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              PROPOSAL SUMMARY - OCTOBER 2009

Department        P.I.              Sponsor             Start      End                                                       Title                                                 Amount
                                    Jet Propulsion
Aero Engr         Born, G           Laboratory           9/26/09    9/25/10   Outreach Support of the JASON-1 Project FY'10                                                        105,000
Aero Engr         Frew, E           Lockheed Martin       9/1/09    8/31/10   Enterprise for Robotic Net-enabled ISR (ERNI)                                                        222,689
                                                                              An Augmentation Proposal (NNJ05HE10G) for Engineering Support of the NASA-JAXA DTN
Aero Engr         Gifford, K        NASA                 11/1/09    1/31/10   Experiments Utilizing the ISS BioServe CGBA-5 Payload                                                 50,000
Aero Engr         Lei, J            NASA                  7/1/10    6/30/14   Investigation of Ion-neutral Coupling Processes in the Equatorial F-region                           458,015

Aero Engr         Lei, J            UCAR                  7/1/10    6/30/14   Global Ionospheric Electric Field Variations in Response to Changes in Geophysical Conditions         80,000
                                    U California San                          Wind Turbine Drivetrain, Blade, and Field Testing: Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering
Aero Engr         Maslanik, J       Diego                 6/1/10    5/31/15   SOS-Ice: NASA Earth Venture-1 UAS Arctic Climate Change Observing System
                                                                              Support                                                                                             1,279,297

Aero Engr         Maute, K          NREL                 10/2/09     2/1/10                                                                                                         14,757
                                    Jet Propulsion
Aero Engr         Scheeres, D       Laboratory           10/1/09    9/30/10   Small Body Rapid Characterization                                                                    104,000
Aero Engr         Stodieck, L       Astrogenetix         12/1/09    3/31/10   Payload Mission Support for Astrogenetix for NASA STS-129, ULF3                                      140,000
Aero Engr Total                                                                                                                                                                   2,453,758

                                                                              Enhancing the Relevance and Effectiveness of Course, Program, and Department Evaluation:
ATLAS             Weston, T         Santa Clara U         9/1/09    8/31/12   Improving the Usability and Utility of the Student Assessment of Learning Gains Site                 134,974
ATLAS Total                                                                   Estimation of Cloud Properties in Three-dimension (3D) from Cloud Resolving Data Assimilation        134,974

ATOC              Friedrich, K      NSF                   9/1/09    5/31/10                                                                                                         43,869
                                                                              Stratosphere-Troposphere Exchange and Global Air Quality: A Suborbital Program to Study
ATOC              Toohey, D         U New Hampshire       6/1/10    5/31/15   Transport and Transformations of Hg, O3, and H2O                                                     967,172
ATOC Total                                                                                                                                                                        1,011,041

CARTSS            Thiry, H          Noyce Foundation     12/1/09   11/30/10   Exploring the Outcomes and Methods of Youth Out-of-School-Time Science Programs                      117,664
CARTSS Total                                                                                                                                                                       117,664
                                    Space Telescope
                                    Science Institute                         The Stars and Edge-on Disks of PDS 144: An Intermediate-Mass Analog of Wide T Tauri
CASA              Brown, A          (STSI)                1/1/10   12/31/10   Multiple Stars                                                                                        12,451
CASA              Green, J          NASA                 11/1/08   11/30/09   Cosmic Origins Spectrograph                                                                          102,599

CASA              Halverson, N      U Michigan            6/1/10    5/31/13   Development of Multi-choric Detectors for Current and Future CNB Polarization Measurements           416,206
                                                                              The MOST Massive Stars in the Galaxy: A Photometric and Spectroscopic Correlated Study of
CASA              Stringfellow, G   NASA                  2/1/10    1/31/11   Microvariability and Instabilities in the Winds of Luminous Blue Variables                            72,999
CASA Total                                                                                                                                                                         604,255

