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Powerful stuff

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									                                                                                    annual report issue

Powerful stuff                                                                               2008–2009

 Tiffany with her
 father, Steve.

Tiffany Shoda is among the many young people and adults
finding a competitive outlet through the growing number of
adaptive sports offered at Turnstone.
Regardless of the activity—helping out around the family farm, raising award-winning
animals as a member of 4-H, sharing her story with community groups, volunteering
at the Whitley County Animal Shelter, doing schoolwork, or playing power soccer—
16-year-old Tiffany Shoda is “in it to win it.” And she does it all in her power wheelchair.

“Tiff’s a fighter,” says her dad, Steve. “She’s got the drive people need to be
successful, whether it’s in sports, business, or life in general. You can teach kids a
lot of things, but you can’t teach them drive. She only knows to give 100 percent all
the time because that’s what it takes for her every day.”

Born with cerebral palsy, Tiffany was 8 months old when her parents first brought
her to Turnstone and pediatric physical therapist Deb Guebard. Tiffany subsequently
graduated from preschool at Turnstone and has also received occupational and
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                  turni n g d i s ab i l i t i es i nto p os s i b i l i t i e s s in c e 19 4 3

       THANKS FOR STAYING WITH US                                                                                                                               Board of Directors
       As it has for virtually everyone                    We now support three wheelchair                         But who would have thought 20 years
                                                                                                                                                                tracy shellabarger   Kelly Clevenger
       everywhere, this has been an                        basketball teams, two power soccer                      ago that we would be offering adaptive       Community Leader     Lincoln National Life
       extremely difficult year for Turnstone.             teams, downhill skiing, wheelchair tennis,              sports? No, we can’t predict the future,     Board Chair          Insurance Company
       Financial support—including revenue                 and sled hockey. On the horizon are                     but we do know that as baby boomers                               Board Treasurer
                                                                                                                                                                sharon peters
       from our fundraising events—has been                fencing, “sit” volleyball, and wheelchair               grow older and acquire disabilities, we’ll   Tower Bank           Gary thelen
       down considerably compared with                     track and field. In addition, we were recently          face even greater challenges. We’ll need     Vice Chair           Kelley Automotive
       previous years.                                     designated as a Paralympic Sports Club,                 the resources necessary to provide                                Assistant Treasurer
                                                           an honor that will help us introduce even               therapy and health and fitness offerings                          Vicki leininger
       We provide essential, all-encompassing              more sports. Many of these sports are                   that will help baby boomers maintain                              Hylant Group
       programs and services that promote the              open to both kids and adults.                           their dignity and remain active and                               Board Secretary
       well-being, independence, and dignity                                                                       independent.
       of people with disabilities of all ages.            Adaptive sports aren’t a frill—they’re
       The range of our work represents a                  essential to nurturing the well-being of                That’s why we want to thank you, our         robert Crosby        Dr. Jane swiss
       cradle-to-grave continuum. And as our               our clients, both of body and of mind.                  dedicated donors. You’ve always found a      R.E. Crosby & Son    University of
                                                                                                                                                                                        Saint Francis
       offerings grow to meet the needs of all             Kids and adults with disabilities don’t                 way to enable us to meet new challenges.     richard Fox
       our clients, so do the challenges of                want to sit on the sidelines anymore.                   You’ve stayed with us through thick and      Barrett McNagny      tom trent
       supporting additional, equally important            They want to participate, and they’re                   thin, donating what you can spare to help                         Rothberg,
                                                                                                                                                                robert Hall
                                                                                                                                                                                       Logan & Warsco
       programs and services.                              asking for more opportunities to express                us accomplish our mission.                   Old National Bank
                                                           themselves athletically. Adaptive sports                                                                                  theresa Wagler
                                                                                                                                                                Vince Heiny
       Take our expanding Adaptive Sports                  provide the exercise and competitive                    And, of course, we’d be remiss if we         Haller & Colvin
                                                                                                                                                                                     Steel Dynamics, Inc.
       and Recreation Program, for example.                outlet they need. Just attend a wheelchair              didn’t express our appreciation to                                Debbie Wagner
                                                                                                                                                                Mike lentine
       Just 20 years ago, adaptive sports                  basketball game or power soccer match.                  members of the Turnstone staff. Their                             Do It Best Corp.
       weren’t even on our radar. There was                You’ll see the same determination on                    hard work and sacrifice have made it                              althea Watson
       one adult wheelchair basketball team in                                                                     possible for us to rein in costs in these    Carol Melo
                                                           our athletes’ faces and witness the same                                                             Consumer
                                                                                                                                                                                     Rehabilitation Hospital
       Fort Wayne, and it wasn’t even affiliated           “thrill of victory, agony of defeat” you’d              difficult times. They’ve foregone salary                             of Fort Wayne
       with Turnstone.                                     associate with any athletic event.                      increases and given up some of their         Barney niezer
                                                                                                                                                                                     Julie Weingartner
                                                                                                                   benefits so that we can continue to          Community Leader
                                                                                                                                                                                     Parent Advocate
                                                                                                                   provide the same level of service, and,      Kathy porter
                                                                                                                                                                                     Jerry Witte
                                                                                                                   at the same time, serve even more people     Pizza Hut of
                                                                                                                                                                                     National City Bank
                                                                                                                                                                   Fort Wayne
                                                                                                                   than last year for less money.
                            Expenses                                         Revenue                                                                                                 Dr. Daryl Yost
                                                                                   United Way                                                                   tom steigmeyer
                                       Child Day Program            Bequests                                                                                                         Innovation Center
                                       $327,675 (10%)               $13,660 (0%)   $238,733 (7%)                   So, as we consider the challenges ahead,     WLDE Radio
         Administrative                                                                            Miscellaneous   we want to thank everyone who                Barry sturges
        $596,498 (18%)                          Adult Day Program                                  $54,501 (2%)
                                                $286,266 (9%)
                                                                                                                   recognizes the importance of our             CB Richard
    $170,703 (5%)                                                                                                  mission—and the importance of staying          Ellis Sturges
                                                                                        Program Fees/
Transportation                                                        Contributions     Government                 with us during times good and bad.
  $97,853 (3%)                                                        $881,537 (27%)    $1,116,305 (33%)
                                 Child Therapy
       Equipment                 $867,266 (26%)
     $39,205 (1%)                                                             Foundations                                                                       Volunteers needed
    Case Management                                                           $1,011,508 (31%)                                                                  Interested in donating your time and
       $266,563 (8%)
                                                                                                                                                                talent? Turnstone needs you! Volunteer
                 Adult Therapy      Therapeutic Recreation
               $559,461 (17%)       $96,731 (3%)
                                                                                                                                                                roles vary. Please contact Karen Tyner
                                                                                                                   Nancy Louraine         Tracy Shellabarger    at (260) 483-2100.
                       Total: $3,308,221                                Total: $3,316,244                          Executive Director     Chairman

2                                                                                                                                                                                                              3
    News to note
    Childcare available                                      Paralympic Sport Club                                                               disAbilities Expo
    Childcare and before- and after-school                   It’s official! Turnstone is a designated
                                                                                                                                                 Made possible by a grant from the
    care are now available for children of                   Paralympic Sport Club. Look for more
                                                                                                                                                 AWS Foundation, Turnstone will host
    all abilities, ages 3 to 12. Turnstone’s                 information on upcoming paralympic
                                                                                                                                                 northeast Indiana’s first disability expo
    Kimbrough Early Learning Center is                       sport clinics. Let us know which sports
                                                                                                                                                 on April 10, 2010.
    open from 6:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. and                     you want at Turnstone by contacting
    available on a part-time or full-time                    Andrew Achenbach at (260) 483-2100.                                                 Reasons to visit disAbilities Expo 2010:
    basis. For more information, call                                                                                                              • Admission is free! More than 3,000 providers, consumers, and caregivers
    Adrianne Lyon, director of children’s                                             PARALYMPIC                                                     are expected to attend.
    services, at (260) 483-2100.                                                        SPORT
                                                                                                 FORT WAYNE                                        • disAbilities Expo 2010 is designed for you! Aisles will be wide, accessible
    Players wanted!                                                                                                                                  parking spaces plentiful, and information abundant.
    Do you have an interest or know                               A program of the Turnstone Center for Children and Adults with Disabilities
    someone who has an interest in playing                                                                                                         • Free workshops specific to the needs of people with physical disabilities
    power soccer, wheelchair basketball,                                                                                                             and their caregivers, adaptive sports demonstrations, and a fashion show.
    wheelchair tennis, or quad rugby?                        Save the date                                                                         • The event will be held at the newly remodeled and completely accessible
    Turnstone is seeking children and adults                 Casino Night: Saturday, March 13
                                                                                                                                                     Allen County War Memorial Coliseum.
    with physical disabilities, age 6 and
                                                             Tenth Annual Board of Directors Gala:
    older, to participate in competitive                                                                                                         For more information on the disAbilities Expo, to become an exhibitor, or
                                                               Thursday, June 17
    sports. Call Andrew Achenbach for                                                                                                            to volunteer for the event, please contact Jennifer Neher at (260) 483-2100
    more information at (260) 483-2100.                      30th Annual Golf Outing:                                                            or jennifer@turnstone.org.
                                                               Wednesday, September 8

