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                                         vitality, vigor

   Research studies continue to reveal            DHEA has been shown to reduce                 cream every day on thin skin areas. It
more health advantages of DHEA with no        abdominal fat in men and women                    rubs in nicely; is not greasy or grainy, and
dangerous side effects. DHEA has been         with age-related decreases in DHEA                leaves no odor. It is gently absorbed
known of for years, but not used properly.    levels according to a study appearing             through the skin over the next few hours.
Twist 25 DHEA supplement cream delivers       in the Journal of the American Medical                 Medical research shows why Twist 25
the health advantages to people 35            Association (JAMA). The study conducted           cream works so well. Most DHEA is actually
and up by providing DHEA the right way        at the Washington University School of            made and used by the body in the skin.
- as a tested bioidentical transdermal        Medicine found that DHEA replacement              This is why Twist 25 cream works so well
cream. The cream is the secret. Twist 25      therapy induced significant decreases              while oral DHEA supplements do not.
DHEA supplement cream is the best DHEA        in both visceral fat (within the abdomen)         Twist 25 cream provides what the body
source you can get.                           and subcutaneous fat (below the skin) in          makes where the body uses it.
   DHEA is the most abundant natural          men and women. Another benefit found                    Twist 25 helps people live happier
base or building block for hormones in        in the study was significant improvement           healthier lives in many ways because
our bodies. We gradually make more and        in insulin sensitivity that correlated with the   it is a natural base building block for
more DHEA until about age 25; then we         reduction of abdominal fat.                       hormones. Hormones drive so many
progressively produce less and less as            Twist 25 DHEA supplement cream                aspects of our lives - how we feel, how
time passes. By age 35, the right DHEA        speaks for itself. Use it every day for a         productive we are, how we interact with
supplement can provide noticeable             few weeks and experience the benefits              others, and more.
advantages to help us look and feel great     yourself.                                              ¹ Effect of DHEA on Abdominal Fat and Insulin Action in
                                                                                                Elderly Women and Men                                          -
and diminish many aspects of aging.               Rub in 1-2 pump presses of Twist 25           stract/292/18/2243

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