                                                                              Searching for Low-Cost, Stable, and Multiple Electron Transfer Electrodes for Li-ion Batteries by
Chem              George, S         NREL                10/15/09   10/14/11   a Combination of Theoretical Study, Synthesis, and Material Characterization                         106,617
Chem              Jonas, D          NREL                  9/1/09    8/31/11   Basic Studies of Multiple Exciton Generation In Semiconductor Quantum Dots                           158,371
Chem              Kuchta, R         NIH                   6/1/10    5/31/12   Imaging of Herpes DNA Replication and Packaging in Real Time                                         407,805
Chem              Michl, J          NSF                   7/1/10    6/30/13   Bulk Negative Index Materials (NIMS) from Included Metallic Nanostructures                           412,244
Chem              Pierpont, C       DOE                   6/1/10    5/31/13   Electrocatalytic Oxidation of Water with Tris (tetrachlorosemiquinonato) Iron(III)                   587,094
                                  Electric Power                             Coastal Halogen Atmospheric Research on Mercury Deposition (CHARMED) - Seasonal
Chem              Volkamer, R     Research Institute     1/1/10   12/31/10   Variability                                                                                     143,942
Chem              Walba, D        NSF                    7/1/10    6/30/13   A Platform for Combinatorial Asymmetric Catalyst Discovery                                      632,712
Chem              Yin, H          NIH                   9/30/10    7/31/15   Multidisciplinary Approaches to Understand Membrane Protein Association                        2,096,972
                                  U Colorado
Chem              Yin, H          Transfer Office        1/1/10   12/31/10   Developing Novel Drug Candidates Suppressing Opiate Addiction and Abuse                         200,000
Chem Total                                                                                                                                                                  4,745,757

Chem Engr         Bowman, C       NIH                    7/1/10    6/30/12   Collaboration in the Development of Novel Polymerization Enhanced Immunofluorescent Probes      408,596
                                  Colorado Center
                                  for Biorefining and
Chem Engr         Gill, R         Biofuels               1/1/10   12/31/10   Tools for Improving Strain Selection Through Engineering of Energy Metabolism                    35,000

                                  National Water
Chem Engr         Gin, D          Research Institute     9/1/09    5/31/10   American Membrane Technology Association (AMTA) Fellowship                                       10,000
Chem Engr         Hrenya, C       DOE                   5/18/10    5/17/11   Development, Verification, and Validation of Multiphase Models for Polydisperse Flows           399,399
                                  Chemical Society
                                  Petroleum                                  Effect of Polydispersity on Spatial Organization of Polymer Grafted Nanoparticles in Polymer
Chem Engr         Jayaraman, A    Research Fund          9/1/10    8/31/12   Nanocomposites                                                                                  100,000
Chem Engr         Jayaraman, A    NSF                    5/1/10    4/30/13   Controlled Assembly of Functionalized Nanoparticles in a Polymer Matrix                         289,605
Chem Engr         Mahoney, M      U New Mexico           7/1/10    6/30/15   Spinal Neuroimmune Mechanisms Underlying IL-10 Gene Therapy for Pain Control                    267,030
                                  U Colorado                                 Neurodegeneration, Photopolymerizing Hydrogels, and the Ability to Replace Lost Neural Cell
Chem Engr         Mahoney, M      Denver                 7/1/10    6/30/15   Populations                                                                                     920,338
Chem Engr         Medlin, J       DOE                    4/1/10    3/31/13   Selectivity Control through Modification of Metal Catalysts with Organic Monolayers             888,356
Chem Engr         Noble, R        Drytech               11/1/09    4/30/10   Fast Regenerable Zeolite/Metal Composite Purifier                                                50,000
                                  Chemical Society
Chem Engr         Stoykovich, M   Research Fund          9/1/10    8/31/12   Interfacial Interactions of Microalgae Grown on Polymeric Substrates                            100,000
                                  Colorado Center
                                  for Biorefining and
Chem Engr         Weimer, A       Biofuels              10/1/09   12/31/10   C2B2 Post-Doc Fellowship                                                                         50,000
                                  Colorado Center
                                  for Biorefining and
Chem Engr         Weimer, A       Biofuels              10/1/09   12/31/10   C2B2 Post-Doc Fellowship                                                                         50,000
                                  Colorado Center
                                  for Biorefining and
Chem Engr         Weimer, A       Biofuels               1/1/10   12/31/10   Pyrolysis of Biomass to Produce Biochar and Syngas                                               35,000
Chem Engr         Weimer, A       NSF                    4/1/10    3/31/13   REU Site: Program in Biorefining and Biofuels                                                   413,017
                                                                             High Efficiency Generation of Hydrogen via Solar-thermal Chemical Water Splitting Cycles
Chem Engr         Weimer, A       Sandia                10/1/09    9/30/11   (STCH)                                                                                          194,000
Chem Engr         Weimer, A       Sundrop Fuels          7/1/09    6/30/10   Renewable Hydrogen Using Solar-Thermal Processing                                               150,000
Chem Engr Total                                                                                                                                                             4,360,341

