being on a diet it’s a way
                                                                  lost an amazing 6st 10.5lb since       of life. I now go to the gym and
                                                                  last January.                          to aqua fit and feel fitter than I
                                                                     Pauline said, “I           Joined   have for years. I have gone from
                                                                  Slimming world group in                a size 20/22 to a size 12/14. The
                                                                  Braithwell on 13th January last        best thing is being able to go into
                                                                  year. I had never been to a            a clothes shop and know I can
                                                                  slimming group before and was          actually fit into the clothes.
                                                                  very sceptical especially as I am         “I am really grateful to Lynne
                                                                  vegetarian and did not know if         and the members of the group
                                                                  the plan would be suitable.            because I could not have done it
                                                                     “I was amazed how much              without their support.”
                                                                  I could eat and thought I had             Lynne says “I am so very
                                                                  misunderstood the plan, but to         proud of Pauline for her
                                                                  my surprise I lost 3lb my first        achievement and the inspiration
                                                                  week and have continued to lose        she continues to give to other
                                                                  an average of 2lb a week.              members. Pauline now qualifies
                                                                     “In August 2010 I won Woman         to go forward to the Nationals
                                                                  of the Year having lost over 4         and we wish her every success”.
                                                                  stones , I still needed to lose more      Since moving to a bigger venue
                                                                  so kept at it and now having lost      (The Ruddle Centre, Braithwell)
                                                                  6st 8lb have won The Greatest          the group has grow even more
                                                                  loser award 2011 for Braithwell        and now has two sessions 5pm
                                                                  group and qualify to go forward        and 7pm and continues to help
                                                                  to the national competition in         change the lives of local people.
 A Raffle at the Maltby Photographic Exhibition raised £261 for   April.
 St Bartholomews Church thanks to prizes donated by tescos.
 Cheque presented by Corinne and Debbie, Tesco community
 champions to the right reverend Dhoe Craig-Wild. Also in
 attendance were Cllrs Keith Stringer and Amy Rushforth and
 members of the congregation, Ann Fitzgerald, Jo Welch, Verni                                                                                    TELEPHONE
 Welch and David Hill.
                                                                                                                                                01709 378909
                                                                                                                                                 Parkgate Mobility Centre
                                                                                                                                               Effingham Street Rotherham

                                                                          Our showrooms boasts thousands of small items designed to make everyday
                                                                                 living that much easier telephone for free colour catalogue

                                                                      •   Scooters
                                                                      •   Stairlifts
                                                                      •   Specialised Powerchairs
                                                                          SALES, SEVICE & REPAIR
                                                                      •   Rise and Recline Chairs
                                                                      •   High Seat Chairs
                                                                      •   Profiling Beds
                                                                      •   Bathlifts & Bathroom
                                                                      •   Walking Aids
                                                                      •   Wheelchairs
                                                                      •   Kitchen Equipment
                                                                      •   Waterproof Clothing
                                                                      •   Toileting Aids
                                                                      •   Incontinence products
                                                                      •   Pressure Care
                                                                      •   Nebuliser’s

8                                                                                                                                           March 2011

Letters & Comment
                                          • CROSSING THE FLOOR
           Editorial                       Sir

                                           Dave Brennan called for the abolition
 Local politics and local people again
                                           of Maltby Town Council and then
 fill the pages of this month’s maltby.    presumably thought he could better
 news.                                     serve the people of Maltby if he was a
  The Town Council elected Cllr            councillor. Unfortunately after being
 John Kirk to the Chair unopposed          elected he seemed to align himself with
 at the beginning of the month.            the very councillors who inspired his call
 His stewardship will last a               for abolition in the first place, unlike the
 few short weeks until the local           only true independent councillor John
 elections in May. Cllr Kirk is the        Kirk.
                                              I am not a party to the thoughts of
 fourth occupant of the hot seat
                                           Councillors Andrews and Stringer
 since the last elections four years       but presume they wanted to
 ago. The Council is also on to its        distance themselves from the other
 second Town Clerk following the           “independents” who were causing so
 debacle involving David Morton’s          much division on this council. Councillor
 dismissal.                                Stringer has a long and proud history
  Pleasingly, considering the amount       of service to the people of Maltby and
 of criticism councillors have             as an Independent he was a thorn in the
 suffered over the past few years          side of the mainly Labour members of
                                           the then Town Council from 2003-2007.
 there are a couple of notable events
                                           Jennie Andrews was complimented in
 they should be congratulated on.          the MESH report for her work as Chair
 A date is soon to be fixed for the        of the Council so why did Dave Brennan
 official opening of the restored          go with the majority although he did not
 Crossley Memorial on the Don              support Karen Usher?
 Jon steps. Also the first weekend            As a councillor removed in the cull of
 of the month saw a photographic           2007 I was affronted by the comments of
 exhibition at the Edward Dunn,            Councillor Stringer at the time but he has
 reflecting all aspects of life in         obviously realised that unlike his own
                                           sentiments, the “independents” have not
 Maltby during the last century. The
                                           worked for the benefit of Maltby, only for
 event was a resounding success and        their own interests.
 all who helped to put it together, as        Crossing the floor is not unusual in
 well as all who contributed images,       politics and is well documented. This
 are to be congratulated.                  is usually done when councillors and
  On the downside, we also reflect         Members of Parliament can no longer
 in these pages on the response to         support the policies and ideologies of
 the heavy snowfalls during last           their chosen alignment or party. Neither
 winter. Few officials come out of         Councillor Stringer nor Councillor

