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					                                                                                                                                 Quarterly Update, Vol. 7 No. 2

                                    Vanguard Medical • 231 Albert Sabin Way • Cincinnati, OH 45267-0769 •

                   FACULTY          Vol. 7 No. 2                                                                                                    2005-2006
            W. Brian Gibler, MD *
        M. Stephen Baxter, MD
     Andra L. Blomkalns, MD *
 Steven C. Carleton, MD, PhD
                                    Notes from the President
                                        Greetings from Cincinnati! This edition of the Quarterly Update highlights our 35th
             Sean P. Collins, MD
          John M. Deledda, MD       Anniversary Celebration of the first and oldest emergency medicine residency training
     Gregory J. Fermann, MD *       program in the United States at the University of Cincinnati. We have pictures from the
       J. Gregory Frappier, DO      multiple events over the weekend of October 20-23, 2005. Thanks to all of our alumni
        Laurie Beth Gesell, MD      speakers that provided an extraordinary symposium for our reunion attendees and guests
      William R. Hinckley, MD       on October 21. We enjoyed a phenomenal attendance of our alumni, faculty, residents, and
    Edward C. Jauch, MD, MS         friends over all of the weekend events. In addition, this issue recognizes the substantial
            Kevin J. Joseph, MD     impact of our faculty and residents on the pre-hospital care of citizens in greater Cincinnati.
         Douglas C. Krejsa, MD      We are looking forward to 2006 and hope the year will be productive and interesting for
         Hollynn Larrabee, MD       you and your family.
         Sabrina D. Leach, MD                                                                                 Sincerely,
   Elizabeth E. Leenellett, MD
   Richard C. Levy, MD, MPH *
      Daniel M. Lindberg, MD
                                                                                                              W. Brian Gibler, MD
        Donald A. Locasto, MD
          Michael S. Lyons, MD
            James H. Moak, MD
     Joseph J. Moellman, MD
           William J. Naber, MD
        Mary E. Osterlund, MD
 Edward J. Otten, MD, FACMT         Emergency Department
       Arthur M. Pancioli, MD *
           Richard J. Ryan, MD *        For more than 115 years,The Christ Hospital has grown
  Sarah E. Ronan-Bentle, MD         to become a leader in medical excellence by continuing           Emergency Department
    George J. Shaw, MD, PhD         to plan and innovate for the future.
  Curtis P. Snook, MD, FACMT            The Christ Hospital is consistently recognized as one              The Jewish Hospital was the first Jewish hospital in the
           Brian A. Stettler, MD    of the best hospitals in the United States and is Greater        United States, established in 1850 as a result of the cholera
        Alexander T. Trott, MD      Cincinnati’s top choice for adult health care. For the           epidemic. It was also the very first hospital in Southwest
    Jonathan W. Van Zile, MD        past 9 years, Christ has been awarded Cincinnati’s Most          Ohio to perform open-heart surgery in a suburban location;
              Arvind Venkat, MD     Preferred hospital (NRC). In 2005, it was listed by US News      this program now has more than 30 years’ of experience
             Arthur A. Wall, MD     & World Report as one of America’s Best Hospitals in six         with more than 250 open-heart procedures performed
        Michael J. Willing, MD      key specialties: Digestive Disorders, Geriatrics, Gynecology,    annually.
         Stewart W. Wright, MD      Heart and Heart Surgery, Neurology and Neurosurgery and                The Jewish Hospital also has the only adult bone
                       STAFF        Respiratory Disorders. Other awards include Top Hospital         marrow transplant program in the Tristate area.The hospital
                   Rose Alden       in Cincinnati for Overall Performance (2000, 1998); 100          is among the nation’s best in this field, participating in
       Janice Carrozzella, RN       Top Hospitals in America (2000, 1998, 1995, 1994); and           advanced clinical trials as well as providing new chances
              Irene Ewing, RN       in 1998 was awarded the Top Hospital in Cincinnati for           at life for patients with leukemia, non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma
      William Fussinger, MBA *      Overall Cardiology Services.                                     and a host of other diseases.
                Kathleen Giles
                    Jim Griffis
      Christine Grimmelsman
Catherine Hamilton, RN, MPH
        Katherine Henderson
                     Amy Hess
    Christopher Lindsell, PhD
                                                                                                       In this Issue …
                                    Emergency Department
     Jason Meunier, PhD, MS                                                                            35th Anniversary Photos ...................... 2-3
                  Mary Platter          The University Hospital has provided the region, nation
               Dana Raab, RN        and even the world with high-quality, compassionate care,          Dept. of Emergency Medicine Alumni ... 4-5
                    Todd Roat       cutting-edge research and education for over 181 years.
            Diane Shoemaker                                                                            Promotions, Awards & Notes ................... 6
                                    University Hospital was again named one of the Top 15
              Carol Smith, RN
                    Erin Smith
                                    Teaching Hospitals in the U.S. by Solucient and one of             Important Dates for 2006.......................... 7
             Matthew Sperling       “America’s Best Hospitals” by U.S. News and World Report.
                                    Services for Digestive Disorders, Ear, Nose and Throat             UC Emergency Medicine Area Squads .. 8-9
            Judith Spilker, RN
                Carla Vogt, RN      treatment, Geriatrics, Hormonal Disorders, Neurology and
                                    Neurosurgery, Respiratory Disorders and Urology ranked
                                                                                                       ACEP Scientific Assembly,
           Kay Vonderschmidt
                Karen Wohlfeil      in the Top 50 programs in the nation.                              Washington, DC, September 2005 ......... 10
        * Executive Committee
Quarterly Update, Vol. 7 No. 2