                                  Interior U.S.                              Continued Measurement of Fault Creep in California and Maintenance of the Long Valley Long
CIRES             Bilham, R       Geological Survey      3/1/10    2/28/14   Baseline Tiltmeter                                                                              413,898
                                 Interior U.S.
CIRES         Bilham, R          Geological Survey       3/1/10    2/28/11   Renovation of Long Period Tilt Instrumentation: Long Valley Observatory                              121,282
CIRES         Cape, S            Aktiv-Dry              9/15/09    9/14/10   Needle-Free Delivery of Stable, Respirable Powder Vaccine                                            275,000
CIRES         Cape, S            NIH                     7/1/10    6/30/12   Development of a Sublingual Measles Vaccine                                                          442,262
CIRES         Chase, T           NSF                     6/1/10    5/31/12   Air Quality and Inversion Characteristics in Western U.S.                                            161,880
                                                                             Molecular and Enzymatic Mechanisms Driving the Priming Effect on Soil Organic Matter Under
CIRES         Fierer, N          Colorado State U        5/1/10    4/30/13   Environmental Change                                                                                 399,184
CIRES         Fuller-Rowell, T   NASA                    5/1/10    4/30/14   Tracing the Flow of Plasma through the Plasmaphere and Ionosphere                                    572,795
                                                                             HSD: The Dynamics of Human-Sea Ice Relationships: Comparing Changing Environments in
CIRES         Gearheard, S       NSF                    12/1/09   12/31/09   Alaska, Nunavut and Greenland                                                                          8,976
                                                                             Collaborative Research: Investigating the Physical Origins of Spatial Statistical Scaling in Peak
CIRES         Gupta, V           NSF                     3/1/10    2/28/12   Streamflows from Event to Annual Time Scales                                                         150,247

                                 Photon Research
CIRES         Maus, S            Associates              5/1/11    4/30/15   The Role of Water in Subduction Zones                                                                316,424
                                                                             Collaborative Research: HIAPER Pole-to-Pole Observations (HIPPO) of Carbon Cycle and
CIRES         Moore, F           NSF                    11/1/09    7/31/10   Greenhouse Gases                                                                                       6,838
CIRES         Noone, D           Colorado State U        6/1/10    5/31/15   ReFresh Recycling of Fresh Water Through the Global Hydrological System                              952,180
CIRES         Ostashev, V        ED                      2/1/10    1/31/13   Acoustic Tomography of the Atmospheric Surface Layer                                                 413,677
                                                                             Participation in NSF Science and Technology Center for Multi-Scale Modeling of Atmospheric
CIRES         Pincus, R          Colorado State U        7/1/11    6/30/16   Processes                                                                                            248,170

                                 California Institute
CIRES         Reinard, A         of Technology           7/1/10    6/30/12   Energetic Particle Event Model for Space Weather Prediction                                           27,725
CIRES         Reinard, A         NASA                    5/1/10    4/30/14   Using Helioseismology Measurements to Predict Active Region Flaring Probability                      508,169