    Staff years of continuous service                                                                                                           And the winner is ...
    30+ years                            10 to 14 years                                     Maria rondot, teacher                               On Thursday, October 15, Turnstone Board Chair Tracy Shellabarger pulled the
    Karen tyner, parent outreach/        Beth Farny, speech pathologist
                                                                                            Michelle Kimpel, pool manager                       winning Corvette Raffle ticket at Turnstone. The winning ticket was number 14908
    volunteer coordinator
                                         nancy shepler,                                                                                         and belonged to Gene Bokovitz of Massillon, Ohio! When Gene found out he had won
                                                                                            5 to 9 years
    25 to 30 years                         occupational therapy assistant                                                                       the car he couldn’t believe it! He bought just 15 tickets and had a one in 18,798
                                                                                            Melanie Glasper,
    Debbie Greene, controller
                                         Jan swygart, billing clerk                            teaching assistant                               chance of winning! Looks like lady luck was on his side!!! Congrats, Gene.
    20 to 24 years
                                         Mary Hitzemann,                                    Jeff lambert,
    Betty Bubb, social worker              occupational therapist                              physical therapy assistant                       The annual Corvette Raffle is Turnstone’s second largest fundraiser. This year’s
    Marilyn Wedler, physical therapist   Beth Moody, executive assistant                    Carol rogers, billing clerk
                                                                                                                                                proceeds, totaling more than $139,900, will support the vital therapies, programs,
    15 to 19 years                                                                                                                              and services Turnstone provides to children and adults with disabilities. Thank you
                                         Cindy Geisman,                                     Julie Ketcham,
    nancy louraine,                         chief operating officer                            speech pathologist                               to Steel Dynamics, FUN 101.7
       executive director                                                                                                                       WLDE, WANE-TV, Indiana Michigan
                                         Jonathan Walda, maintenance                        tina acosta,
    Kathy Baer, social worker                                                                  director of adult services                       Power, and Kruse International for
                                         lori norman,                                                                                           sponsoring the raffle in 2009—
    sandra totten, physical therapist      fund development coordinator                     Chassidy Johnson,
                                                                                              occupational therapy assistant                    your generosity is greatly
    Deb Guebard, physical therapist      Chanda lichtsinn,
                                           speech pathologist                               sandy thompson, LPN
                                                                                                                                                appreciated. Also, many thanks
    Karen line,
      director of clinical services
                                                                                                                                                to the many volunteers, board
                                         rick ramsey,                                       Dyan armstrong, therapy aide
                                            equipment loan manager
                                                                                                                                                members, and 3,597 individuals
    paula Fox, social worker                                                                Christa Wiese, program assistant                    who purchased raffle tickets this
                                         susan steele, social worker
                                                                                            pat syndram, program assistant                      year. Watch for information this
                                         angela Williams, social worker                                                                         spring on our Seventh Annual
                                                                                            sherry lytle, program assistant
                                                                                            lila pufahl, social worker
                                                                                                                                                Classic Corvette Raffle!

4                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     5
    Powerful stuff ... continued from cover                                                    Donor profile
    speech therapies at Turnstone over the years.
                                                                                               Above and beyond
    “Turnstone has been a lifeline for us,” says Tiffany’s mom, Tammy. “Tiffany was our        In 1995, Jeff Sturges moved back             also support Turnstone,
    first child, and when she was born, we didn’t even know if she’d survive. During that      to Fort Wayne for business reasons.          and if Jeff’s children
    first year, I didn’t know if I’d make it through all the new challenges. But Turnstone     President of TWF Holding Company,            lived in Fort Wayne,
    was always there with anything we needed. Deb Guebard has been like a second               a licensing group for Save-A-Lot food        there’s no doubt
    mother to Tiffany.”                                                                        stores, Jeff is always traveling the         that they would be
                                                                                               Midwest. He somehow finds the time           supporters, too.
    Four years ago, Tiffany began playing power soccer. She’s the goalie for the Fantastic     for Turnstone, though. Usually arriving
    Flyers, one of two power soccer teams sponsored by Turnstone. The Flyers took the          with a Starbucks latte in hand, Jeff         Jeff’s gift of time,
    Division II title in the U.S. Power Soccer Association’s national tourney in 2008 and      has chaired the agency’s development         resources, and his financial support help
    finished fourth this year. Turnstone’s Fearless Flyers won Division II this year.          and marketing committee since 2006,          make the agency strong. Just before
                                                                                               and he’s been a member of the Gala           Casino Night you’ll often see Jeff
                                            “Power soccer provides Tiff with an outlet for     committee since its inception in 2000.       dropping off donations from Save-A-Lot.
                                            her competitiveness,” says Steve, who serves       Jeff has not only given his time to the      He’s also a regular participant in the
                                            as an assistant coach for the Fantastic Flyers.    agency, but for the past 14 years, he’s      agency’s annual golf outing, attends the
                                            “It’s the only sport I know of that                also given his financial support.            Board of Directors Gala, and buys and
                                            incorporates power wheelchairs and puts                                                         sells Corvette Raffle tickets. Like Nancy
                                            everyone on a level playing field. If you create   Turnstone Executive Director Nancy           said, he’s always there for the agency,
                                            a level playing field for Tiff, I wouldn’t bet     Louraine thinks Jeff is topnotch. “I don’t   and his contributions mean so much.
                                            against her.”                                      know—I love the guy—he’s so funny and
                                                                                               such a good guy!” Nancy says. “And, he’s     Jeff believes “people should support this
                                            Tiffany is well-known in the Columbia City         always there for the agency.”                cause because of the asset that it is to
                                            area, where she often presents “Tiff’s Story”                                                   the community. Turnstone takes children
                                            to church and civic groups. “People                The Sturges family and Turnstone go          with disabilities and helps them become
                                            sometimes want to give Tiffany donations,          back a long way. Jeff’s mom, Polly,          independent and experience a more
                                            but she always asks that the money go to her       volunteered back when Turnstone was          fulfilled life. The agency also takes adults
                                            soccer team,” Tammy says. “Soccer has been         called the Allen County Society for          who may have had an accident and helps
                                            so important to her; she’s traveled, met a lot     Crippled Children. After Jeff’s dad,         them return to productive lives.”
                                            people, and made a lot of friends.”                Richard, survived a stroke, Percy Talati,
                                                                                               Turnstone's former executive director,       When recently asked to give three words
    Tiff enjoys horseback riding, writing poetry, and her studies. Although she’s being        provided physical therapy. Jeff’s parents    to describe Turnstone, Jeff provided six:
    home schooled this year, Tiffany, a sophomore now, was an honor roll regular at            also gave their financial support to the     “A place of love and care.” We thank Jeff
    Columbia City High School. She’s also the No. 1 fan of brother Curtis, 13, who plays       agency, and they helped instill in Jeff      for his kind words and all that he does.
    on a traveling all-star baseball team.                                                     the importance of giving back to the         He goes above and beyond, and we owe
                                                                                               community. Jeff’s brother and nephew         him our thanks. n
    Many people are intrigued by Tiffany’s adeptness with her power wheelchair—without
    using a joystick. “She lacks fine motor skills in her arms, so she doesn’t use a
    joystick,” Tammy says. “But she’s very good at controlling her wheelchair with her         a week, screaming my head off, Turnstone has helped me in so many ways. And
    feet and toes. They’re her hands. It’s uncanny what she can do.”                           now I’m on a power soccer team that has won a national championship. There are
                                                                                               kids with life support playing power soccer, but everyone who plays puts everything
    Tiffany is considered nonverbal, although she can speak with or without (her               out on the court. Power soccer is really the only sport I can compete in. Without
    preference) a DynaVox communication device. She’s very computer savvy, typing              Turnstone’s help and its gym, there wouldn’t be any power soccer. Thank you,
    with her toes, and spends considerable time on social networking sites. She’s good         Turnstone, for everything over the past 16 years—it’s been a wonderful ride!”
    at video games such as Wii, again, with her toes.
                                                                                               Driving a car is Tiffany’s next big challenge, and she’s already passed the classroom
    Tiffany writes about Turnstone: “What an amazing place it is! Turnstone turns the          portion of driver’s education. “Tiffany has every intention of driving,” Tammy says.
    impossible into possible. Since the time I was a baby, going to therapy three days         “She’s even been practicing on the golf cart we have on the farm.” n