                                                                                                                                       • FAMILY TREE
                                           Andrews crossed over to the majority
 this with much credit, especially
                                           group on the council and so cannot be           and ink.
 those of Rotherham MBC who hold           accused of joining the winning team.               When I was elected in October 2009,
 responsibility for the roads.                Maybe the two letters will elicit a reply    I got in by two votes. By the time these     Sir
 We also take time out to reflect on       from Councillors Stringer and Andrews,          two galoots have read this and the May
 the importance of local elections         but I would have thought that Councillor        elections come around, I will have two       I am in the process of compiling my
 with polls due on May 5th. Next           Brennan could have questioned them              votes guaranteed.                            family tree and I’m trying to gather info
 month the will be             about their motives before writing his
                                                                                                                                        on my great great grandfather who lived
 profiling candidates for the benefit      letter.
                                                                                           Yours sincerely,                             in the Maltby area. His name was John
 of readers.                                                                                                                            Shields, he was Irish and lived in Wigan
  Local politics count, make sure          K Duckmanton                                                                                 before Maltby, and I believe he was a
                                                                                           Cllr. D.J.Brennan
 your vote is part of the process.         by email                                                                                     miner. His daughter Nelly(Stewart) lived
                                                                                                                                        in Maltby. The names Sheila, Marion,

                                          • RIGHT OF REPLY                                • FRIENDS OF RESPITE                          Clifford and Derek are the children of
                                                                                                                                        Ann and Billy Harding from Maltby,
                                                                                                                                        who are both deceased I think.
                                                                                           Sir                                            Any info would be great.
 The Maltby News                                                                           Friends of Respite celebrated a belated      Martin Halliwell
 13 Blyth Road                             I ask for the right to reply to the letter
                                                                                           Christmas Party in February owing            by email
                                                                                           to the bad weather in December. The
 Maltby                                    published in the February issue of

                                                                                                                                       • PRAISE FOR BOROUGH
                                           your paper from Stewart Platt and his           children enjoyed a wonderful occasion
                                           girlfriend, well known to these pages as        playing games, dancing and tucking into
 S66 8HX                                                                                   a marvelous buffet, and we have many
                                           Brenda Abou el Ola or Mrs Gunnings
 tel: 01709 819566
                                           (She writes on behalf of Platt). These two      people to thank.                             COUNCIL
 email:                                                                Each child received a gift from Santa
                                           have been harassing me for the best part
 website:             of 15 months.                                   and a selection box, which Martin, the       Sir
                                              I don’t think the two of them have           manger of Maltby Co-op, gave us a great
 Published by Joker Publications                                                           deal on. Sylvia’s Deli in Maltby was
                                           thought this problem all the way through                                                     I write to complement Rotherham
 Ltd at their registered office:           to the end. Because I am controlled as          responsible for the buffet. A big thank      Borough Council on its handling of
 Unit 6,                                   a town councillor by a code of conduct,         you to both of them.                         the deficit budget caused by reduced
 Acorn Business Park,                      I must be careful how I conduct my                 The venue was the children’s new base     funding from the Coalition Government.
 Woodseats Close,                          council business. For instance they have        at Kimberworth Place.                        At a time when neighbouring authorities
 Sheffield S8 0TB.                         reported me to the Standards board                 In the summer seaside trips are being     are hitting the headlines with library
 Company No. 6504103.                      something like nine times in the first          organised, all funded by our raffles, car    closures in Doncaster and the loss of
                                           ten months I was in office. How much            boot sales, and donations.                   the Freebee bus in Leeds, Rotherham
 Printed by Sharman and                    has that waste of time cost the people of          We would like to thank everyone           has done remarkably well to protect
 Company Limited on recycled               Maltby?                                         who supports our organisation and            vulnerable groups from the spending
 newsprint.                                   I mention that they have not thought         the children who suffer from various         cuts.
                                           this problem through, because common            illnesses.                                     The borough has managed to recruit
 Distributed by Snazzle                    sense would tell them that I will not be a                                                   and retain outstanding officers who
 tel: 0844 3511 077 or 07914 577 422       councillor forever. There will come a day                                                    are working with councillors in new
                                           when I will be free of my council work.         Kind regards                                 ways. Some departments are working
 website:                And as most of the readers of these                                                          in partnership with their counterparts
                                           pages know, I too am handy with pen             Dorothy and Carolyne Straw.                  in both Doncaster and Sheffield councils
March 2011                                                                                                                                9