                                 Southwest                                   Coronal and Heliospheric Physics of CME's via Multi-Spacecraft Analysis and Hybrid Fluxon
CIRES         Reinard, A         Research Institute     12/1/09   11/30/12   Modeling                                                                                             110,400
                                                                             Collaborative Research RUI: Decadal Cycles in NAO Proxies from Northwest Iceland Lake and
CIRES         Serreze, M         Plymouth State U        6/1/10    5/31/14   Soil Sediments                                                                                        28,445
                                                                             Collaborative Research: An Integrated Characterization of Energy, Clouds, Atmospheric State,
CIRES         Shupe, M           NSF                    10/1/09    5/31/10   and Precipitation at Summit (ICECAPS)                                                                 95,958
                                                                             Understanding Tropical Pacific climate change over the last 1500 years: Role of Tropical-
CIRES         Sun, D             NSF                     5/1/10    4/30/13   extratropical Interaction                                                                            368,334
                                 Jet Propulsion                              An Earth System Data Record of Changes in Earth Masses from GRACE, CHAMP, and Other
CIRES         Wahr, J            Laboratory             12/1/09    9/30/13   Satellites                                                                                           571,000
                                 CO Dept of Public
                                 Health and                                  Using Waste Tires, Gold Mine Tailing, and REcycled Aggregrates to Manufacture Lightweight
CIRES         Xi, Y              Environment             2/1/10    1/31/11   Thermal Insulation Concrete Blocks                                                                   103,909
CIRES Total                                                                                                                                                                      6,296,753

                                 National Water
Civil Engr    Balaji, R          Research Institute      9/1/09    5/31/10   National Water Research Institute Fellowship Award 2009-2010                                           5,000
Civil Engr    Bielefeldt, A      NSF                     1/1/10   12/31/12   REU Site in Environmental Engineering                                                                473,910
Civil Engr    Krarti, M          NREL                    1/1/10    6/30/11   Residential High Performance Condensing Hot Water Heating System (Research)                           25,325
Civil Engr    Krarti, M          NREL                    1/1/10    6/30/11   Residential High Performance Condensing Hot Water Heating System (Student)                            63,110

                                 Interior U.S.                               Enhancing the OpenRisk Platform for Open-Source Risk Analysis through the Development of
Civil Engr    Liel, A            Geological Survey       1/1/10   12/31/10   Vulnerability Models for Aftershocks and Large Earthquake Sequences                                  141,869
                                    National Water
Civil Engr         Linden, K        Research Institute    9/1/09    5/31/10   National Water Research Institute Fellowship Award 2009-2010                                         7,000
                                                                              Collaborative Research: Dynamic Response of Unsaturated Soil-Geosynthetic Composite
Civil Engr         McCartney, J     NSF                   7/1/10    6/30/13   Systems                                                                                            235,390

                                    DOD Army
                                    Medical Research
                                    and Material                              Simulation of Blast Loading on an Ultrastructurally-Based Computational Model of the Ocular
Civil Engr         Regueiro, R      Command               7/1/10    6/30/14   Lens                                                                                               412,133
                                                                              Granular Activated Carbon Removal of Micropolluntants and the Control of Disinfection By-
Civil Engr         Summers, R       MWH                   6/1/09    8/31/10   Products                                                                                           170,000

                                    National Water
Civil Engr         Summers, R       Research Institute    9/1/09    5/31/10   NWRI Fellowship Award 2009-2010                                                                      7,000
Civil Engr Total                                                                                                                                                                1,540,737
                                    Interior Bureau of
Civil Engr CADSWESagona, E          Reclamation          10/1/09    9/30/10   USBR Support for Reclamation Employees                                                               3,000
                                    Tennesse Valley
Civil Engr CADSWESagona, E          Authority            10/1/09    9/30/10   TVA RiverWare Research and Development                                                             250,000
Civil Engr CADSWES Total                                                                                                                                                         253,000