6                                                                                                                                                                                          7
    Thanks and hats off to:                                                                  Event sponsors 2008–09
    • lupke rice for its support of                and Journal Gazette Foundation for        Thanks to the following sponsors for helping to make the past year a successful one.
      Turnstone’s residential ramp building        their support of Turnstone’s programs     Casino 2009 sponsors           Dr. Dane & Mary Louise          29th annual turnstone
      program. Their donation of $1,000            and services.                             platinum                           Miller Foundation           Golf tournament
      was matched with a $1,400 gift from                                                    PHP                            Pizza Hut of Fort Wayne         sponsors
      Hastings Mutual insurance.                 • lincoln Financial Foundation for          Steel Dynamics, Inc.           FWO                             platinum
                                                   its gift of $49,000 in support of                                        Bradley Gough Diamonds          PHP
                                                                                             Gaming room
    • allen County 4-H llama lovers                Turnstone’s Dr. Robert Kimbrough          The Douple Family              silver                          Steel Dynamics
      new Millennium club member                   Early Learning Center.                    STAR Financial Bank            Advanced Machine &              National City Bank
      John Finker and all the club                                                           Dr. and Mrs. Alan McGee           Tool Corp                    Diamond Cart
                                                 • Medical protective Company for its        Coliseum Lions Park            Sweetwater Sound, Inc.
      members for making the first Llama                                                                                    Jeanette Schouweiler
                                                                                                                                                            A.P.P. Financial,
                                                   gift in support of Turnstone’s adaptive   Crosby Excavating, Inc.                                           Greg & Gerry Whitenack
      Olympics possible at Turnstone.                                                                                       CB Richard Ellis/Sturges
                                                   sports and recreation program.            Food and Beverage              Do It Best, Corp.               Diamond Hole
    • Howard p. arnold Foundation for its                                                    Edward Jones-Kirk Davis        Automotive Color & Supply       Kelley Automotive Group
      gift of $1,000 in support of Turnstone’s   • The Fort Wayne airport authority          Olympia Pools & Spa            The Waterfield Foundation
                                                                                             Findley Financial Corp                                         Gold
      pediatric therapy and wellness               for taking on Turnstone’s United Way                                     Hylant Group
                                                                                                                                                            Glenbrook, Dodge Hyundai
                                                                                             Dr. and Mrs. Jack Martin       Wells Fargo Bank
      programming.                                 Day of Caring project. The staff of the   Coliseum Lions Club                                            Nu- Tec Coating, LLC
                                                                                                                            Medtronics Spinal & Biologics
                                                   Airport Authority stained the agency’s    Fire/Police/City/County                                        Pizza Hut of Fort Wayne
                                                                                                                            Preferred Anesthesia
    • The edward D. & ione auer                    gazebo, mulched the playground,               Federal Credit Union       Consultants                     silver
      Foundation, sledd Foundation, and            and more.                                 Nucor Building Systems         Doermer Family Foundation       Do It Best Corp.
      Dunsire Family Foundation for their                                                    Old National Insurance         STAR Financial Bank             Don R. Fruchey, Inc.
                                                 • saint Vincent Depaul school for           Partner's 1st Federal                                          Dr. Charles Frankhouser
      support of Turnstone’s therapy and                                                         Credit Union Program       table sponsor
                                                   adopting Turnstone during its student                                                                    Ernst & Young LLP
      wellness programs.                                                                                                    Lincoln Financial Foundation
                                                   council supported “We Care Week.”                                                                        Findley Financial Corp.
                                                                                             program                        Tracy and Gretchen
                                                                                                                                                            Kelly Disser,
    • english Bonter Mitchell Foundation           Students donated school supplies and      Terry Anderson                    Shellabarger
                                                                                                                                                                Wells Fargo Insurance
      for its gift of $150,000 in support of       made a donation to the agency.               Insurance Agency            Bronze                          Plumbers and Steamfitters
      Turnstone’s operational and capital                                                    Gerald F. Wagner, Inc.         Vera Bradley                        No. 166
                                                                                              Fantastic Flyers
                                                                                             Fort Wayne Pediatrics
      needs.                                     • steel Dynamics for its gift of                                           Shambaugh & Sons, LP            R.E. Crosby & Sons
                                                   $25,000 in support of Turnstone’s         event sponsor                  Baden Gage & Schroeder, LLC     Saint Anne Home
                                                   capital project to improve the agency’s   FUN 101.7 WLDE                 Dick and Susan Fox              Vera Bradley
    • Foellinger Foundation for its
                                                                                             Diskey Architectural Signage   ProResources, Inc.
      continuation of support through the          visibility from North Clinton Street.                                                                    Bronze
                                                                                                                            Old National Bank
      Inspire Grant. In phase II of the grant,                                                                                                              Kelley Automotive Group
                                                                                                                            Indiana Michigan Power
                                                 • the turnstone staff members who                                                                          Avalon Wealth
      Turnstone will join four other local                                                                                  ONE
                                                                                                                                                            Design Collaborative
      organizations and bring the values of        participated in the united Way                                           JAT of Fort Wayne
      the Disney Institute to Fort Wayne.          Day of Caring. Together they                                             North River Capital
                                                   cleaned the outside and inside            Gala event sponsors            Friends of Northeast Indiana
                                                                                             Matching Grants                Innovation Park
    • indiana Youth institute, inc., for           of a client's home.                                                      Fort Wayne Metals Research
                                                                                             Godschalk Family Foundation
      its gift of support. Turnstone used         Turnstone staff with Andy Price            Mary E. VanDrew                Fort Wayne Neurological         2009 Corvette
      the IYI grant to help send pediatric                                                      Charitable Foundation       Center                          raffle sponsors
      physical therapist Deb Guebard to                                                      Madge Rothschild Foundation    Gordon Food Service
                                                                                                                            Aalco Distributing Corp.        Steel Dynamics, Inc.
      a national therapy conference in 2009.                                                 O'Rourke Schof Family                                          Kruse International
                                                                                                Foundation                  Wells Fargo Insurance
                                                                                                                            Haines, Isenbarger & Skiba,     Fun 101.7 WLDE
    • parkview Foundation Community                                                          Owen and Jean Pritchard                                        ICON Exhibits
                                                                                                Foundation                  LLC
      Benefit program gift of $26,000                                                                                       Summit Mechanical               Indiana Michigan Power
                                                                                             Gold                                                           WANE-TV
      to support Turnstone’s health and                                                                                     NIPSCO
      wellness program.                                                                      National City Bank             Petroleum Traders Corp.
                                                                                             Godschalk Family Foundation    Brooks Construction
                                                                                             Steel Dynamics, Inc.
    • Carson and rosemary noecker                                                            PHP
      Family Foundation, steel Dynamics,