                                                                                                                                      Letters & Comment
                                                                                             renovation and rebuilding works
                                                                                             promised for Maltby Academy.
                                                                                                                                            • WARDEN SCHEME
                                                                                               Just how is Maltby expected to cope?
                                                                                             Yours faithfully
                                                                                                                                             When the Warden scheme ends this
                                                                                             Alice Rodgers                                   month I do not know how I am going to
                                                                                             (by email)                                      cope in light of the severe weather we
                                                                                                                                             experienced this year.
                                                                                                                                               I had to rely on my warden’s husband

                                                                                            • PRAISE FOR THE HISTORY                         shopping for me and other residents
                                                                                                                                             who could not get out. He also does this
                                                                                             SOCIETY                                         task when we are ill, and refuses to take
                                                                                                                                             any money for his help.
                                                                                             Sir                                               With the help of one of the other
                                                                                                                                             resident’s sons he also cleared the
                                                                                             I attended the Thursday 17th February           snow from the paths and side of our
                                                                                             meeting of the Maltby History Society           bungalows when no council workers
                                                                                             held in the local library, where fellow         came near.
                                                                                             member Mr. Brian Morris gave a show               I know what time my warden will call,
                                                                                             on an article from a 1950 Advertiser            and I can leave my door unlocked for her
                                                                                             written by Fred Kitchen (Author of              to come in and help me.
                                                                                             Brother to the ox) about Maltby life at the       Again I do not know what I am going
                                                                                             turn of the last century.                       to do without her.
                                                                                                A packed hall were entertained by a
                                                                                             two hour show of photographs of Maltby          Yours,
                                                                                             taken around 1900 with text from Fred’s
                                                                                             newspaper article. Mr. Kitchens certainly       Name and address supplied
                                                                                             had a sense of humour when it came to

                                                                                                                                            • BURLING AND MENDING
                                                                                             explaining some of the local characters
                                                                                             of the time. I think what I enjoyed most
                                                                                             about the evening was, although I have
                                                                                             lived in Maltby just over 45 years, there
                                                                                             is no way I would describe myself as
                                                                                             being from Maltby. The amount of times
                                                                                             during the show when someone from               This photograph was taken in 1952 when
                                                                                             behind me, or from either side of me            the employees of a company named
                                                                                             could be heard saying in a quiet voice          Binns took a day trip to Skegness.
                                                                                             that some distant relation lived next door         The work these ladies did was called
                                                                                             to the one in the picture was delightful.       “burling and mending”. They carried
                                                                                                It was indeed a grand evening of             out their work in the old ballroom at the
                                                                                             entertainment with thanks to Brian              Queen’s Hotel.
                                                                                             Morris for his efforts. But again, it has to       In the photograph are Mr and Mrs
                                                                                             be noted what a worthwhile society Alice        Sutcliffe, the manager and manageress.
                                                                                             Rodgers has molded together through             Their housekeeper Mrs Davies and her
                                                                                             the years. Yet again, “One of our own”          daughter Josie, my mother and sister,
  leading to reduced costs. Innovative          Chris Beaumont,                                                                              appear in the photograph.
                                                                                             could be relied upon to put on a class
  thinking has been shown in acquiring          Labour candidate for Maltby Ward.                                                               Also pictured in the group are
                                                                                             show. Thank you to all concerned.
  mobile youth centres and changing             48, Lilly Hall Road,                                                                         friends Dorrean, Joan, Annie, Pauline,
  the working hours of Youth Leaders to                                                                                                      Jacqueline, Gwen and Beryl.
                                                Maltby,                                      Yours sincerely,
  accommodate the needs of our young
  people.                                       S66 8AT.
    Because the council began its 2011                                                       Mr. D.J.Brennan                                 Yours,

                                               • MALTBY LEISURE AND
  budget planning last summer, most                                                          25, Ryton Close,
  of the inevitable job losses so far have                                                   Maltby,                                         A Shannon
  been through natural wastage. We have         SERVICES CENTRE CAR                          S66 7EH                                         Maltby
  been consulted via questionnaires about
  which areas of council spending we
  would most like to see protected.
    Using monies earmarked by the last          Sir
  Labour Government we are seeing the
  construction of new council homes here        Last July’s Wentworth Valley Area
  in Maltby and our council has stated its      Assembly was advised, by Councillor
  commitment to affordable social housing.      Iain St John, of a timetable for the
  The council has promised to continue to       provision of additional car parking
  support the voluntary sector, including       spaces at Maltby Leisure and Services
  Rotherham Holiday Aid, which sent six         Centre. This would have seen the
  needy families from our postcode away         completion of works by the end of
  on holidays last year. Rotherham is rated     January 2011.
  as a top local authority in Adult Care.         When this did not happen as
    The council is continuing its support       scheduled, I made enquiries via the Area
  of the Imagination Library (an initiative     Assembly Office and they obtained an
  to promote the joys of books) which           update from the relevant department.
  engages with 81% of our pre-five year         This document indicates that yet more
  olds across the borough. Intensive            user survey work is being undertaken
  support has been provided for schools         in pursuit of the long-overdue Travel
  placed in Ofsted’s special measures           Plan for the centre and it also appears
                                                to make less certain the provision of the
  category. I serve as a governor at
                                                additional spaces there.
  Redwood School where I have witnessed
                                                  Car parking in central Maltby
  the high quality of local authority input
                                                used to be easy. Thanks to an overall
  resulting in vast improvements in
                                                reduction in off-street parking, which
  teaching and learning for our children
                                                was substantially caused by the Leisure
  attending that school.
                                                and Services Centre developments,
    The above are just a selection of the
                                                people now have trouble accessing
  ways that I think our borough council
                                                the town’s shops and services. Unless        The is always happy to publish historic photographs of local
  has shown that it wants to continue its
                                                remedial action is taken soon, an            scenes and events. Contact the editor on 01709 819566 or by e-mail:
  investment in its prime asset – the people
                                                already desperate situation is likely to
  of Rotherham.
                                                become worse thanks to the forthcoming         Letters to the editor may be e-mailed to the above address or posted to
                                                introduction of new parking restrictions     the, 13/15 Blyth Road, Maltby, Rotherham S66 8HX.
  Yours faithfully,                             and in the light of the impact of the
10                                                                                             March 2011