                              University of Cincinnati
                        35th Anniversary Celebration of the
                              UC Emergency Medicine
                 Residency Training Program - October 20-23, 2005

                                    Thursday, October 20, 2005
                                  Welcome Reception
                                       Marriott Rivercenter,
                                         Covington, KY

                                     Friday, October 21, 2005
                                  Past, Present and
                                 Future of Emergency
                                 Medicine Symposium
                                       Marriott Rivercenter,
                                         Covington, KY

                                                Quarterly Update, Vol. 7 No. 2

     Saturday, October 22, 2005

Shaker Run Golf Club
          Lebanon, OH

       Saturday, October 22, 2005
BB Riverboat Dinner Cruise
   Aboard the Belle of Cincinnati
            Covington, KY

                     Sunday, October 23, 2005
Hospitality Suite at Marriott Rivercenter
              For the Cincinnati Bengals Game
                         Covington, KY

Quarterly Update, Vol. 7 No. 2

                                  Department of Emergency Medicine Alumni

  1972                           1979                       1983                        1988
  Bruce Janiak, MD               William Barsan, MD         Steve Bergier, MD           David Binder, MD
                                 Robert Bitterman, MD       Michael A. Fain, MD         Stephen W. Borron, MD
  1973                           John B. Clark, MD          Gary Gries, MD              Thomas Combs, MD
  Timothy Allen, MD              Michael Goeden, MD         Vernon L. Hermecz, MD       Paul W. Gabriel, MD
  Keith Blankenbuehler, MD       Weldon Kunkel, MD          Gregory M. Jewell, MD       James W. Hoekstra, MD
  Philip Buttaravoli, MD         Mary Jo McMullen, MD       Douglas McKimm, MD          John T. Molnar, MD
  Walter Clark, MD               Kenneth Mower, MD          David T. Overton, MD        Michael P. Spadafora, MD
  William Teufel, MD                                        Thomas L. Schaar, MD        John A.Tafuri, MD
                                 1980                       Frank M.Yeiser, Jr., MD     Brian J. Zink, MD
  1974                           Sylvester Barczak, MD
  Thomas Berner, MD              Robert Irwin, MD           1984                        1989
  D. Lawrence Marks, MD          Daniel L. Lankin, MD       William Barker, MD          Ken Arnold, MD
  William Siegel, MD             Benedict Messana, MD       Deborah H. Benz, MD         Carl R. Chudnofsky, MD
  Gary Whitaker, MD              Edward Otten, MD           Bryan Carducci, MD          Michael Earl, MD
                                 C. Stephen Szlatenyi, MD   Richard Craven, MD          Thomas Krisanda, MD
  1975                           David Vitale, MD           William C. Dalsey, MD       Benjamin Lerman, MD
  James M. Alexander, MD                                    Benjamin Goldberg, DO       Gary Muskett, MD
  Charles Buckley, MD            1981                       Eve G. (Norton) Hanna, MD   Chan Park, MD
  Stephen Creer, MD              Gregory Calkins, MD        Robert A. Lowe, MD          Seth Wright, MD
  Gary Rich, MD                  Richard Conte, MD          David E. Van Ryn, MD
  Phillip Sullivan, MD           Lynette Doan-Wiggins, MD                               1990
  William Walker, MD             Mark Eilers, MD            1985                        Michael Bain, MD
                                 George Goldman, MD         Stephen O. Bernardon, MD    Carol Cunningham, MD
  1976                           Jorge Llera, MD            Keith K. Burkhart, MD       Janet Dehler, MD
  Norman S. Abramson, MD         Marcus Martin, MD          P. David Cash, MD           Kent Hall, MD
  Andrew Latham, MD              Myron Mills, MD            Scott M. Davis, MD          Dwight Helmrich, MD
  Richard C. Levy, MD            Donna L. Seger, MD         David D. Goltra, Jr., MD    Rashmi Kothari, MD
  Mary M. Loehr, MD              William Stevens, MD        J. Steven Huff, MD          Leslie Wolf Dye, MD
  Greer M. Pomeroy, MD           David Whitlock, MD         Kevin S. Merigian, MD
  David S. Ross, MD                                         Phillip F. Oblinger, MD     1991
  Alexander Trott, MD            1982                       Scott A. Syverud, MD        Jon Baldursson, MD
                                 Lydia Baltarowich, MD      Marc Alan Weiner, MD        Kenneth M. Brennan, MD
  1977                           Robert Boyer, MD                                       Steven C. Carleton, MD, PhD
  Paul Freitas, MD               Frederick Epstein, MD      1986                        Charlene B. Irvin, MD
  Richard G. Gautraud, MD        William Graffeo, MD        Michelle H. Biros, MD       Terry Kowalenko, MD
  Alan D. Heitner, MD            Sam Heard, MD              W. Brian Gibler, MD         David J. Peter, MD
  David Nielson, MD              Hulannie Jenkins, MD                                   Curtis P. Snook, MD
  Daniel L. Storer, MD           Steven M. Joyce, MD        1987                        Susan A. Stern, MD
                                 Scott Kemmerer, MD         Paul Baker, MD              C. Keith Stone, MD
  1978                           J.Thomas Ward, Jr., MD     Dan Field, MD
  Mary Ann Cooper, MD            Nancy J. Watt, MD          John R. Fowler, Jr., MD     1992
  David M. Crane, MD                                        Susan L. Gin-Shaw, MD       Patrick T. Birrer, MD
  William D. Falvey, MD                                     James C. Hunter, MD         Thomas H. Blackwell, MD
  Kenneth V. Iserson, MD                                    Joseph Lewis, MD            Robert D. Greenberg, MD
  Richard Lichte, MD                                        Daniel L. Savitt, MD        Jarratt D. Lark, MD
  Marshall H. Odom, MD                                      Peter Van Ligten, MD        Mark F. Lowell, MD
                                                            Richard Vopat, MD           F.Thomas. Meyer, MD
                                                                                        Phillip A. Scott, MD
                                                                                        Eric R. Senn, MD

                                                                             Quarterly Update, Vol. 7 No. 2

Department of Emergency Medicine Alumni (continued)

