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					New Product Line

       The most drastic change that Cowgirl Chocolates has made since 2001 is not

necessarily in its products, but in the way the products are packaged. Instead of the

traditional way of only being wrapped in foil, the assorted and half-pound tins now have

the Cowgirl label printed right on the tin ( Also, the truffle

bars are no longer only sold individually. They are now also sold in a bundle, where if

you purchase ten truffle bars, you receive two bars free. In addition, Cowgirl Chocolates

now offers a 1950's theme Cowgirl Purse, filled with spicy and mild-mannered Cowgirl

Chocolates. Other gift items include a gift basket, that not only contains chocolates but

a Cowgirl T-shirt as well, and a gift bucket, filled with a variety of Cowgirl Chocolates


       Cowgirl Chocolates has always been known for its “nothing fancy” packaging, in

which the chocolates come in a plastic bag with the Cowgirl logo printed on it. They now

offer “something fancy” packaging where the product is custom gift wrapped with a gift

card included. The custom gift wrap consists of the chocolates being placed in a gold

box with a red ribbon tied around it (

       As for the product itself, the company started off selling only five different flavors

of truffles, including plain chocolate, mint, orange, lime tequila, and espresso. In 2004

Cowgirl Chocolates added two new flavors to its spicy line, raspberry and peanut butter

( Soon after, Cowgirl Chocolates introduced their mild-

mannered line of chocolates, for those chocolate lovers who are not so fond of the spicy

taste, but who still enjoy gourmet chocolates (Geiger).


       Cowgirl Chocolates will need to find new ways to reach their target market.

Advertising in spicy food magazines should continue because the magazine is already

targeting spicy food lovers. Cowgirl Chocolates could also try to reach its market by
offering chocolates in spicy food restaurants, where chefs could use the chocolates in

recipes. In addition, we feel that Cowgirl Chocolates should try to get their chocolates

into specialty shops, such as spicy food stores candy shops. This would boost sales for

Cowgirl Chocolates by offering their chocolates where spicy food lovers and chocolate

lovers would already be shopping. Another idea is to be more effective in product

promotion by offering free product samples, coupon savings or even gift cards. Free

samples would allow people to try the product and increase their desire to buy more.

Another distribution channel for Cowgirl Chocolates to consider is television. The

chocolates are currently promoted on Food Network; however, we feel that additional

promotion from networks such as QVC and HSN would be very beneficial for the


Website Recommendations

       Significant improvements can be made to the online aspects of Cowgirl

Chocolates in order to attract more business. The company’s website includes only the

basic elements of what customers may wish to find when searching for Cowgirl

Chocolates. The website,, consists of descriptions of the

products, prices, gifts and gear. Cowgirl Chocolates also offers a flavor guide to help

consumers in their product selection. Some improvements we decided on that would

help make its website more effective are as follows. More information about the

company should be easily accessible online, so customers can learn about the company

before they buy the products. Marilyn should also post any accomplishments and

awards on her company’s website. The website has a greater chance of increased

visitors if there is more information available that will attract consumer interests.

       Another strategy for Cowgirl Chocolates to increase business is to begin printing

the website address on their packages and gift tins. This would draw additional

customers to the website to get more information about the company and the variety of
products and flavors it offers. Also, Marilyn could post a few recipes online for

customers to view and print, or even have a mailing list where they can receive recipes

and other information via email.