Comp Sci           Fischer, G       NSF                   5/1/10    4/30/13   Major: Social Creativity and Collaborative Design: Integrating Virtual and Tangible Elements       798,551
Comp Sci Total                                                                                                                                                                   798,551
ECE                Gopinath, J      NSF                   5/1/10    4/30/13   Broad-band Mid-infrared Sources for Sensing                                                        407,222
ECE                Hauser, J        Corporation           1/1/10   12/31/14   Multi-Qubit Coherent Operations (MQCO) Program                                                     494,000
ECE                Maksimovic, D    Satcon                1/1/10   12/31/10   DC-DC Battery Charger                                                                              196,664
                                                                              Feedback Design of Metallic Nanostructures: Using Structure-Property Relationship to
ECE                Moddel, G        NSF                   6/1/10    5/31/13   Formulate Design                                                                                   444,045
ECE                Newman, K        NSF                   4/1/10    3/31/13   ICHS: Cyber Systems: Implanted Sensors for Emerging WBASN                                          385,918
                                    Georgia Institute
ECE                Park, W          of Technology         4/1/10    9/30/14   Dynamically Tunable Bioinspired Nanophotonic Structures                                            940,146
ECE                Popovic, M       IBM                   7/1/10    6/30/15   Silicon Nanophotonic Beamformer (SiPhORM)                                                         1,830,038
ECE Total                                                                                                                                                                       4,698,033
                                    University of
Ed                 Briggs, D        Colorado Denver       7/1/10    6/30/13   Developing and Evaluating Measures of Feedback Practices in Science Classrooms                      24,257
Ed Total                                                                                                                                                                          24,257
                                                                              Response of Breeding Birds and Vegetation to Stand-Replacement Wildfire in the Eastern Sierra
EEB                Bock, C          NSF                   6/1/10   10/31/11   Nevada: A Fifty-Year Retrospective                                                                  11,561
EEB Total                                                                                                                                                                         11,561
                                                                              Doctoral Dissertation Research: Changing Place: Independent Tourism and Geographic
Geography          Oakes, T         NSF                   5/1/10    4/30/11   Narratives in Western China                                                                         11,999
                                                                              Fire Mitigation Projects: What is the Probability That Treated Strands Will Actually Experience
Geography          Schoennagel, T   U Montana             1/1/10    6/30/10   Wildfire?                                                                                           13,586
                                                                              Doctoral Dissertation Research: Spatio-Temporal Variability of Ponderosa Pine Susceptibility to
Geography          Veblen, T        NSF                  4/15/10    4/14/11   Mountain Pine Beetle in the Colorado Front Range                                                    11,997
Geography Total                                                                                                                                                                   37,582
                                                                          EAR-PF: Biogeochemistry of Nitrogen Associated with Discharge of Coal Bed Methane
Geol Sci         Barnes, R       NSF                 10/1/09    9/30/10   Production Water: Transport and Fate in Western Watersheds                                          3,000
Geol Sci Total                                                                                                                                                                3,000
                                 U Texas SW
IBG              Cooper, D       Medical Center       4/1/09    9/30/09   Corticolimbic Plasticity in Response to Organophosphate Exposure                                   24,928
                                 St. Joseph’s
IBG              Marks, M        Hospital AZ          9/1/09    8/31/13   Alpha-Conotoxin MII: A Selective Nicotinic Receptor Probe                                         648,205
IBG              Stallings, M    HHS                 9/25/09    9/24/10   Genetic Comorbidity for Disordered Eating, Alcohol Use, and Personality                            30,953
IBG Total                                                                                                                                                                   704,086
IBS              Grotpeter, J    NIH                  7/1/10    6/30/12   Women's Relational Aggression, Mental Health, and Antisocial Behavior                             416,625
IBS              Huizinga, D     Klein Buendel        7/1/10    6/30/15   What's Next for Tobacco Council: A National Survey of State and Local Officials                   195,125
IBS              Hunter, L       NIH                  7/1/10    6/30/12   Environmental Variability, Migration, and Rural Livelihoods                                       146,968
                                                                          Doctoral Dissertation Research: HIV/AIDS Knowledge Production at Regional African Wildlife
IBS              Hunter, L       NSF                  7/1/10    6/30/11   Colleges in South Africa and Tanzania: A Comparative Ethnography                                   10,000
                                                                          Doctoral Dissertation Research: From Almaty to Astana - Authoritarianism, Nationalism, and
IBS              O’Loughlin, J   NSF                  7/1/10    6/30/11   Kazakhstan’s Capital Change                                                                        12,000

IBS              O’Loughlin, J   NSF                  4/1/10    3/31/11   Doctoral Dissertation Research: The Localized Geographies of Kenyan Election Violence              12,000