Community News

Butlers of Maltby         The Tarmac building on Blyth Road, currently under offer,
                          was built in the 1970s to house Butler and Sons, providing
                          office accommodation and a car sales showroom.
                                                                                       Local people
                          Members of the family lived in houses in the yard behind
                          the buildings.                                               helping out
                            The workshop was in the yard and the lorries parked in
                          the compound at the bottom of the fields. Butlers was
                          a family business run by Ruben and Phil and sons Jim,
                                                                                       local people
                          Alwin and Ronnie. Alwin ran the quarry, Jim transport and    “Maltby has been very good to us over the
                          Ronnie car sales. There were also daughters and in-laws in   years, and we would like to thank everyone
                          administration.                                              in the town who has helped us,” says Barry
                            Butlers supplied local councils, builders merchants and    Foster, Depot Manager for the St Vincent’s
                          road makers with sand and limestone, the latter renowned     de Paul Society.
                          for its quality and purity of colour.                           The St.Vincent’s de Paul Society is
                            The business grew rapidly when work began on the           an international Christian voluntary
                          motorway network, and Maltby limestone forms the base        organisation dedicated to tackling poverty
                          of those roads to this day.                                  and disadvantage by providing direct
                                                                                       practical assistance to anyone in need.
                          Pictured Left: Kevin Ryan, Joe Yeomans and Ray Barker.
                          Below: Contractor PG Rawsons of Bawtry.                      Active in England & Wales since 1844, today
                                                                                       it continues to address social and material
                                                                                       need in all its many forms.
                                                                                          Barry was speaking at the Edlington
                                                                                       depot, which serves local stores, including
                                                                                       the one on the High Street in Maltby.
                                                                                          “Our policy is donations by local people
                                                                                       to help local people,” Barry added.
                                                                                          The stores stock all manner of items,
                                                                                       but items of furnishing are particularly
                                                                                       welcome, and the charity operates a
                                                                                       collection service. “This is by appointment
                                                                                       only,” says Barry, “And we do operate a
                                                                                       quality control element to this service.”
                                                                                          The Maltby store is one of the most
                                                                                       popular in the region.
                                                                                          In the current financial climate many
                                                                                       people find themselves falling into the
                                                                                       poverty trap, and the work done by the
                                                                                       charity is ever more important.
                                                                                          The widespread service across the region
                                                                                       involves partnerships with a number of
                                                                                       agencies and charities. Among these are
                                                                                       Doncaster MBC Tenancy Support, Sanctuary
                                                                                       Housing, LIFE, M25 Doncaster Housing
                                                                                       Support, Connect to Work as well as Thorne
                                                                                       Children’s Centre, Together Women’s
                                                                                       Refuge, and the network of CABs.

                                                                                       If you have anything to donate to the
                                                                                       charity or would like to find out about
                                                                                       helping out call 01709 858033.
March 2011                                                                                                                             11

