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									Bike and Hike Red Hawk Lodge -- Keystone Resort – Keystone Colorado

Red Hawk Lodge Keystone to Dillon to Frisco (1.5 hours, 11 miles one-way)

This ride is about 11 miles, a great family ride and starts with the bike path next to Red
Hawk Lodge and through River Run. It is mostly downhill all the way to Frisco. The path
winds trough Keystone Resort, the Snake River and the River Golf Course on your way.
Nice views to the east. The path will follow along Hwy 6 in the woods. After the
intersection of Swan Mountain Road the path crosses the Snake River and the path will
follow the Hwy along Lake Dillon. You will find the turn-offs for Silverthorne just stay on
the path that will cross the dam and a parking area that explains the history of the Dam.
The path will head into a forest of lodgepole pine with lake views through the trees. You will
also find many areas destroyed by the beetles. Just follow the path to the Marina and then
Frisco. This is a great pick-up stop incase you do not want to make the climb back to
Keystone. It is not a hard climb.

From Frisco you have a number of options for bike path routes.
Frisco To Breckenridge (Blue River Pathway)
9.5 miles (one way) • 1.5 hrs • 550 ft elevation gain

Frisco To Dillon/Keystone, Red Hawk Lodge
11 miles (one way) • 1.5 hrs • 225 ft elevation gain

Dillon Reservoir (Around the Lake Route)
18 miles • 2 hrs • 475 ft elevation gain

Frisco to Vail Pass
14 miles (one way) •
2 hrs • 1,500 ft elevation gain

Vail Pass to Keystone Red Hawk Lodge

Here is our recommendation for riders that can handle moderate rides. This trip
is fun. Pack your bikes and have someone drop you off at the paved trail at the
top of Vail Pass. The first 12 miles is very easy coasting from 10,600 ft. to
Copper Mountain at 9,800 ft and then Frisco at 9,000 ft. Ride time to Frisco is
about 1 hour on average (no stops). Most riders stop at Copper Mountain and
along Ten Mile Canyon. Many beautiful lakes, streams and even an old mine
can be found along the way. Please plan on 2 or more hours to reach Frisco with
stops. The next 7 miles from Frisco to Dillon is easy to moderate peddling. This
is a wonderful ride as you ride along the shores of Lake Dillon. The final 8 miles
to Red Hawk Lodge in Keystone is along the Snake River. You will have a
wooded accent and elevation gain of 225 ft. It will be a nice workout. However,
the views will be well worth the moderate climb. Total ride time will be 3.5 hours
on average. Most riders plan on 4-4.5 hours with stops. You will remember this
ride for years so take lots of photos.

Red Hawk Lodge to Montezuma (1.5 hours, 6 miles)

This ride starts at Red Hawk Lodge. Just take the bike path away from River Run next
to Red Hawk along the Snake River or take Montezuma Rd to Montezuma an old mining
town. Some may consider Montezuma a ghost town. The road to the top is about 5.8 miles
uphill. The glimpses of high rocky ridgelines delight your senses as you ascend through pine
forests. The town was settled in 1860 and named after the famous Aztec conqueror for his
hoards of golden treasure. Just upon reaching the town, you will see a wooden sign that
reads Montezuma. This town is over 10,000 feet tucked nicely away in the forests secluded
from the hustle and bustle of Summit County. This ride is uphill and you will enjoy the ride
back to Red Hawk Lodge.
Here are some links for more options.

Here are some favorite hiking trails. Again your options here are almost limitless.

Link to Colorado Trail:
Hiking in Summit County:

Lenawee Trail

The trail climbs about a 3,500 feet in 3 miles rating it difficult. To access the trail from
Keystone turn right onto Montezuma road and then make an immediate left and travel about
4.5 miles to Peru Creek road. Turn left, park and look for the Lenawee Trail sign
(approx.06mile from parking). The trail offers the hiker views of the Jumbo Mine and other
cabins and old mining ruins. You will pass through a beautiful forest environment before
reaching the tundra. Follow the cairns and be amazed by the fabulous views. With any hiking
trail, make sure you bring plenty of water

Blue Lakes – Monte Cristo hike

This relatively short hike takes about 2 hours and entertains the visitors with historical relics
from the old mining days. The Blue Lakes are located in Monte Cristo Gulch and with a
beginning altitude of 11,748 feet; the entire trail is above timberline. To get to the trail head,
drive south from Breckenridge 7.5 miles on Hwy 9 toward Hoosier Pass. Turn right onto Blue
Lakes road (No. 850). At the fork go straight and travel 2.2 miles. Park below the dam. Cross
the walkway above the dam and begin hiking the trail on the right side of the dam. Climb a
steep slope just west of the concrete structure. The trail winds through red-twig willow and
alpine meadows to two old mine cabins from the Golden Beaver Mine. A road built in the
shard leads to a mine at 12,500 feet. The entire climb is about 1.2 miles and has an
elevation gain of over 700 feet. Look for columbine, alpine harebell, stonecrop, and rosy
queen’s crown flowers in the summer months. (Another short hike, good for families, begins
on the south side of the valley below the lower lake, 1.1 miles into the gulch. Walk this road
past the old Arctic and Ling Mines to a roaring falls, using a short trail northwest to the

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