1993                           1998                               2002
M. Stephen Baxter, MD          Albert J. Bean, MD                 David S. Bullard, MD
Todd S. Bolotin, MD            Gregory J. Cannon, MD              Anthony L.S. France, MD
Randall J. Cammenga, MD        Deborah Diercks, MD                Lucy (Blackford) Gibney, MD
Stephen W. Dailey, MD          Kristen Filarski-Milne, MD         David S. Grundy, MD
Sharhabeel Jwayyed, MD         Courtney Hopkins-Mann, MD          Michael S. Lyons, MD
Kevin J. Knoop, MD             Marianne Ingels, MD                Peter D. Panagos, MD
Marc J. Shapiro, MD            Scott Milne, MD                    Michael D. Schwartz, MD
Stephen F. Spontak, MD         James Sinex, MD                    Steven L. Stephanides, MD
Anthony J.Tomassoni, MD        David Stanforth, MD                Joe Suyama, MD
                               Kenneth Vander Have, MD            R. Jason Thurman, MD
Jeffrey N. Elder, MD           1999                               2003
Diane L. Gorgas, MD            Jennifer E. Aponte, MD             John M. Deledda, MD
LaRoy F. Kendall, MD           Daniel G. Brunner, MD              Kenneth W. Domuczicz, MD
Sabrina S. Leach, MD           Cameron R. Buck, MD                Rosemarie Fernandez, MD
Elise O. Lovell, MD            Todd J. Crocco, MD                 Nicole S. Flores, MD
Raymond H. Lucas, MD           Denis J. FitzGerald, MD            Jin H. Han, MD
Richard J. Ryan, MD            Paul V. Gibney, MD                 JoAnne M. McDonough, MD
John C. Sakles, MD             Aimee G. Kokotakis, MD             Susan M. Scanlon, MD
Robert Sidman, MD              Susan O. Kushman, MD               Jon W. Schrock, MD
Scott E. Zackowski, MD         Elizabeth E. Leenellett, MD        David C. Sternfeld, MD
                               Randall C. Lewis, MD
1995                                                              2004
David L. Bracken, MD           2000                               Keith T. Borg, MD, PhD
Laurie B. Gesell, MD           David S. Cohen, MD                 Gregory A. Hall, MD
Jerry A. Kripal, MD            Karl H. Kaufmann, MD               William R. Hinckley, MD
Kraig A. Melville, MD          Jin Kim, MD                        James M. Horn, MD
Arthur M. Pancioli, MD         Joshua M. Kosowsky, MD             Marek Ma, MD
Jennifer S. Rozum, MD          Sandip U. Kothari, MD              Mary Claire Murphy, MD
Jon J. Schott, MD              Belinda E. Marcus, MD              Michael J. Schmidt, MD
Terry L. Vanden Hoek, MD       Patsy M. McNeil, MD                Brian A. Stettler, MD
                               Cecile G. (Silvestre) Myers, MD    Arvind Venkat, MD
1996                           Matthew D. Sztajnkrycer, MD, PhD   Steven G. Werdehoff, MD
George K. Carpenter, MD        Keith A.Tofte, MD
Derrel G. Graham, Jr., MD                                         2005
Hamilton H. Lempert, MD        2001                               Shawn A. Baichoo, MD
Judy M. (Lohrer) Racadio, MD   Andra L. Blomkalns, MD             Libby A. Crenshaw, MD
Joseph J. Moellman, MD         Chad F. Byars, MD                  David C. Gordon, MD
Daniel J. Worman, MD           Sean P. Collins, MD                Autumn C. Graham, MD
                               Marleen A. Cousins-Johnson, MD     Kevin J. Joseph, MD
1997                           Bradley J. Elias, MD               Hollynn Larrabee, MD