8                                                                                                                                                                                       9
     What we do ...
     Founded in 1943, Turnstone provides vital therapeutic services to children and adults            ADAPTIVE SPORTS AND THERAPEUTIC RECREATION
     with disabilities. We’ve seen children take their first steps and heard them say their
     first words. We’ve touched lives. In 2008–09, the agency served 2,091 children and               Turnstone’s Adaptive Sports and Recreation Program began with wheelchair basketball
     adults with disabilities. Following is a brief description of our programs and services          in 1996. Nearly 14 years later, the program includes three wheelchair basketball
     and the outcomes and successes achieved.                                                         teams, wheelchair tennis, two power soccer teams, the Swim Lap Club, wheelchair
                                                                                                      fencing, quad rugby, a sled hockey team, a fishing derby, and other adaptive sports.
     ROBERT KImBROUGH EARLY LEARNING CENTER                                                           The program is unique not only to Fort Wayne, but to northeast Indiana, and some
                                                                                                      youth travel as far as 150 miles once a week to participate.
     Opened in 2005, the Robert Kimbrough Early Learning Center (KELC) is home to
     Turnstone’s inclusive preschool, childcare, and, new in 2009, a before- and after-               Say	hello	to	16-year-old	Colin	McIntre.	                       BY tHe nuMBers
     school program. According to the National Association for the Education of Young                 At	age	7,	Colin	was	diagnosed	with	                            •	                  	
                                                                                                                                                                           5,318	hours	of	 	
                                                                                                      Duchenne	muscular	dystrophy.	     	
     Children, children in inclusive classrooms demonstrate increased acceptance and                  Three	years	later,	he	began	using	a	
                                                                                                                                                                           adaptive	sport	
     appreciation of diversity, develop better communication and social skills, show                                                                                 	                   	
                                                                                                                                                                           and	recreation	 	
                                                                                                      wheelchair.	It	was	about	this	time	that	
     greater development in moral and ethical principles, create warm and caring                                                                                     	     programming	was	  	
                                                                                                      Colin	began	coming	to	Turnstone	to	
                                                                                                                                                                           provided	for	90	 	
     friendships, and demonstrate increased self-esteem. Our children are experiencing                participate	in	the	Adaptive	Sports	and	
                                                                                                      Recreation	Program.	Today,	his	                                	     children	and	adults.
     these outcomes, and they’re learning, growing, and giggling together. They’re kids
                                                                                                      parents	make	the	trip	to	Fort	Wayne	
     being kids, and they’re loving it.                                                               from	Warren,	Indiana,	so	that	Colin	can	
                                                                                                                                                                     •		   100	percent	of	 	
                                                                                                                                                                           athletes	say	the	 	
                                                                                                      play	competitive	power	soccer.	Colin	
     Meet	6-year-old	Daelin	Clark.	Daelin	                           BY tHe nuMBers                   loves	the	sport,	and	he	recently	made	                         	     program	has	made	   	
     has	cerebral	palsy,	and	for	the	past	 	                                                    	
                                                                     •	 6,444	hours	of	preschool	     the	Division	I	team.	Mom	and	dad	are	                          	                    	
                                                                                                                                                                           a	difference	in	 	
     two	years	he’s	been	receiving	physical,	                        	 was	provided	for		             equally	proud.	“I	can’t	even	express	                          	                 	
                                                                                                                                                                           their	lives.	
     occupational,	and	speech	therapies	    	                                                         what	the	program	means	to	us,”	says	
                                                                     	 70	children.
     at	Turnstone.	This	August,	his	mom,	                                                             Colin’s	dad,	Joe.	“When	Colin	was	little	
     Shannon,	enrolled	him	in	Turnstone’s	                           •	 25,882	hours	of		             he	walked;	he	played	T-ball.	To	see	him	
     preschool	program.	Daelin’s	also	been	                                          	       	
                                                                     	 childcare	was	provided	        participate	in	an	athletic	program	with	
     participating	in	Turnstone’s	Swim	Lap	                          	 for	36	children.               his	peers	is	so	rewarding.”	Colin	also	
     Club.	Shannon	says,	“Daelin’s	making	                                                            took	part	in	Turnstone’s	summer	
     great	improvements	from	one	week	      	                        •	   100	percent	of	parents	 	   camp.	His	mom,	Denise,	says,	“There	
     to	the	next.	His	preschool	teacher	 	                           	            	             	
                                                                          say	that	attending	the	     really	isn't	anything	for	teenagers	with	
     has	been	helping	him	learn	to	use	 	                            	    KELC	has	helped	their		     disabilities	to	do	without	their	parents,	
     the	potty,	my	social	worker	has	been	    	                      	    child	gain	kindergarten		   and	everyone	likes	getting	away	from	
     a	huge	help,	and	his	therapists	have	                           	    readiness	skills.           their	parents	sometimes.	These	
     been	so	encouraging.	Turnstone	helps	                                                            programs	offer	Colin	that	opportunity.”
     me	see	Daelin’s	abilities,	instead	of		
     his	disability.”

     Three years ago, Turnstone leased its lift-equipped vans to the Community Transportation         weekend at a time, these volunteers restore independence     BY tHe nuMBers
     Network (CTN). Since then, CTN has provided transportation to and from Turnstone                 and mobility to people with disabilities.                                           	
                                                                                                                                                                   •	 39	residential	ramps	
     for those clients receiving therapy or taking part in Adult Day Services. Turnstone’s                                                                         	 were	constructed	by	 	
     partnership with CTN has resulted in dependable, safe, and customer-oriented travel              equipment loan                                               	 community	volunteers.
     for our clients. Turnstone subsidizes transportation fees to keep this vital service             Turnstone accepts and lends gently used equipment            •	 333	pieces	of	adaptive		
     affordable for its clients.                                                                      to individuals who don’t have the financial means to         	 equipment	were	loaned	    	
                                                                                                      purchase it themselves. There is no fee to borrow            	 to	239	local	families.	
     residential ramp building                                                                        equipment, and when it's no longer needed, it can
                                                                                                                                                                   •	 6,853	one-way	trips	 	
     For two decades, Turnstone has helped increase accessibility for Allen County residents          be returned to Turnstone so that someone else in
                                                                                                                                                                   	 were	subsidized	on	 	
     through a residential ramp building service. Community volunteers dedicate                       need may borrow it.                                          	 behalf	of	77	individuals.
     countless hours to design, plan, and construct wooden ramps for people in need. One

10                                                                                                                                                                                                 11
     THERAPEUTIC SERVICES                                                                                             HEALTH AND WELLNESS CENTER
     Turnstone’s core program—pediatric and adult therapy services—speaks wholeheartedly
                                                                                                                      AND WARm-WATER THERAPY POOL
     to the mission of the agency. Speech, physical, occupational, and aquatic therapy                                Offering land and water-based fitness programs, Turnstone’s warm-water therapy
     services are provided to children and adults of all ages and are available on a sliding                          pool and Health and Wellness Center complement Turnstone’s therapeutic services.
     fee scale based on income. No one is turned away because of inability to pay. Turnstone’s                        The pool is equipped with a hydraulic lift, hand rails, and an underwater bench with
     therapists are highly trained, licensed, and professional. They’re committed to the                              whirlpool jets. The 90-degree water offers a therapeutic environment that relaxes the
     families they serve and want their clients to achieve their greatest potential and                               body and increases blood flow to reduce swelling. The Health and Wellness Center is
     independence.                                                                                                    home to 27 pieces of adaptive strength-training and exercise equipment. Staff members
                                                                                                                      work one on one with members and help them design exercise plans to facilitate
     Snuggle	up	to	Dane	Brockhaus.	  	                                           BY tHe nuMBers                       improved strength and endurance and nutritional habits.
     Dane,	age	4,	has	autism	and	a	sensory	                                                                	
                                                                                 •	 11,172	hours	of	therapy	
     processing	disorder.	His	mom,	Mackenzie,	                                                                        Tip	your	hat	to	25-year-old	Adam	Roscoe	                                         BY tHe nuMBers
                                                                                 	 services	were	provided	 	
     says	he’s	a	happy,	loving	boy	who	loves	                                                                                                       	
                                                                                                                      Bowser,	a	former	bull	rider.	Three-and-a-
                                                                                 	 for	521	children.	                                                                                                                        	
                                                                                                                                                                                                       •	69	children	received	
     hugs.	After	completing	the	First	Steps	                                                                          half	years	ago,	Adam	was	bucked	from	    	
                                                                                                                      a	bull	and	hit	a	rail	at	Hat's	Creek	Ranch	                                      	 1,012	hours	of	health		
     program,	Dane	began	coming	to	                                                                       	
                                                                                 •	 3,789	hours	of	therapy	
     Turnstone	for	speech,	physical,	and	                                                                             and	Rodeo.	As	a	result,	he	sustained	a	                                                            	
                                                                                                                                                                                                       	 and	wellness	or	 	
                                                                                 	 services	were	provided		
     occupational	therapies,	and	recently	 	                                                                          traumatic	brain	injury.	For	the	past	two	                                        	 aquatic	programming.	
                                                                                 	 for	304	adults.
     he	started	in	the	Swim	Lap	Club.	Mom	                                                                            years,	Adam	has	been	working	out	at	
                                                                                                                                                                                                            371	adults	recorded	
     says,	“We	can’t	express	enough	how	                                         •	   97	percent	of	parents	      	   Turnstone’s	Health	and	Wellness	Center.	
                                                                                                                      When	asked	about	the	progress	he’s	made	                                         	                          	
                                                                                                                                                                                                            12,991	hours	of	health	
     much	these	therapies	have	helped	                                           	    of	children	receiving	  	
     Dane!	His	therapists	are	wonderful.		                                                                            as	a	result	of	working	out	at	Turnstone,	                                        	                   	
                                                                                                                                                                                                            and	wellness	or	 	
                                                                                 	    therapy	at	Turnstone	    	
     His	improvements	have	been	drastic	                                                                              Adam	says,	“It’s	like	night	and	day.	When	I	                                     	    aquatic	programming.
                                                                                 	    say	their	knowledge	   	
     and	amazing.	Dane’s	become	a	water	                                                                                                              	
                                                                                                                      came	I	had	no	muscle	tone.”	Today,	Adam	
                                                                                 	    and	understanding	of	     	                                                                                      •	   94	percent	of	Health	   	
     bug	and	is	using	words	to	express	his	                                                                           is	lifting	120	pounds	on	the	chest	press	
                                                                                 	    their	child’s	disability	  	                                                                                     	    and	Wellness	Center	    	
     needs.	If	it	were	just	us,	we	wouldn’t	                                                                          and	walking	on	the	treadmill	for	up	to	an	
                                                                                 	    has	increased.                  hour	and	more.	Health	and	Wellness	                                              	    participants	report	 	
     have	this	boy—Turnstone	has	enabled	
     him	to	succeed.”                                                                                                 Center	staff	members	are	unanimous	in	                                           	    increased	strength,	  	
                                                                                                                      their	assessment:	Adam’s	a	hard	worker	                                          	    flexibility,	and	overall	 	
                                                                                                                      who’s	always	willing	to	try	a	new	exercise.                                      	    health	and	fitness.