                                                                                                                                           Community News
Clean up on                                                                                                                                    News in Short
the Crags                                                                                                                                  On Saturday 19th February Kevin Barron, M.P.
At its meeting, held at Maltby Services                                                                                                    hosted a coffee morning at Bevan Crescent
Centre on Wednesday 23rd February, Maltby                                                                                                  Community House. Local residents braved the
Wood Lee Common and Crags Meadow                                                                                                           wintry weather conditions to meet him and
Steering Group continued to look at ways                                                                                                   Councillor Amy Rushforth. Labour’s candidates
of increasing the bio-diversity of Crags                                                                                                   for the May local elections: Christine Beaumont
Meadow. It is hoping that it will prove                                                                                                    (Maltby ward) and Jennifer Andrews (Hellaby
possible to modify the mowing regime on                                                                                                    ward) were introduced and there were
selected small areas to enable a range of                                                                                                  opportunities for residents to raise issues.
wild flowers to flourish.
  The idea is to focus on wet places as well
as strips adjacent to the hedgerows. The
                                                                                                                                           A campaign launches this week to get the
footpath at the bottom of Maltby Crags
                                                                                                                                           people of Rotherham working together to
has now been improved thanks to funding                                                                                                    tackle obesity in the town after a national
from COMMA, the Community Aggregates                                                                                                       survey revealed that people who are
Fund. Here Groundwork Dearne Valley’s                                                                                                      overweight often suffer humiliation and
‘Green Teams’ (funded through the ‘Future                                                                                                  embarrassment and have low confidence
Jobs Fund’) have carried out works on site                                                                                                 and low self-esteem, all of which seriously
alongside RMBC Rights of Way, who have                                                                                                     affect their everyday lives.
installed a kissing gate.                                                                                                                    Experts acknowledge that waist
                                                                                                                                           measurement, as well as weight, is an
  With strong support from the
                                                                                                                                           indicator of an individual’s health. ‘At risk’
Maltby Community and the local Safer                                                                                                       waist measurements being those of more
Neighbourhood Team Groundwork Dearne                                                                                                       than 88cm for women, and 102cm for
Valley, they recently organised a clean up
on the Crags with great success. Two big        Funding helps to improve Chinatown                                                         men.
                                                                                                                                             The ‘Let’s Beat Obesity Together in
skips were filled after some hard graft which
has made a small dent on this site of such      neighbourhood in Maltby                                                                    Rotherham’ campaign, run by Slimming
                                                                                                                                           World, aims to bring the whole community
beauty.                                                                                                                                    together to encourage and support each
                                                Groundwork Dearne Valley and Living          Within a couple of hours the skip was piled   other to lose weight and make Rotherham
  Groundwork Dearne Valley have been
                                                Streets were fortunate in securing funding   high with sofas, bin bags, and anything       a happier and healthier place to live.
supporting the Maltby Crags/Wood Lea
Common Steering Group for over a year           through the Safer Rotherham Partnership      that could be found. With help from the
                                                to carry out a programme of events to        local community the skip day was a great
in organising and attending community
                                                improve the Chinatown neighbourhood.         success.
clean ups. There will be many more to                                                                                                      The Maltby Community Fund, sponsored
                                                  So far many residents and partners           Much more work and many more events
come in the future. If you would like to get    have helped out at the clean up and bulb     are to take place before the end of March
                                                                                                                                           by Hargreaves Services, still has monies
involved in the future clean ups, or wish       planting events which are gradually making   2011. If you wish to find out more about      available for local groups and organisations.
to find out more about the steering group,      an impact on their area.                     the project, or wish to take part, please     Anyone interested should contact the fund on
please contact Lucy Cheetham Groundwork           2010 Rotherham provided a walk-in skip     contact Lucy Cheetham Groundwork              07941671462. Please note that application forms
Dearne Valley on 01226 740077 or email lucy.    for the residents to get rid of unwanted     Dearne Valley on 01226 740077, email lucy.    may be requested but a stamped addressed                      rubbish from backyards and properties.                       envelope is required.
12                                                                                                                                                      March 2011