Gary D. Hals, MD, PhD          Timothy H. Kaufman, MD             Daniel M. Lindberg, MD
Edward C. Jauch, MD            Raymond D. Moreno, MD              Samuel D. Luber, MD
Jennifer L. Kelso, MD          George J. Shaw, MD, PhD            Sarah E. Ronan-Bentle, MD
Dianna M. (Hull) Perazzo, MD   Scott R. Welden, MD                Taher T. Vohra, MD
Nicolette T. Pesik, MD         Michael J. Willing, MD
Michael B. Pipkin, MD
David N.Tancredi, MD
David W. Wright, MD
Stewart W. Wright, MD
Quarterly Update, Vol. 7 No. 2

                                 Awards, Notes …
                                 Richard J. Ryan, MD has been promoted to Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine
                                 at the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine. Dr. Ryan is a 1994 graduate of the UC
                                 Emergency Medicine Residency Training Program, where he was selected Chief Resident in
                                 his senior year. Rick has been a faculty member of the Department of Emergency Medicine
                                 for 11 years and has been responsible for clinical management for our physician group,
                                 Vanguard Medical for the past 8 years. In addition, he is currently the Medical Director
                                 of the Jewish Hospital Emergency Department and will begin his duties as President
                                 of the Jewish Hospital Medical Staff in January, 2006. Rick is actively involved with the
                                 Emergency Medicine Research Division, and is currently the site PI for the CRUSADE
                                 Quality Improvement Initiative, designed to monitor and improve adherence to the ACC/
                                 AHA Guidelines for the Management of Patients with Unstable Angina and Non-ST-segment
                                 Elevation Myocardial Infarction, at the Jewish Hospital emergency department.
                                      Congratulations to Dr. Ryan for this affirmation of your accomplishments!

                                     Holly K. Ledyard, MD, Chief Resident, received the 2005 Scott Frame
                                     Memorial Award. This award is presented to an Emergency Medicine resident
                                     and a Surgery resident in recognition of collaboration in providing care to the
                                     traumatized patient.

                                     Sven E. Inda, MD, EMR4, has been elected as the Technology Coordinator
                                     for EMRA. Sven will be responsible as the editor of the EMRA web site, and
                                     development of EMRA products using non-print technologies, such as Palmtop
                                     computing and internet-based interactive databases. Prior to medical school,
                                     Sven worked as a software development, both for the PC and Palm and held
                                     several technology-related positions including network/system administrator,
                                     programmer, technical support and computer/software sales. During his first
                                     year of residency, he wrote several Palm applications that he has shared with
                                     his fellow residents.

