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					    Informational Night

 -PTSA Comments
 -Middle School Program Overview
 -MMS Registration process
 -Discussion (Questions & Answers)
       Informational Night
-Inform parents/students about the middle
school program
-Provide information to parents/students about
placement in middle school
-Explain options parents/students have in
placement decisions
Important Dates:
 -Friday, February 22nd – Registration letter due
 to current 5th grade teacher

 - “Move Up Day” in May or June(TBA)

 - Summer Orientation session in July

 -The MMS “Open House” will be in August (TBA)

 -First day of school is Monday, August 25th
How Is Middle School Different?
 • A busier, more flexible schedule
 • Different classes and different classmates
 • More choices and more teachers
 • Varied extra-curricular activities and clubs
 • New challenges and expectations
 • More freedom & more responsibility
   requires a balance to both
 • PBIS Program
         Middle school has a lot to offer!
   PBIS & The Knights’ CODE
• PBIS Program: Positive Behavioral Interventions
  and Supports—school wide approach to teaching
  and reinforcing positive behavior.
• Behavioral expectations are taught to all students.
• Appropriate student behaviors are practiced,
  acknowledged, and rewarded.
• Inappropriate behaviors are consistently
  Follow The Knights’ CODE

• Cooperation
• Organization
• Determination
• Excellence
   PBIS & The Knights’ CODE
• Special incentive programs are organized to
  reward positive student behavior.

  This years’ rewards included: Free Time, Prizes, Bowling
  trip, Gift Cards/Certificates, Wizards game

• Monetary or Gift Card donations are always

          THANK YOU for your support!!!!
               The MMS Program
MMS views education as a partnership between families
and the schools.
We have several home-to-school communication tools:
       •   The Student’s Agenda
       •   Pinnacle Grading System ( )
       •   The MMS Website ( )
       •   News through FIND OUT FIRST
       •   Coffee Chats
• Parent/Teacher Conferences
   -Parents are afforded the opportunity to meet with their child’s
   teachers during conferences in the fall and the spring.
• Volunteers
  -MMS is always in search of volunteers to help in the
  offices, cafeteria, and in the classrooms.
          The MMS Program
School Counselors
    What do we do?
•   Talk with students individually or in groups
•   Help identify needs of students (emotional,
    social, academic, personal)
•   Assist teachers and parents/guardians in
    helping children
•   Assist students with the growing up process
•   Consult and collaborate with various people
    (teachers, parents, administration, pupil
    personnel workers, school nurses, physicians,
    psychologists, social workers, & other
    community resources)
•   Help students in the decision-making process
•   Enroll students and maintain student records
             Renzulli Program
• Renzulli
      All middle schools offer the Renzulli
 Schoolwide Enrichment Program, which
 allows high-performing students the
 opportunity to participate in a variety of
 learning activities designed to enrich
 and/or extend classroom studies
 (examples: Destination Imagination, Junior
 Great Books, MathCounts, Debate,
 Socratic Seminars). Students may
 conduct advanced research and
 independent investigations in an area of
 interest to them with the guidance and
 assistance of the Renzulli resource
 teacher. Students, parents or teachers
 may initiate a referral for these services.
The MMS Program
• Media Center and Computer
  -The media center has a full
  range of fiction and non-
  fiction selections. There are
  computer-related resources of
  all types available for student
  -The media center is usually
  open anytime during the
  school day.
  -Two fully operational
  computer labs with Internet
  access and other related
  software and hardware for
  teachers and students to
  The MMS Program
Support Time

• Student Support time gives a student an opportunity
  to make a sustained connection with at least one
  adult throughout his/her three years at MMS.
• Support time will be built-in to our schedule as we
  develop our master schedule for next year.
• Period one is when we have the pledge of
  allegiance, share important information with
  students, and pass out papers that need to go
  home to parents.
       The MMS Program
-Students who have skill gaps, need extra
 test/quiz preparation, and/or have some
 other need may be tutored by teachers.
 Tutoring occurs during the school day.
 Students are taken out of an elective class
 and/or physical education class. Tutoring is
 not to maintain an academic level.
Academic Completion Hall
-Students who miss school may be assigned
  ACH to complete assignments, quizzes, and
  tests. A teacher monitors ACH after school.
             The MMS Program
• Extra-Curricular Activities
 -Student Government Association     During and after the
 -Yearbook Committee
 -Math Counts
 -Theater Productions
 -School Newspaper
 -Reading Rally
 -Fellowship of Christian Athletes
 -Builder’s Club
 -Extra Band
 -Debate Team
 -Peer Mentors
 -Bowling Club
 -School sponsored dances
Core Academic Classes
 These courses are designed to integrate prior knowledge
 with new concepts and skills. They are the base from
 which applied learning can be fostered.