Community News

Maltby students set sights on major national award
Year 9 Maltby Academy students Leigh
Roberts, Martha Gregory, Darcie Lacey and
Casey Turner are gearing up to take part in
the national final of the 2011 Young Engineer
for Britain Competition, which takes place
at the Big Bang Fair in London from 10th
-12th March 2011. Their project qualified for
the national final after winning the regional
final last summer.
   The challenge was to invent and build a
project aimed at helping make the world
a better place. Forty-six contenders have
reached the national finals after winning
regional events around the UK last summer.
These aspiring young engineers will be
demonstrating mechanical and electronic
projects designed to make life easier and
safer for able-bodied and disabled people,
to help the environment, to enhance
experiences in sports, business, and leisure.
The total prize fund is £50,000, as Young
Engineer for Britain finalists also compete
in the National Science and Engineering
   The Maltby Academy team have designed
a game. The students visited Hilltop
Special School and, from their research,
they developed a game and adapted it
for use by people with a disability. Their
game is designed to be fun, and is based
on traditional styling where there are no
batteries needed. The game uses hand-eye
coordination skills and is tremendously
addictive. What impressed the judges at the      About the Big Bang Fair (above)                Live!, BBC’s Bang Goes the Theory, and           to the thousands of visitors. This gives
regional finals is that they have created a      Launched in 2009, The Big Bang: UK Young       The Lloyd’s Register Educational Trust           those young people who visit the event the
product from scratch and also packaged it,       Scientists & Engineers Fair is the UK’s        sponsored Alphabeat show. The Fair will          opportunity to see and talk to “people like
ready for sale.                                  biggest single celebration of science and      also feature BBC’s Wallace & Gromit ‘World       them” actively involved in STEM activities.
   During the Fair the students will             engineering for young people and aims to       of Invention’ roadshow.
promote their game and will be visited by        celebrate and inspire them.                       As well as the national final of Young
judges throughout the two days. They will           Involving over 110 organisations from       Engineer for Britain, the Big Bang plays
have to be able to communicate what they         across the private, public and voluntary       host to the finals of the prestigious National
                                                                                                                                                 Tall Ships Raffle Results
have learnt and achieved making the game,        sectors, and reaching out to schools and       Science & Engineering Competition, which         The Tall Ships raffle at Maltby Academy
and what their future ambitions are. It is all   students across the country, The Big Bang      in 2010 saw 349 competitors presenting           raised a fantastic £270. Thank you to
about promotion and being able to convey         represents a true partnership of the UK’s      190 award-winning science, technology,           everyone who supported the raffle and
how their product will be used and what          science and engineering communities.           engineering, and mathematics (STEM)              ‘Well Done’ to the following winners:
benefits it will have for society.               The event is led by Engineering UK in          projects. There is one individual and one
                                                 partnership with the British Science           team winner in the junior, intermediate, and     Wesley Meese - Rotherham Titans tickets
                                                 Association, the Institute of Physics, the     senior age categories for the science/maths      Bradley Marshall - Rotherham United
                                                 Science Council, the Royal Academy of          stream and for the engineering/technology        tickets
                                                 Engineering, and Young Engineers. The          stream. The two individual winners in the        Megan Chant - Essential manicure at Mint
                                                 Department for Business, Innovation and        senior category are given the titles the “UK     Lili Crawshaw - Sheffield United tickets
                                                                                                                                                 Saffron Wragg’s family - Sheffield
                                                 Skills and the Department for Education        Young Scientist of the Year” and the “UK
                                                                                                                                                 Steelers and Ice Sheffield tickets
                                                 both provide significant support along with    Young Engineer of the Year”.
                                                                                                                                                 Georgia and Isabella Eagles’ family -
                                                 a large number of industry sponsors.              Awards are presented in an Oscar style        Sheffield Eagles tickets
                                                    The Big Bang 2011 takes place at ICC        ceremony. Competitors are allocated              Mrs Kirk - Signed Rotherham United shirt
                                                 London ExCeL from 10 – 12 March, when          stand space on the main exhibition floor,        Mrs Maxted - Sheffield Sharks tickets
                                                 25,000 people are expected to attend. The      rubbing shoulders with corporate and             Mr Nuttall - Sheffield Wednesday tickets
                                                 headline shows will include Sky 1’s Brainiac   other stands, and explaining their projects      Mr Boon - Doncaster Rovers tickets
14                                                                                                                                                March 2011

Maltby Town Council News Page
Over seven hundred and fifty people attend exibition                                                                                            Maltby Town
Over the weekend of the 5th        artist Stewart Platt were then       folk over the years including       that people met people who
and 6th of March, Maltby Town      invited to help with the work.       football cricket and tennis.        they hadn’t seen for years. The     Councillors
Council held a photographic           When a photograph of a               The atmosphere over the          whole event was a huge success,
exhibition   on    the    Social   group of ladies who worked at        whole event was very exciting.      not only for Maltby Town            Mr J Kirk - Chair
History of Maltby at the           the Byfords Knitting Factory in      People had travelled from as        Council but for Maltby itself.      01709 816445
Edward Dunn Memorial Hall.         1958 was revealed on these very      far away as Peterborough,             Thanks must go to everyone
   Approximately nine months       pages, the interest really started   Nottingham and Derby to come        who gave their time freely,
ago Cllr Jenny Andrews was         to mount. The ‘floodgates’           and see the exhibition after        Councillors and volunteers alike,
given an old photograph that       opened with countless people         seeing it reported on ‘Look         without whom the exhibition         B Slade - Vice Chair
showed her late grandfather.       coming forward with their own        North’. An added bonus was          would have not happened.            01709 814748
The photograph sparked an idea     photographs and memories.                                                                          
of Maltby holding an exhibition    Over 500 photographs and
on its social history. Jenny       exhibits were on display.                                                                                    Mrs J M Andrews
then shared her idea with the         The exhibition had interest
Council who also thought that      for everyone, for example,
it was a good idea. A number       photographs of people at work                                                                      
of Councillors embarked on         at Maltby Colliery, the knitting
collating as many photographs      factory     and      memorabilia
                                                                                                                                                K F Stringer
and     memorabilia    on   the    of materials used.        Another                                                                            01709 816582
history of Maltby as possible.     section showed the diversity                                                                       
Lauren Astbury and local           of sports enjoyed by Maltby
                                                                                                                                                M V Ainsworth
                                                                                                                                                01709 816903

                                                                                                                                                Mrs J Anderson
                                                                                                                                                01709 816734
                                                                         “Very interesting afternoon.                                           M J Bradford
                                                                         Lots of information about
                                                                                                                                                01709 813409
                                                                         early mining, I am a miners
                                                                         daughter”                                                              mathew_bradford_2000@yahoo.
                                                                         Stella Thorpe
                                                                                                                                                Mrs J Bradford
                                                                                                                                                01709 813409/07969 957871