                                 Proteus Action                           Bill Babbit’s Story of the Execution of His Brother: How the Politics of Death were Abetted by
IBS              Radelet, M      League              9/21/09    9/20/10   Race, Mental Illness and Poor Legal Representation to Take the Life of Manny Babbitt                5,000
IBS              Riosmena, F     NIH                  7/1/10    6/30/12   A Cross-National Perspective in Migrant Health                                                    142,816
IBS              Young, J        NIH                  7/1/10    6/30/12   Health Care Access and Health Status in Africa and South America: A Comparison                    151,500
IBS Total                                                                                                                                                                  1,092,034
                                 BBN Technologies
ICS              Palmer, M       *                    7/2/09    4/30/10   Global Autonomous Language Exploitation Option III/Phase IV                                        80,000
ICS              Palmer, M       Mayo Clinic          7/1/10    6/30/14   Temporal Relation Discovery for Clinical Text                                                    1,520,460
ICS Total                                                                                                                                                                  1,600,460
                                                                          Collaborative Research: Testing Mechanisms for Holocene Climate Change in the Southern
INSTAAR          Axford, Y       NSF                  7/1/10    6/30/13   Tropical and Mid-Latitude Andes                                                                    55,395
                                                                          REU Site: Achieving Heightened Goals: Undergraduate Research in Ecology at the Mountain
INSTAAR          Bowman, W       NSF                  2/1/10    1/31/13   Research Station                                                                                  262,734
                                 Engineering and
INSTAAR          Chowanski, K    Consulting          9/28/09    7/31/14   Site Operator Agreement CASTNet II Site 701 (CO94)                                                 23,054

INSTAAR          Jenkins, C      U New Orleans      10/15/09   10/14/10   Data Search and Compilation of Geospatial Data for the Gulf of Mexico Habitats in Louisiana         9,999
INSTAAR          Lehman, S       Laboratory          11/1/09     9/1/10   Processing Air Samples for LLNL - CAMS                                                            106,050
INSTAAR Total                                                                                                                                                               457,232
IPhy             Ahmed, A        NIH                  7/1/10    6/30/12   Movement Planning under Risk in Older Adults                                                      399,824
IPhy             DeSouza, C      NIH                  7/1/10    6/30/12   Aging, Telomere Length and Epigenetic Marks                                                       416,625
IPhy             DeSouza, C      NIH                  7/1/10    6/30/14   Overweight/Obesity, Weight Loss and Vascular Endothelial Function                                1,520,119
IPhy             Enoka, R        NIH                  7/1/10    6/30/15   Modulation of Spinal Pathways in Older Adults                                                    1,477,800
IPhy             Enoka, R        NIH                  7/1/10    6/30/15   Neural Mechanisms in Muscle Fatigue                                                              2,881,883
IPhy             Fleshner, M     NIH                  7/1/10    6/30/15   Neurobiology of the Stress Resistant Brain                                                       1,870,014
IPhy             Lowry, C        NIH                  7/1/10    6/30/15   Characterization of Sensitive Periods for Neurodevelopment of Anxiety States                     1,883,507
IPhy              Lowry, C          U South Dakota          7/1/10    6/30/15   Neural Sensitivity to Stress During Drug Withdrawal                                                 322,702
IPhy              Wright, K         Security               9/30/10    10/1/13   Sleep Deprivation in Firefighters: Implications for Cardiovascular Disease Risk and Performance     998,796
IPhy              Wright, K         NIH                     7/1/10    6/30/14   Circadian Misalignment and Risk of Cardiovascular Disease in Shift Workers                         1,502,640
IPhy Total                                                                                                                                                                        13,273,910
                                                                                Curriculum Strengthening to Increase Transfer for Computer Science and Information
ITS Admin         Keyek-Franssen, D NSF                    10/1/10    9/30/13   Technicians (CSIT)2                                                                                 855,033