  –   Math
  –   Language Arts
  –   Social Studies
  –   Science
  **All 4 academic subjects are described in the Middle
      School Guide. The essential curriculum is the same for
      all levels of Language Arts, Social Studies, and Science.

  • Physical Education is also a core course
• Exploratory Courses
  – These courses work together with your grade level
    subjects. They provide a “why” for learning in a
    variety of content areas while introducing critical
    thinking and problem solving strategies.

  – Integrated Studies
  – Life Skills
  (each class is taken for
  half the school year)
               Exploratory Courses
Integrated Studies
Topics include gathering information, project planning, use of
  technology, presenting projects using a variety of media,
  study skills, and an introduction to keyboarding.

Life Skills
Introduction to cooking, and hand & machine sewing skills
   with emphasis on reading to perform a task. Students will
   practice decision-making strategies in the areas of
   nutrition, family life, and substance abuse education.
Elective Courses
 -These courses offer options for students to actively
 develop or pursue individual interests, skills, or talents.

Music Performance Lab
Technology Exposition
Theater Arts
Visual Arts
Foreign Language Exploratory (F.L.E.X.)
  The Middle School Program:
•Students are recommended for
placement based on current levels of
achievement, work habits, and data
points (MSA, writing, fluency scores).
•Placement is determined through a
collaborative effort of teachers,
counselors, administrators, and parents.
  –Co-Taught Merit
     Maryland School Assessment
What is the Maryland School Assessment (MSA)?
• MSA is a test of reading and math achievement.
• The MSA meets the testing requirements of the federal No
  Child Left Behind Act.
• It measures basic as well as higher level skills.
• The test results of these assessments are extremely
  important. The scores of these assessments measure your
  child’s achievement and will be compared to other
  student’s scores nation wide.
• 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students will take the test every year
  in February/March
• The test scores will be placed in your child’s permanent
  records, used to place students in classes, and used to
  identify students for mandated interventions.
     6 th   grade

Middletown Middle School
                                                                                        Please correct address if necessary.
Below are placement recommendations for your child in Math and Language Arts. These placements
will be reviewed again at the end of the current school year upon completion of courses and Math
and Reading Assessments.
Math                                              Language Arts
______ Honors ( Alg.&Geo.1)               ______ Honors
______ Merit                                      ______ Merit
______ Co-Taught Merit                            ______ Co-Taught Merit

 ** Your child may be placed in co-taught merit Math and/or Language Arts if he/she receives a Basic
    score on the MSAs and/or he/she has been identified as needing additional support to be successful in Math
    and/or Language Arts.

_______ I agree with the above recommendations.

_______ I disagree with the above recommendations. Parents must attach a letter to this form giving additional
Information explaining why they disagree with the placement. We will contact you regarding placement.

Appropriate placement decisions are best made through a collaborative process involving school staff, parents, and the individual student.
The final decision about academic placement rests with the Principal. In cases where the parent disagrees with the final placement decision,
the Principal may place the student in the parent proposed level on a probationary basis utilizing a contract.

 ** READING INTERVENTION /  MATH INTERVENTION: Students with low MSA scores or students who have been identified
as working below grade level may be enrolled in Reading and/or Math Intervention for additional support in place
of an elective, an exploratory course, or both.

For your information: Sixth grade students will also be enrolled in the following courses:
             - Social Studies and Science
             - Two required 18-week Exploratory Courses, Life Skills and Integrated Studies
             - Physical Education

Each student must take one elective. You must indicate your first (1), second (2), and third (3) choice from the list
below. If you do not select THREE choices, we will select for you.

   ______Orchestra (6504): Instrument:_____________         ______ Chorus (6505)
Band (6503): List instrument in line provided               ______ Visual Arts (6530)
   ______section 1 (brass & perc.)_______________           ______ Theatre Arts (6520)
   ______section 2 (woodwinds)________________              ______ Technology Exposition (6971)
----Beginning Band (6506): List Instrument:                 ______Music Performance Lab (6508)
   ______section 1 (brass & Perc.) ______________           ______Foreign Lang. Exploratory (FLEX)(6650)
   ______section 2 (woodwinds) _______________

Elective course offerings are based on enrollment and/or school facilities.
Choose electives carefully, as we will not be able to make changes since staffing is allotted based on students’
Do not choose courses based upon current teachers; teacher assignments can change from year to year.
This form is due to the student’s Elementary School teacher by February 22, 2008 or MMS will make choices for you.

_____________________________         _______________       ________________ _______________________________
Parent/Guardian Signature                         Home Phone            Work Phone Email Address
Follow the Knights’ CODE

       Go Knights!!

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