                                     Justin B. Williams, MD, Chief Resident, presented the results of his research
                                     study “Emergency Medicine Training and Practice: EM Residents’ Opinions of
                                     Critical Care Medicine Fellowship Training” at the 3rd Mediterranean Emergency
                                     Medicine Congress in Nice, France.

                                                                 Quarterly Update, Vol. 7 No. 2

  Important Dates 2006
                                                 New Intern
           January 19-21, 2006
   National Association of EMS Physicians      Welcome Dinner
2006 Annual Meeting, Hilton EL Conquistador
                Tucson, AZ                       September 14, 2005
          February 11-15, 2006                Montgomery Inn Boathouse
National Conference on Wilderness Medicine
           Big Sky Ski Resort, MT

             Feb 16-18, 2006
   International Stroke Conference 2006
       Gaylord Palms - Kissimmee, FL

             March 1, 2006
   Emergency Residents Appreciation Day

             March 16, 2006
 National Resident Match Program (NRMP)
                Match Day

            April 1-4, 2006
     American Academy of Neurology
          58th Annual Meeting
             San Diego, CA

            May 18 - 21, 2006
   2006 Society for Academic Emergency
         Medicine Annual Meeting
     Marriott Hotel, San Francisco, CA

             June 22-24, 2006
 Undersea & Hyperbaric Medical Society
      2006 Annual Scientific Meeting
Hilton in the WALT DISNEY WORLD Resort,
        Buena Vista, FL (ORLANDO)

            July 22-26, 2006
 2006 Wilderness Medicine Conference and
             Annual Meeting
              Snowmass, CO

            October 4-9, 2006
       North American Congress of
         Clinical Toxicology 2006
      Hyatt Regency, San Francisco, CA

           October 11, 2006
          Emergency Nurses Day

          October 15-18, 2006
 American College of Emergency Physicians
         Scientific Assembly 2006
    New Orleans Marriott/Ernest Morial
   Convention Center – New Orleans, LA

Quarterly Update, Vol. 7 No. 2

  Vanguard Medical Physicians and                                         Medical Directors:
  UC Emergency Medicine Residents
  Direct EMS Squads
      Emergency physicians know it is truly in the best interest of the
  emergency departments, the patients, and the squads for them to be
  actively involved in the training and continuing education for pre-
  hospital care providers.The Vanguard Medical Emergency Physicians
  and UC Emergency Medicine Residents are actively involved in the
  Greater Cincinnati area as Medical Directors for many area Emergency
  Medicine Services squads, as evidenced by the list below:               Dr. John Deledda

  ( † = Medical Director; ‡ = Assistant Medical Director)

  Bethel-Tate Fire Department - †Donald Locasto, MD, ‡Justin
                                                                                                 Dr. Joe Moellman
      Williams, MD, ‡Annette Williams, MD
  Blue Ash Fire Department - †Greg Frappier, DO, ‡Ted Spangler,
      MD, ‡Chris Miller, ‡Ali Raja MD
  Cincinnati Police SWAT - †Donald Locasto, MD, ‡Kevin Joseph,
                                                                          Dr. Greg Frappier
  Cincinnati FBI SWAT - †Donald Locasto, MD, †Kevin Joseph, MD,
      †Edward Otten, MD, ‡William Knight, MD
  Cincinnati Fire Division - †Donald Locasto, MD, ‡Jay
      Johannigman, MD (UC Dept of Surgery), ‡Hollynn Larrabee,
      MD, ‡Hamilton Schwartz, MD (CHMC EM)
                                                                                                 Dr. Edward ‘Mel’ Otten
  Deer Park-Silverton Joint Fire District - †Joseph Moellman, MD,
     ‡Holly Ledyard, MD, ‡Nathan White, MD, ‡Jeffrey Holmes, MD
  Delhi Township - †Michael Willing, MD, ‡Joseph Colla, MD, ‡Ali
      Raja, MD
  Forest Park Fire Department - †John Deledda, MD, ‡Brian Fuller,
                                                                          Dr. Kevin Joseph
      MD, ‡Jason McMullen, MD
  Hamilton County (HCPA) SWAT - †Edward Otten, MD, ‡Kevin
     Joseph, MD
  Health Alliance Medical Transport (Clifton) - †Jonathan Van
     Zile, MD
                                                                                                 Dr. Jon VanZile
  Kings Island - †Jonathan Van Zile, MD, ‡William Knight, MD
  Liberty Township (Butler County) - †Gregory Frappier, DO
  Mason Fire Department - †Jonathan Van Zile, MD, ‡Daniel Baker,
     MD, ‡William Knight, MD
  Mariemont Fire Department - †Jonathan Van Zile, MD                      Dr. Hollynn Larrabee
  Montgomery Fire Department - †Jonathan Van Zile, MD, ‡Jordan
     Bonomo, MD, ‡April Shackleford, MD
  Reading Fire Department - †Donald Locasto, MD, ‡Daniel Handel,
     MD, ‡Aaron Bernard, MD
                                                                                                 Dr. Mike Willing
  Union Township (Clermont County) - †Hollynn Larrabee, MD,
      ‡Lisa Willacker, MD, ‡Damian Carbonaro, MD
  Washington Township (Clermont County) - †Donald Locasto,
     MD, ‡Justin Williams, MD, ‡Annette Williams, MD