     ADULT DAY SERVICES                                                                                               Start	your	day	with	66-year-old	               CASE mANAGEmENT
                                                                                                                      General	Electric	retiree	Sarah	Lowery.	
     Started in 1976, Turnstone’s Adult Day Services                                                                  While	on	vacation	in	Alabama	in	1994,	         Turnstone’s child and adult social workers are the
     (ADS) was one of the first such programs in our                                                                  Sarah	survived	a	stroke.	Once	she	  	          first point of contact for potential clients, parents,
                                                                                                                      was	back	home,	Sarah	was	referred	    	        and caregivers. Licensed social workers provide
     community. Commission on Accreditation of
                                                                                                                      to	Turnstone	for	therapeutic	services.	
     Rehabilitation Facilities accredited, Adult Day                                                                                                                 referral, support, and counseling to individuals
                                                                                                                      A	few	years	later,	Sarah	joined	
     Services is committed to quality service and                                                                     Turnstone’s	Adult	Day	Services	                with disabilities and their families. Turnstone’s
     focused on consumer satisfaction. Program                                                                        program.	For	the	past	five	years,	Sarah	       social workers assist individuals in accessing
     activities are designed to meet client needs and                                                                 has	sung	“Good	Morning	to	You”	to	her	         agency services as well as other community
                                                                                                                      fellow	program	participants.	She’s	not	        resources that could aid in their self-sufficiency.
     wants. Weekly programs include Wii sports,
                                                                                                                      sure	why	she	sings,	but	she	does.	
     microwave cooking classes, arts and crafts, music                                                                                                               Additionally, social workers lead support groups
                                                                                                                      Sarah	loves	to	make	people	smile,	and	
     therapy, intergenerational programs, various                                                                     that	she	does.	Turnstone	makes	Sarah	          and facilitate conversation and dialogue, which
     leisure activities, and a host of guest speakers.                                                                smile	too.	She	says,	“The	staff	is	so	         helps parents, caregivers, and clients learn from
                                                                                                                      helpful;	they	give	you	room	to	do	what	        one another’s experiences.
                                                                                                                      you	can	independently,	and	if	you	need	
     BY tHe nuMBers                                                                                                   help,	they’re	there.”                          BY tHe nuMBers
     •	 28,138	hours	of	Adult	Day	Service	was	provided	for	131	adults	with	physical	disabilities.                                                                                                                                 	
                                                                                                                                                                     •	 96	percent	of	clients	believe	their	situation	has	improved	
                                                                                                                                                                     	 through	the	help	and	referrals	of	their	social	worker.
     •	 100	percent	of	people	taking	part	in	the	 rogram	are	very	satisfied	or	satisfied	with	the	program.