                                    Corporation for
                                    Advanced Internet
ITS Admin         Klingenstein, K   Development             7/1/09    9/30/09   Program Manager Internet 2 Middleware Initiative                                                     62,592
ITS Admin Total                                                                                                                                                                     917,625
JILA              Anderson, D       U Wisconsin             1/1/10   12/31/14   AQuA-64 Atom Transport and High Performance Vacuum Cells                                           5,163,876
JILA              Hindman, B        Plymouth State U        7/1/10    6/30/12   Using p-Mode Eignefunction Perturbations to Measure Deep Solar Meridonal Flows                      315,728
JILA              Toomre, J         Stanford U              1/1/10    3/31/10   Local Helioseismic Probing of Subsurface Dynamics with HMI                                           15,912
JILA Total                                                                                                                                                                         5,495,516
                                                                                Magnetospheric Multiscale (MMS) Fields Investigation Digital Signal Processor and Axial Double
LASP              Ergun, R          U New Hampshire         7/1/09    8/31/11   Probes                                                                                             1,292,047
LASP              Eriksson, S       NSF                     4/1/10    3/31/13   GEM: IMF Clock Angle Dependence of MagneticStorm Recovery Transitions                               222,106

LASP              Kanekal, S        NASA                    5/1/10    4/30/12   The Updated SAMPLEX Data Archive and User Interface: A Valuable Tool for the RBSP Era               252,707
LASP Total                                                                                                                                                                         1,766,860

Math              Clelland, J       NSF                     6/1/10    8/31/10   Research Opportunity Award Proposal: Topics in the Geometry of Differential Equations                25,000
Math              Farsi, C          NSF                    5/15/10    5/14/13   Collaborative Research: Topology and Stratifications of Inertia Spaces                              145,027
Math              Ih, S             NSF                     7/1/10    6/30/14   Topics in Arithmetic Geometry                                                                       315,811
Math              Pflaum, M         NSF                     6/1/10    5/31/13   Noncommutative Geometry of Singular Spaces And Index Theory                                          90,522
Math              Preston, S        NSF                     6/1/10    5/31/13   Geometric Aspects of Hydrodynamic Blowup                                                            286,042
Math              Tong, T           NSF                     6/1/10    5/31/13   Shrinkage Methods and Theory for Analyzing High-dimensional Data                                    180,898
Math              Wilkin, G         NSF                     7/1/10    6/30/13   Subjectivity for Quotients of Singular Spaces                                                       113,166
Math Total                                                                                                                                                                         1,156,466
MCDB              Hoog, J           Oxford U                1/1/09   12/31/09   The Shape and Form of Kinetoplastids                                                                 16,338
MCDB              Jones, K          NIH                     7/1/10    6/30/15   BDNF Roles in Regulating Cortical Dendrite Structure                                               1,846,274
MCDB              Poyton, R         NIH                     7/1/10    6/30/15   Mitochondrial Nitric Oxide and Hypoxic Signaling                                                   2,241,822

                                    California Institute
MCDB              Stowell, M        of Technology           7/1/10    6/30/15   Transport PDB: A Center for the Structure Determination of Human Transporters                      6,172,209
MCDB              Voeltz, G         NIH                    12/1/09   11/30/10   Reticulon Function in ER Morphology                                                                 300,677
MCDB Total                                                                                                                                                                        10,577,320
Mech Engr         Daily, J          TDA Research            9/1/09    8/31/11   A MEMS Pulsed Injection Electrostatic Atomizer for Small Engines                                    250,781
                                    Chemical Society
                                    Petroleum                                   Phase Separations and Morphological Evolutions of Polymer Blends under Two Dimensional
Mech Engr         Ding, Y           Research Fund           9/1/10    8/31/12   Confinements                                                                                        100,000