                                                                          Dr. Don Locasto

                                                                                                                     Quarterly Update, Vol. 7 No. 2

        Vanguard Medical Physicians and
UC Emergency Medicine Residents direct EMS squads
          in the Greater Cincinnati area


                                                                                                                  Fire Dept.

                Forest Park
                 Fire Dept.
                                                           Fire Dept.
                                                                                                     Fire Dept.

                                                                               Blue Ash
                                                                               Fire Dept.

                                                              Deer Park
                                                            Joint Fire Dist.

                                        Cincinnati         Health
                                                          Alliance                          Mariemont
                                       Fire Division Medical Transport
                      Hamilton                                                              Fire Dept.
                    County SWAT

                                   Cincinnati        Cincinnati
                                  Police SWAT        FBI SWAT



                                                                                                                                  Fire Dept.


Quarterly Update, Vol. 7 No. 2

  ACEP Scientific Assembly, Washington, DC, September 2005
            UC Emergency Medicine Faculty and Residents presented the following selected Posters
            at the American College of Emergency Physicians Scientific Assembly in Washington, DC,
            in September 2005:
                 Meieran, SE, Bazemore, A, Lindsell, CJ. A Comparison of Users of an Emergency
                 Department Versus Users of Community Health Clinics With Similar Complaints Profiles
                 – A Patient-Centered Approach.
                 Han, JH, Lindsell, CJ, Hollander, JE, Peacock, WF, Miller, CD, Gibler, WB and for the
                 EMCREG i*trACS investigators. Determinants of Acute Coronary Syndromes in the
                 Elderly Population.

                 Pancioli,AM, and the CLEAR Investigators,A Multi-center Trial.The Combined Approach
                 to Lysis Utilizing Eptifibatide and rt-PA in Acute Ischemic Stroke (The CLEAR Stroke
                 Trial): Blinded Results from the First Dose Tier.

                 Ronan-Bentle, SE;Werdehoff, SG, Lindsell, CJ, Johannigman, JA, Blomkalns,AL. Emergency
                 Physician Judgment is More Specific than Criteria for Trauma.

                 Shaw, GJ, Meunier, JM, Cheng, JY, Holland, CK. Duty Cycle Dependence of Ultrasound
                 Enhanced Thrombolysis in an In-Vitro Human Clot Model.

     Dr. Arthur Pancioli,Associate Professor and Vice Chairman of the UC Department of Emergency Medicine, represented our
     Department as a faculty discussant in the finals of the EMRA/CORD CPC competition. This competition began last spring at
     the SAEM meeting in New York with over 60 participants from programs around the country. Having won his division, Dr.
     Pancioli competed in the finals in Washington and was ultimately chosen Runner Up among faculty discussants nationally.
     Art did a tremendous job discussing his case and at the same time he was able to express our Department’s commitment to
     the ultrasound program to a wide audience. He deserves our thanks for representing us in the national spotlight!

            A long standing tradition at the ACEP Scientific Assembly is our Alumni Reception, which provides an opportunity
            for our current faculty and residents to mingle with our faculty and resident alumni. This year’s event was held
            Sunday, September 25 at the Renaissance Washington DC Hotel.

     Alumni Notes:
     Attention Alumni: Please remember to send us information regarding your career, research, awards, significant events, etc. so
     that we can publish the information in this Newsletter. Please be sure to let us know if you want any information published,
     ie, email address; otherwise it will be information for our files only. Send information to Diane Shoemaker (via mail, fax
     513/558-4599, or email


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