                                                                                                                                                D J Brennan
                                                                                                                                                01709 790871

  “Thank you for putting a great show on. It                                                                                                    J Carratt
  showed a lot of friends who I lost contact with”                                                                                              01709 815527
  C W Boulton                                                                                                                         

                                                                                                                                                A D Foster
                                                                                                                                                01709 790789
                                                                                                 “A trip down memory, I came                    C McMahon
                                                                                                 down from Leeds especially as                  07824317415
                                                                                                 I saw Dave Broadhead on TV”          
                                                                                                 Barbara Tidswell
                                                                                                                                                Mrs A L Rushforth
                                                                                                                                                01709 814894

                                                                                                                                                P Scholey
                                                                                                                                                01709 813630/07721 310174

                                                                                                                                                Mrs C Stringer
                                                                                                                                                01709 816582
  “Thank you to all who have worked so hard
  for the visitors. I have enjoyed meeting so                             “Great exhibition, brought back many
  many old friends and looking at the photo”                              memories”
  Marie Horner                                                            D McShane
                                                                                                                                                    Maltby Town
                                                                                                                                                   Council Surgeries
                                                                                                                                                         Every Friday at the
New Chair of Maltby Town Council                                                                                                                   Edward Dunn Memorial Hall
                                                                                                                                                 14:00 - 15:00. Everyone Welcome
I was born in Tickhill, educated at Maltby      Yorkshire Allotments Federation, a director/
Grammar School in the 1950’s and have lived     trustee of R.A.I.N and with my wife run
in Maltby for over 30 years. I am married       weekly tea dances at the Edward Dunn
with 2 children and 1 grandchild; my wife       Memorial Hall.
                                                                                                                                                  Please see Maltby Town
also attended Maltby Grammar School.               Being elected Chairman of the Council is                                                      Council website for date of
   I have been a local councillor since 2000    an honour and privilege; I will let you know                                                       next meeting and full
and was active in getting the council formed.   later whether it has been a pleasure, but rest                                                       meeting minutes
I was similarly involved in the formation of    assured I will do my utmost for Maltby and
Maltby Community Development Trust.             its people.                                                                           
   In addition to my Council duties I am a                                                                                                        Home/Maltby/maltbyHome.aspx
governor of a Maltby School, President of       Cllr John C Kirk
March 2011                                                                                                                                  15

                                                                                                           Maltby Town Council News Page
FREE OF CHARGE DEBT AND                                                                          Renovation of the Crossley
BENEFITS SURGERY                                                                                 It has taken a year of hard work, but Maltby Town Council is pleased that work finally
                                                                                                 started on the Crossley Memorial on Friday 11th February 2011. An official opening will be
                                                      Hello my name is Colin Salt and I work
                                                                                                 held in the near future.
                                                      for the Kiveton Park Independent
                                                      Advice Centre (KPIAC). I am in the
                                                      Edward Dunn Memorial Hall every
                                                      Tuesday afternoon 2pm – 4pm, no
                                                      appointment is necessary.
                                                        KPIAC has been running advice
                                                      sessions in the Edward Dunn since
                                                      November 2009 and have helped
                                                      people with housing benefits, write
                                                      off debt, assistance with filling in
                                                      disability living allowance forms, tax
                                                      credits, tribunal appeals, consumer
                                                      advice and a range of other issues.
                                                        If you are worried about something,
                                                      don’t suffer in silence - come along to
                                                      the Edward Dunn and use the facility
                                                      that is right here on your doorstep.
                                                        For more details regarding advice,
                                                      or if you are interested in becoming
                                                      a volunteer contact Eddie or Colin on
                                                      01909 773966.

The photographs show improvements made to
the Cinder path. The work was carried out as a
joint venture between the South Yorkshire Police,
Community Payback, and Maltby Town Council.
The Cinder path has been an area of anti social
behaviour for a number of years. Last year
residents were consulted via a walkabout of the
above organisations in regard to the problem.
    Although the project has took longer than
initially discussed to complete, the pictures show
what a great job has been accomplished, by
clearing over grown areas, removing fences, etc.
   Maltby Town Council have been proud to be
part of the project and will continue to work to
improve the environment in Maltby.
                           Councillor Jenny Andrews