Mech Engr         Ferguson, V       UColorado Denver        5/1/10    4/30/11   Nanoscale Structural Determinants of Fertility and Mucosal Infection                                 33,000
Mech Engr         Martino, C        NIH                     1/1/10   12/31/12   Effects of Weak Magnetic Fields in Cellular Systems with Applications to Therapy                    405,757
                                    U Colorado
Mech Engr         Rentschler, M     Transfer Office     7/1/10   12/31/11   An Integrated Port Camera and Display System for Single Incision Laparoscopic Surgery           123,676
                                    U Colorado
Mech Engr         Scott, T          Transfer Office    11/1/09    2/28/11   Photodegradable Shape Memory Polymers                                                            70,000
Mech Engr Total                                                                                                                                                             983,214
Physics           Clark, N          NSF                 2/1/10    1/31/13   Dynamical and Structural Studies of Liquid Crystal Phases - CMP                                 600,000
Physics           Dessau, D         DOE                1/15/10    1/14/13   Dynamics of Electronic Interactions in Superconductors and Related Materials                    794,999
Physics           Dessau, D         NSF                6/15/10    5/14/13   ARPES Studies of CMR Oxides and Related Materials                                               539,999
                                    Institute for
                                    Complex Adaptive
Physics           Gurarie, V        Matter              7/1/09    6/30/10   Creating and Manipulation Topological States of Matter in 2D P-wave Chiral Superconductors       11,500
Physics           Harvey, V         NASA                5/1/10    4/30/13   Solar Cycle Effects on Stratospheric Anticyclones                                               497,268
Physics           Kopp, G           NASA                9/1/09    9/30/14   Glory Project - TIM Supplemental Budget for Launch Delay                                       1,076,321
                                                                            Developing PhET Interactive Science Simulations and Research-based Guidelines for Sim
Physics           Perkins, K        NSF                 8/1/10    7/31/15   Design and Use with Grades 4-8                                                                 3,486,428
                                    Jet Propulsion
Physics           Pilewskie, P      Laboratory          6/1/10   12/31/14   Cloud-Aerosol Linkages, Impacts, and Climate Observatory (CALICO)                               873,160
Physics           Pollock, S        NSF                 9/1/10    8/31/13   Factors that Impact the Gender Gaps in College Physics                                          397,552
Physics           Radzihovsky, L    NSF                 9/1/10    8/31/15   Generalized Elasticity, Fluctuations and Stability of Soft Condensed Matter States              845,193
Physics           Randall, C        NASA                6/1/10    5/31/13   Atmospheric Coupling Via Energetic Particle Precipitation                                       619,467
                                                                            Neutron and X-ray Scattering Investigation of Phonon Anomalies in Cuprate Superconductors
Physics           Reznik, D         NSF                 7/1/10    6/30/13   and Related Compounds                                                                          1,079,698
                                                                            Collaborative Research: 4-D Structure of the Texas Margin and Implications for Lithosphere-
Physics           Ritzwoller, M     NSF                 6/1/10    5/31/14   asthenosphere Interactions                                                                      134,426
                                    National Radio
Physics           Stocke, J         Observatory         1/1/10   12/31/10   NRAO Student Observing Support                                                                   18,412
                                                                            Collaborative Research: Computational Study of Kink Instabilities in Laboratory and
Physics           Uzdensky, D       NSF                 9/1/10    8/31/13   Astrophysical Plasmas                                                                           276,239
Physics           van der Laan, D   NSF                11/1/09   10/31/12   Strain Effects in High Temperature Superconductors                                              366,764
Physics Total                                                                                                                                                             11,617,426
Psych             Bachtell, R       NIH                 8/1/10    7/31/12   Behavioral Effects of Extinction Training on Nicotine Sensitivity and Reward                    151,500

Psych             Campeau, S        NIH                12/1/09   11/30/10   Habituation of Repeated Stress                                                                  315,024
                                                                            Emerging Research-Empirical Research-Experimental and Theoretical Analysis of Cognitive
Psych             Healy, A          NSF                 6/1/10    5/31/13   Processes Underlying STEM Learning and Teaching                                                1,214,623
                                    Mind and Life
Psych             Lindemann, A      Institute          1/15/10    6/15/11   Investigating the Effects of Yoga During Pregnancy on Emotion and Attention                      15,000
Psych             Patterson, S      NIH                 7/1/10    6/30/15   Synaptic and Molecular Mechanisms of Increased Cognitive Vulnerability with Aging              1,868,548
Psych Total                                                                                                                                                                3,564,695
SLHS              Yoshinaga-Itano, C ED                 7/1/10    6/30/14   Matrix of Emerging Auditory Vocal Language Skills (MEAVLS)                                     1,587,246
SLHS Total                                                                                                                                                                 1,587,246

Grand Total                                                                                                                                                               81,885,354

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