12                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        13
     Thanks ...
                                                                                                                                      Mr. Barry Close                Ms. Janet Dawson               El Azteca                      Fort Wayne TinCaps
     to all who donated during our fiscal year beginning July 1, 2008, and                                                            Ms. Donna Clough               Mr. & Mrs. Padre Day           Mr. & Mrs. George Eldridge     Dr. Charles Frankhouser
                                                                                                                                      Club Soda                      Ms. Donna Deam                 Mr. & Mrs. John Ellenwood      Mr. Mark Fransen
     ending June 30, 2009. (Honoraria and memorials are recognized                                                                    Mr. & Mrs. Mark Coates         Mr. Larry Dean                 Mr. & Mrs. Steve Elmer         Mr. Russ Frazier
     quarterly and are not reflected in this listing.)                                                                                Dr. & Mrs. Steve Coats
                                                                                                                                      Coca Cola Bottlers
                                                                                                                                                                     Dean V. Kruse Foundation
                                                                                                                                                                     DeBrand Fine Chocolates
                                                                                                                                                                                                    EPCO Products, Inc.
                                                                                                                                                                                                    Mr. John Eppard
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Ms. Elizabeth Frederick
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     Ms. Cindy Greider             Ms. Colleen Hichock             Mr. & Mrs. Dan Jacquay           Knights of Columbus            Lichtenberger                Mr. David Martin               Mr. Theodore Miller           Mr. William O'Brien
     Ms. Rachel Greider            Ms. Shirley Hickey              Mr. Carl Jadlowiec               Mr. Heinz Knopfel            Mrs. Chanda Lichtsinn          Dr. & Mrs. John Martin         Mr. & Mrs. Mark Millett       Mr. & Mrs. Ed Oesterle
     Mr. & Mrs. Merle Grimm        Mrs. Virginia High              Ms. Melissa Jaegle               Ms. Robin Knowles            Mr. Don Lieberum               Mr. & Mrs. John Martin         Mr. & Mrs. Michael Millikan   Mr. & Mrs. Michael Oetting
     Mr. Bernard Gross             High Hopes Clowns               Mr. Michael Jakubiak             Mr. & Mrs. David Kochanski   Mr. Jonathan Liechty           Mr. & Mrs. Terry Martin        Mr. & Mrs. Bradley Mills      Mr. & Mrs. Ray Ohlman
     Mr. & Mrs. Donald Grote       Mr. & Ms. Bill Hill             Mr. Robert Jamieson              Mr. & Mrs. Jim Koday         Lincoln Financial Foundation   Mr. & Mrs. Paul Masek          Mr. Arthur J. Mindock         Mr. & Mrs. Louis Ojeda
     Mr. Allen Grothe              Mr. Jerry Hill                  Mr. & Mrs. Jay Jamison           Mr. & Mrs. Dean Koehlinger   Lincoln Financial              Mr. & Mrs. Fred Mason          Mr. Brewster Miner            Mr. & Mrs. Randy Okerlund
     Ms. Pauline Grutzius          Ms. Nicole Hill                 Mr. Henry Janda                  Mrs. Janice Koenig             Group Linde, Inc.            Dr. Kirk Masten                Ms. Kristina Minth            Old Fort Specialty Corp.
     Dr. & Mrs. Bruce Guebard      Mr. & Mrs. Richard Hill         Mr. Steven Jarvis                Mrs. Debra Koepke            Mrs. Jill Linder               Master Works                   Dr. & Mrs. Michael Mirro      Old National Bank
     Mr. Ray Guillaume             Mr. Rodell Hill                 Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Jasper         Ms. Linda Koithahn           Ms. Karen Line                  Foundation Inc.               Mr. Joel Mix                  Old National Insurance
     Mr. Eric Gullickson           Mr. Richard Hilt                Mr. Dale Jasson                  Mr. Jim Komosinski           Ms. Edith Linker               Mr. & Mrs. Mike Mattingly      Mr. Tom Mix                   Olinger Distributing Co.
     Mr. & Mrs. Richard Gurski     Ms. Jocelyn Hines               JAT of Fort Wayne, Inc.          Mr. & Mrs. Richard Konger    Mr. & Mrs. Dan Lion            Ms. Sue Mau                    Mizpah Legion of Honor        Olive Garden
     Dr. Robert Gutekunst          Mr. & Mrs. David                JC Penney's                      Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Krabach    Little Sprouts                 Maximus Foundation             Mizpah Shrine                 Mr. & Mrs. Richard Olson
     Mrs. Cynthia Guzik              Hippenhammer                  Jefferson Letter Service, Inc.   Mr. & Mrs. John Krasnican    Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Litton       Ms. Margaret Mayers            Mr. Richard Mohon             Olympia Pools
     Mrs. Becky Guzman             Mrs. Mary Hitzemann             Dr. & Mrs. Eric Jenkinson        Mr. Kenneth Krause           Ms. Teri Litwinko              Mr. & Mrs. Donald McArdle      Mr. & Mrs. Gary Monteith      Mr. Eric Ondras
     Ms. Mary Gynn                 Mr. & Mrs. Larry Hixson         Mr. & Mrs. Brian Jenks           Mr. & Mrs. Ben Kreigh        Mr. & Mrs. Ted Litzenberg      Dr. & Mrs. Michael McArdle     Mrs. June Moord               Opus 24
     H&R Block                     Mr. Elroy Hoegsted              Mr. & Mrs. Gary Jensen           Mr. Edward H. Krueckeberg    Mr. Mark Livingston            Mr. & Mrs. Shawn McArdle       Mr. & Mrs. Bob Moore          Orchard Ridge Country Club
     Vernon H. Haase Foundation    Dannie Hoffer                   Mr. Charles Jinks                Mr. Gary Krueger             Ms. Darlene Lloyd              Mr. & Mrs. Tim McArdle         Mr. William Moore             Organized Living Solutions
     Mr. & Mrs. Jay Habig          Dr. & Mrs. Gregory              John G. Shedd Aquarium           Mr. & Mrs. Dean Kruse        Loaf and Ladle                 Mr. & Mrs. Rick                Loyal Order of Moose          Ms. Diane Ormerod
     Ms. Sue Hageman                 Hoffman                       Mr. & Mrs. Addison Johnson       Mr. & Mrs. Calvin Kuebler    Mrs. Shelley Lochner            McCampbell                    Mr. Tom Moran                 Mr. & Mrs. Mike O'Rourke
     Hagerman                      Ms. Judith Hoffmann             Mrs. Chassidy Johnson            Mr. Michael Kuehn            Mrs. Annette Lockwood          Mr. James W. McCarley          Mr. & Mrs. William J. Moran   O'Rourke-Schof
      Construction Corp.           Ms. Donna Holland               Mr. David Johnson                Mr. John Kughman             Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Longbottom     Mr. James McClain              Mr. Timothy Morgan              Family Foundation
     Mr. & Mrs. Tim Haggenjos      Mr. & Mrs. Doug Holle           Mrs. Deborah Johnson             Mr. Rick Kummer              Mr. & Mrs. David Lonsway       Ms. Julie McClurg              Mr. & Mrs. Carl Morr          Mr. & Mrs. Larry Ortega
     Mr. & Mrs. Doug Haines        Mr. Stephen Holmes              Mr. John Johnson                 Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Kusisto   Ms. Janet Loomis               Mr. & Mrs. David McComb        Mr. Evan Moser                Mr. & Mrs. James Orthman
     Hair Affair                   Mr. Robert Holtz                Mr. & Mrs. Larry Johnson         Mr. & Mrs. Randy Kwapis      Ms. Jessie Lopez               Mr. Ron McConnehey             Mrs. Joan Moser               Orthopaedics Northeast, P.C.
     Mr. Roger Hairford            Ms. Susie Hoot                  Mr. Mark Johnson                 L Spa Modern                 Lopshire Flowers               Mr. & Mrs. Doug McCoy          Mr. & Mrs. Robert Muhn        Ms. Julia Oser
     Mr. & Mrs. Jason Hake         Hooter's                        Mr. Randy M. Johnson             Mr. & Mrs. Jim Labas         Mr. Mike Lornson               Mr. & Mrs. Mark McCoy          Mrs. Sue Mullennix            Mr. Roger Osterman
     Ms. Betty Hall                Ms. Joyce Hoover                Mr. Ronnie E. Johnson            Mr. & Mrs. Derek Laffkas     Ms. Jamie Lothamer             Mr. & Mrs. Bob McCulloch       Mr. & Mrs. John Munford       O'Sullivans
     Mr. & Mrs. Robert Hall        Mr. Thomas Hoppenrath           Mrs. Vicki Johnson               Dr. & Mrs. Don Lahrman       Mr. Pat Lothamer               Mr. David McCutchan            Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Murphy     Overhead Door Company
     Mr. & Mrs. Sam Hall           Ms. Sharon Horgan               Mr. & Mrs. Jim Johnston          Lake Chapel                  Mr. & Mrs. Carl Louraine       Mrs. Sandra McDougle           Ms. Peggy Murphy                of Fort Wayne
     Hall's Restaurants            Mr. & Mrs. Fred Horne           Mr. Donald C. Jones                United Methodist           Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Love         Mr. & Mrs. Mark McGarvey       Ms. Diana Mustard             Mr. & Mrs. Mike Packnett