Town Council Meeting held on Thursday 13th January 2011
Up to 30 minutes for questions              • Update on the Pensioners             Masterchef
from members of the public at the             Christmas Lunch                    • Routine RMBC matters:
Chairman’s discretion.                      • Update from the Clerk and            Proposed No Waiting
• Apologies for absence.                      Responsible Financial                Anytime Double Yellow
• Declarations of personal or                 Officer.                             Line restriction B6376
   prejudicial interest.                    • General operation of the             and A631, Rotherham in
• Consider items for which                    Edward Dunn Memorial                 Root – Tuesday 1 February
   a resolution may be passed                 Hall.                                2011.
   to exclude the press and                 • Exchange of information            • Agree date of the next
   public.                                  • Items from the National              meeting.
• Discuss any                                 and Local County
   communications                             Associations: DIS Issue
   received by the Chairman.                  No 749 – 10 December 2010,         Town Council Meeting
• Confirmation of minutes of                  YLCA- Information Bulletin
   the Maltby Town Council                    24 December 2010, NALC             held on Monday 17th
   meeting held on Tuesday 7th                – Policy and Parliamentary         January 2011
   December 2010.                             Briefing – 13 December
• Confirmation of minutes of                  2010, LCR – Winter 2010            Planning for Emergencies/Adverse
   the Maltby Town Council                  • Planning Lists No’s: 49 & 50       Weather conditions
   meeting held on Thursday                 • Routine correspondence:
   9th December 2010.                         Maltby Model
• Action in respect of the                    Village Community
   Subject to Access request                  association – Meeting
                                                                                 Town Council Meeting
   from the previous                          dates for 2011, SYPTE –            held on Wednesday 2nd
   Clerk, David Morton.                       local bus service
• Consider filling a casual                   changes – 30 January 2011,
                                                                                 February 2011
   vacancy on the Town                        S41 member Briefing –              Review the effectiveness of Internal
   Council                                    January 2011, NHS - Maltby         Audit.
16                                                                                                                                                 March 2011


From the ground up                                                                                   Where the Young Guns
    What is happening at grass roots level in local football?                                        Maltby Juniors FC U14 are in Division    season left to make up the difference.
    CALLUM HARTE investigates                                                                        A, but sadly sit at the bottom of        Currently on twenty seven points,
                                                                                                     the table. Down in elevnth with          their closest rivals are seven points
After     England’s       poor     not about having fun and         adding to the bad habits we      only one win and five points to          and a game behind, it looks like
showing in the World Cup,          playing football. With our       don’t want to teach, it has      their name, Maltby’s season has not      promotion is definitely on the cards.
grass roots football has been      team we want them to have        to be about the football and     gone according to plan. Relegation         Wickersley are in a similar place,
on the lips of many a critic, so   that fun and enjoy it without    not about the end result. The    is not certain to be their fate, with    in second place in Division B, they
what is actually happening?        having the pressure to make      state of the pitches doesn’t     a late push, they may survive yet.       also have games in hand against top
The best place to start? Right     it professionally.’              help, we don’t live in the       However, with their postponed game       spot Spire Rangers, three to be exact.
on our doorstep. In a recent           So is it all a case of too   driest country, but when         against third place title challengers    However, both are comfortably ahead
interview with Nic Warren,         much, too young? ‘I think        the pitch is like a cow field,   Handsworth still to play, that’s going   on thirty six points, giving the Youth
assistant manager of Maltby        so, they don’t have time to      how can they play football?      to be tough.                             a chance to notch up a striking nine
Miners Welfare FC U14, he          do other things, like being      We have some real talent            Sitting a little further afield are   point lead over the chasing pack. So
explained why we haven’t           with their family, because       in this area, but it won’t       Bramley Sunnyside and Wickersley         late on in the season, the omens are
produced the home grown            they have a lot going on in      shine through under these        Youth. Sunnyside of Division E are       pointing to champion status for these
goods.                             their life at such a young       circumstances unless we          positioned in third with a two game      young players.
   ‘The biggest problem            age. They’re still developing    nurture it in the correct way.   advantage over the league leaders,         All to play for then it appears,

we face at the moment is                                            Having said that, I suppose      and should they take all six points      whether it’s lagging behind or forging
getting the kids enthusiastic                                       it could always be worse, so     from those matches, that will leave      the way, things could look very
about     football.    Getting                                      we should be thankful for        them only four points adrift of top      different come the last game!
them off of the computers                                           that.’                           spot, but with only a few games of the                            By Callum Harte
and playing it for real, kids        too much,                         At this point, you may
have too many distractions                                          have given up on England
with technology. In the last         too young?
                                             “                      ever recapturing those glory
decade sports has gone                                              days of ’66, but hold on. Mr
from outdoors with your                                             Warren’s team are on fine
friends on a park, to indoors                                       form it appears. Having
with a television screen                                            strung together a three game
where it’s warm, but sitting       physically and as people,        winning streak, fourth in
down, not moving.’ W h e n         I think we need to ease off      the league with two games
asked what other factors           and make the game about          in hand against the league
are involved, he replied,          being with your friends and      leaders, it seems a certain
‘There is a lot of pressure        having fun, kids don’t want      group of youngsters aren’t
on young people now, to be         to do things that aren’t fun.    suffering from any of these
academically successful as         Simple!                          worries. Could these be
well as succeeding at sports.         ‘We    also    need     to    the next world champions
They all want to be the next       discourage the kind of           and could it really be that
Ronaldo, but for all the           aggressive scenes that do        simple? Forget post match
wrong reasons. They want           plague Sunday leagues,           analysis and all the complex
the fame and money, and it’s       parents included, it’s all       drills...just make it fun.

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