     Mr. & Mrs. Myron Halverson    Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth              Mr. John M. Jones                Ms. Jill LaMar               Mr. Joseph Love                Ms. Pat McGary                 Mr. Joseph Musuraca           Mr. & Mrs. Bob Page
     Ms. Rosalie Hamilton            Hornung                       Ms. Pam Jones                    Mrs. Hollie Lamle            Love Church                    Mr. & Mrs. Joe McIntire        My Menu                       Mrs. Brown &
     Mr. Timothy Hamilton          Mr. David Hottle                Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Jones          Drs. Ron & Linda Landin      Mr. Gerald Loyd                Mr. & Mrs. James McKenna       Mrs. Joanne Mysliwiec           Mrs. Morrison
     Ms. Geneva Hammond            Mr. & Mrs. Phil Howard          Jophiel                          Landmark Design              Mr. & Mrs. Maurice Lucy        Mr. & Mrs. Bob McKinley        National City Bank            Paint the Town Graphics, Inc.
     Mr. & Mrs. Terry Hammond      Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Howe          Jorgensen's YMCA                   Landscaping Corp.          Mr. Terry Ludwig               Mrs. Barbara McMaster          National Serv-all Inc.        Mr. Peter Palacio
     Hampton Inn                   Mr. Doug Howell                 Journal Gazette Foundation       Mr. & Mrs. Brig Gen          Mr. & Mrs. Gary Luebke         Mrs. Elizabeth McMillen        Natures Corner                Mr. Thomas Pallone
     Ms. Joy Hansen                Mr. Joseph Huffmeister          Mrs. Dianne Joustra              Jerome Landry                Mrs. Joyce Luebke              McMillen Foundation            NE Dental Lab                 Ms. Andrea Panico
     Ms. Pamela Hansen             Ms. Jennifer Hughes             Mr. Dennis Juergens              Lane Middle School           Mr. Richard Luginbill          Mr. James McMullen             Ms. Jennifer Neher            Mr. & Mrs. Peter Paonessa
     Mr. Steven W. Hanson          Ms. Susan Hughes                K & K Insurance                  Mr. Joe Lang                 Mr. & Mrs. Michael Luke        Mr. Douglas McNeill            Mr. & Mrs. Lee Neher          Mrs. Susan Pape
     Mr. & Mrs. Rex Hapner         Mr. Roger Hull                  Dr. & Mrs. Rudy Kachmann         Mr. & Mrs. John Langas       Mr. Steve Lundergan            Mr. & Mrs. Fred McNulty        Mr. Clarence Nelson           Mr. Dan Pappas
     Mr. & Mrs. Steve Harkness     Ms. Janice Humble               Ms. Margie Kallenback            Mr. George Lange             Lupke Rice Insurance           Mr. Jon McVicker               Mr. & Mrs. Dan Nelson         Paragon Tube Corporation
     Harlem Globe Trotters         Mr. & Mrs. Dale Hummer          Mr. Nicholas Kamp                Mr. & Mrs. Don Lanham          and Financial                Mr. & Mrs. Warren Mead         Mrs. Mary Ann Neuhaus         Mr. & Mrs. Christopher
     Mrs. Martha Harmon            Ms. Cindy Hunnicutt             Mr. & Mrs. Chris Karacson        Mr. Dennis Lapp              Lutheran Foundation            Medical Protective Company     Mr. Jeffrey Markley             Parke
     Harrah's Entertainment        Mr. & Mrs. Bob Hunt             Mr. & Mrs. Gary Karst            Mr. & Mrs. James Larson      Lutheran Health                Medtronic Spinal & Biologics   Neuhouser Garden & Gifts      Parkinsons Support Group
     Mr. & Mrs. Michael Harrigan   Mr. Peter Hunter                Ms. Nancy Kartholl               Mr. & Mrs. Doug Lary           Network–Dupont               Ms. Leslie Megison             Mr. & Mrs. Richard Neuok      Parkview Foundation
     Mr. Ryan Harris               Clay Hylant Group               Mr. Charles Kassing              L'Asiatique                  Lutheran Hospital              Mr. Peter Meister              Mr. & Mrs. Robert Newell      Parkview Health & Fitness
     Mr. David Hart                IBM                             Mr. & Mrs. Michael Katz          Ms. Judy Laslie              Mrs. Stacie Lyman              Mr. & Mrs. Ray Melcher         Mr. Harold Newman             Parkview Health System
     Mr. & Mrs. James Hartig       IBM Corporate Citizenship       Mr. & Mrs. William Kautz         Lassus Bros. Oil, Inc.       Mr. & Mrs. Greg Lynch          Mr. Ron Meldrum                Mr. Mark Newman               Mr. & Mrs. Michael Parrott
     Ms. Kim Hartman               Icon Exhibits, Inc.             Mr. Paul Keebler                   Foundation                 M.E. Raker Foundation, Inc.    Mr. & Mrs. Samuel Melo         Clinton E. Newman             Partners 1st
     Mr. & Mrs. Norman             Mr. Leo Ignasiak                Mr. & Mrs. Roland Keenan         Mr. & Mrs. John Lauffer      Mr. Ron Mabee                  Mr. & Mrs. Jay Melquist          Foundation                    Federal Credit Union
      Hartman                      Mr. & Mrs. Charlie Imbody       Ms. Allison Keller               Mr. Larry Lautzenhiser       Mr. Mike Machala               Mrs. Jean Ann Mendenhall       Mr. & Mrs. Dave Nichols       Ms. Kara Paske
     Mr. & Mrs. Dennis             Indiana Michigan Power          Mr. Bill Kelley                  Mr. Frank Lawson             Mr. & Mrs. James               Mr. Chris Merkler              The Nichols Company           Mr. Fred Passarella
      Hartmann                     Indiana Youth Institute, Inc.   Mr. & Mrs. David Kelley          Mrs. Kathleen Lawson           Machamer                     Mr. Richard Merren             Mr. & Mrs. Dan Nieter         Mr. Martin Pastura
     Hastings Mutual Insurance     Indianapolis Colts              Kelley Automotive Group          Mr. Keith Lawson             Mr. John Machovsky             Messer-Lehman, Inc.            Mr. & Mrs. Bernard Niezer     Mr. Tom Paterson
     Mr. & Mrs. Craig Hathaway     Ms. Rhonda Inman                Ms. Barbara Kelley-Kraegel       Mr. Alan Lazarus             Ms. Elise Macomber             Dr. Linda Meyer                Mrs. Charlotte Nill           Pathway Community Church
     Mr. & Mrs. Jim Hauguel        Mr. & Mrs. Richard Inskeep      Mr. Robert Kelly                 Mr. & Mrs. David Leburg      Mr. & Mrs. Bill Magda          Ms. Tonya Meyer                Mrs. Rosemary Noecker         Ms. Danielle Payne
     Mr. & Mrs. David Hawk         International Truck & Engine    Mr. Tom Kelly                    Mr. & Mrs. Phillip Leckron   Mr. Lish Maggard               Mr. & Mrs. Brent Meyers        Mr. George Noeth              Mr. & Ms. Scott Pearson
     Mrs. Marilyn Haynes           IPFW                            Mr. Paul Kennedy                 Ms. Jennifer Lee             Ms. Peg Maginn                 Ms. Diane Meyers               Mr. David Noll                Mrs. Susan Peck
     Mr. & Mrs. Gil Haynie         IPFW Human Services Org.        Mr. Edward Kenney                Mr. Patrick Lee              Mr. Michael Magner             Ms. Julie Meyers               Ms. Linda Nord                Pediatric Pulmonary &
     Mr. & Mrs. Michael Headley    IPFW Speech &                   Mr. Tom Kenny                    Mrs. W.W. Lee                Mr. & Mrs. John Magsam         Mr. & Mrs. Tom Meyers          Mrs. Lori Norman                Critical Car
     Health Food Shoppe              Language Club                 Kent Family Foundation           Lee's Famous                 Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Mahoney       Mr. John Michael               Mr. & Mrs. Roger Norman       Peerless Cleaners
     Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Hearon        Mr. & Mrs. Bob Irish            Mr. John Kern                      Recipe Chicken             Maintenance Management         Mr. & Mrs. Pat Michaels        Ms. Linda Norris              Peg Perego
     Heart Strings                 Mr. & Mrs. Mox Irmscher         Mr. Jerry Kessler                Mr. & Mr. Steve LeFebvre     Mr. & Mrs. Martin              Mike's Carwash, Inc.           North River Capital, LLC      Mr. Stan Pence
     Ms. Amber Heckler             Ironworkers Local #147          Mrs. Robert Kigar                Mr. & Mrs. Kent Lefever        Maisonneuve                  Mr. John Milano                Northeastern REMC             Jesse Pennington
     William & Bonnie              Mr. & Mrs. Rhonda Irven         Mr. & Mrs. Thomas                Mr. & Mrs. Jon Lehrman       Majors Medical Supply          Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Miles        Northern Speech Services      Mr. & Mrs. Robert Perchak
      Hefner Foundation            Mr. & Mrs. Blane Irving            Kimbrough                     Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Leininger   Mr. & Mrs. John Malesky        Mr. Richard Miles              Northside Galleries           Perfection Bakeries Inc.
     Heidtman Family Foundation    Mr. Brett Irving                Mr. & Mrs. Gary Kimpel           Ms. Vicki Leininger          Mr. Alfred Maloley             Mr. Brad Miller                Ms. Edie Northup              Mr. Abel Perreira
     Mr. & Mrs. Shirley Heilman    Isaac Knapp Dist.               Mrs. Michelle Kimpel             Mr. & Mrs. Robert Lemon      Ms. Sheri Manella              Mr. David Miller               Mr. Michael Nothnagel         Pet Supplies Plus
     Ms. Suzanne Heingartner         Dental Society                Mr. & Mrs. William Kinder        Mr. Mike Lentine             Ms. Carol Mann                 Mr. & Mrs. Ed Miller           Ms. Ann Notter                Mr. Robert Peterman
     Mr. & Mrs. Vincent Heiny      ITT Corporation                 Mr. Glenn Kinderman              Mr. Larry Lents              Mr. & Mrs. Greg Mapps          Ms. Garnett Miller             Novus Paper and Packaging     Mr. & Mrs. David Peters

16                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           17
     Mr. & Mrs. Fredus               Mr. Paul Richardson           Dr. & Mrs. Ronald             Mr. Howard Shook            Steel Dynamics, Inc.           Taylor Technologies, Inc.     Mr. & Mrs. James Vinson    Mr. & Mrs. John Wilhelm
       "Pete" Peters                 Ms. Keli Richmond              Scheeringa                   Shopoff's Steakhouse        Mr. Harold Steele              Ms. Heather Teagarden         Mrs. Anita Voelker         Ms. Michele Wilhelm
     Mr. & Mrs. David Peterson       Mr. Robert Rietdorf           Ms. Beverly Scheiderer        Mr. Anthony Short           Ms. Susan Steele               Technology Specialists        Mr. Eric Vogen             Mr. & Mrs. Warren Wilhelm
     Ms. Nanette Peterson            Ms. Monika Rife               Mr. & Mrs. James Scheil       Mr. Bradley Showalter       Mr. Jon Stefanko               Ms. Jean Ternet               Mr. Ray Vondenhuevel       Mr. Bragg Williams
     Petroleum Traders               Mr. Daniel Rifkin             Ms. Jean Schendel             Mr. Dennis Shuler           Mr. Randall Steffen            TFC Canopy                    Mr. & Mrs. Bill Vrabel     Mr. Dean Williams
     Mrs. Charlene Pettit-Didier     Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Riley        Mr. & Mrs. Cletus Schenkel    Mr. Robert Shull            Mr. Tom Steigmeyer             The Dome                      Wabash Electric            Mr. & Mrs. George Williams
     Mr. Joseph Peyton               Mr. Dave Ritenour             Mr. & Mrs. George Schenkel    Mr. & Mrs. Grant Shurtz     Mr. & Mrs. Donald              The Duce                      Wachovia Securities        Mr. & Mrs. John Williams
     Mr. & Mrs. Robert K.            Mr. Steve Ritenour            Mr. & Mrs. Matt Schenkel      Mr. & Mrs. Kirk Shuster       Steininger                   The Ice Pak                   Ms. Theresa Wagler         Mr. & Mrs. Michael Williams
       Pfundstein                    Ritz-Craft Homes              Mr. & Mrs. Robert Schenkel    Dr. & Mrs. Richard Sibley   Mr. & Mrs. William             Mr. & Mrs. Gary Thelen        Mr. Brian Wagner           Mr. R. Joseph Williams
     Mr. & Mrs. Gene Phillips        River City Harley Davidson    Mr. & Mrs. Stewart Schenkel   Mr. & Mrs. John Side          Steinkamp                    Mr. Phillip Therkelson        Ms. Debbie Wagner          Mr. Robert Williamson
     Mr. Richard Phillips            Ms. Cathie Roach              Mr. & Mrs. Dean               Ms. Anne Siemer             Mr. & Mrs. Rick Stephens       Ms. Debbie Thomas             Mr. & Mrs. John Wagner     Willy Dog Catering
     Phil's Hobby Shop               Ms. Diana Roack                Scheumann                    Mrs. Donna Sievers          Mr. & Mrs. Mark Stern          Ms. Jodi Thomas               Ms. Marsha Wagner          Mr. James Wilson
     Physicians Health Plan          Mr. & Mrs. Francis Roberts    Mr. & Mrs. Jimmy Schindler    Mr. & Mrs. Richard Sikon    Travelers Protective           Mr. Charles Thompson          Mr. & Mrs. Robert Wagner   Mr. Jim Wilson
     Ms. Anna Piech                  Mr. Timothy Roberts           Dr. Karl Schlademan           Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Siman       Association                  Mr. & Mrs. Daniel             Mr. Loydd Waikel           Ms. Olinda Wilson
     Mr. Jack Pierson                Mr. Donald Robertson          Mr. Edward Schmitt            Mr. & Mrs. Russell Simons   Mr. & Mrs. James                 Thompson                    Ms. Sheri Waite            Ms. Mary Winders
     Pine Ridge Racquet Club         Ms. Diana Robinson            Ms. Julia Schmucker           Six Flags Great America       Stevenson                    Ms. Leandra Thompson          Mr. David Walcoff          Mr. & Mrs. Jim Winebrenner
     Pine Valley Country Club        Mr. Donald Robinson           Ms. Jeanette Schouweiler      Mr. & Mrs. Tom Skiba        Mr. & Mrs. Larry Stewart       Thompson Dental Care, Inc.    Ms. Emily Walden           Mr. & Mrs. Robert
     Ms. Alexis Piska                Mr. & Mrs. James Robinson     Mrs. Jeanne Schouweiler       Mr. Richard Skora           Stewart, Brimner & Co., Inc.   Mr. & Mrs. Ishmel             Mr. & Mrs. George Walick     Winkeljohn
     Mrs. Vicki Pittman              Mrs. Lanette Robinson         Mr. & Mrs. Richard Schram     Mr. & Mrs. James Slater     Mr. Charles Stigall              Thornsbury                  Mr. Ernest Walker          Mrs. Margarette Wisler
     Mr. Charles Piwowar             Mr. & Mrs. Scott Robinson     Mr. & Mrs. Perry Schroeder    Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Slater   Ms. Leila Stiles               Ms. Jeanmarie Thornsley       Mr. & Mrs. James Walker    Mr. & Mrs. Dan Witte
     Pizza Hut of Fort Wayne, Inc.   Mr. Danny Robison             Mrs. Judy Schroff             Mr. Timothy Slater          Mrs. Barbara Stillman          Three Rivers Barricade &      Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Wall      Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Witte
     Mr. & Mrs. Ron Plassman         Ms. Roxana Rockwell           Mr. & Mrs. Tom Schuerman      Mr. & Mrs. Bill Smith       Mr. & Mrs. Mark Stillwell        Equipment                   Ms. Laura Wall             Mr. Mark Witte
     Plymouth                        Mr. & Mrs. Bill Roebel        Mr. Michael Schuldt           Mr. Brad Smith              Mr. Shawn Stinnett             Ms. Jennifer Thurber          Walmart                    Mr. & Mrs. Norman Witte
       Congregational Church         Roethele Building Materials   Ms. Darlene Schumacher        Ms. Cheryl Smith            Mr. Brad Stinson               Ms. Cathy Thurston            Mrs. Bonnie Walowich       Mr. Paul Wohlbruck
     Mr. Richard Poinsatte           Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Rogers       Ms. Deb Schumacher            Mr. David Smith             Mr. Phil Stinson               Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Till       Mr. & Mrs. Tom Walsh       Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Wolf
     Mr. & Mrs. James Poiry          Mr. & Mrs. Peter Rogers       Mr. & Mrs. John               Mr. Donald Smith            Mr. James Stirn                Mr. & Mrs. Ben Tippmann       Ms. Rebecca Ward           Wolf Corp.
     Mr. Warren Poppe                Rogers Corporation             Schumacher                   Mr & Mrs. Gary Smith        Ms. Donna Stise                Mr. & Mrs. Chris Tippmann     Mr. & Mrs. Edgar Warner    Mr. & Mrs. James Wolfe
     Mrs. Kathy Porter               Mr. James Rohan               Drs. Ronald and Lillian       Mr. Gregory Smith           Mr. Brian Stockman             Mr. & Mrs. John Tippmann      Mr. & Mrs. Mark Warsco     Mr. & Mrs. Randy Wolfe
     Ms. Jane Porter-Gresham         Mr. & Mrs. Jack Rohrer         Schumacher                   Mr. Kevin Smith             Stoops Freightliner-Quality    Mr. & Mrs. John Tippmann      Mrs. Becky Wasson          Mr. Ronald Wolfe
     Mr. & Mrs. George Powell        Mr. & Mrs. Carl Rolfsen       Mr. Herman Schutt             Mr. Lawrence Smith          Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Stout       Charlie Tippmann              Mr. & Mrs. David           Mr. & Mrs. Troy Wolfe
     Mr. Steve Powell                Mr. & Mrs. Ian Rolland        Mr. & Mrs. Denis Schwartz     Mrs. Mary Ellen Smith       Mr. Everette Stoutner            Foundation                   Watercutter               Mrs. Denise Wood
     Mrs. Linda Powers               Roller Dome Skate Center      Ms. Andrea Schweppe           Ms. Mary Sue Smith          Ms. Carol Strack               Mary Cross Tippmann           Waterfield Foundation      Mr. Raymond Wood
     Mr. Tom Prakop                  Mrs. Cindi Rolleston          Science Central               Ms. Paula Smith             Mr. & Mrs. Dan Strahm            Foundation                  Mr. & Mrs. Max Waters      Ms. Sharon Wood
     Ms. Erica Predum                Ms. Mary Rollins              Mr. James Scott               Mrs. Robert Smith           Mr. David Strater              TJ Flooring                   Ms. Althea Watson          Mr. & Mrs. Patrick
     Mr. Dave Prible                 Mr. Doug Rood                 Mr. & Mrs. Jim Scott          Mr. Todd Smith              Mr. David Stratton             Ms. Camellia Tobin            Mr. & Mrs. Mike Waugh        Woodman
     Dr. & Mrs. Marvin Priddy        Mrs. Henry Rood               Mr. Joe Scott                 Mr. Tom Smith               Ms. Teresa Strebig             Tom Steele Tire Service       Wayne Asphalt and          Ms. Nancy Worley
     Priority 1                      Mr. & Mrs. Neal Rorick        Mr. & Mrs. Shawn Scott        Mr. Bryan Smyth             Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Stringer    Mr. Rob Tomlinson              Construction              Ms. Celestine Wright
     Prophet Sisters Foundation      Mrs. Lori Ross                Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth            Mrs. Kelly Sneary           Cory Stuck                     Mr. & Mrs. John Torma         Waynedale Bakery           Mr. Jonathon Wright
     Mr. Larry Prosper               Ms. Jenifer Rosselot           Scrogham                     Snickerz                    Ms. Joyce Studamire            Ms. Connie Torres             Mr. & Mrs. Bob Weachock    Mr. & Mrs. Tom Wright
     PI Chapter, Psi Iota Sorority   Mr. James Andrew Rosso        Ms. Susan Seals               Mr. Carl Snyder             Mr. & Mrs. Herbert Stuelpe     Mr. Victor Torres             Mr. Larry Weaver           Dr. & Mrs. Bob Wuthrich
     Putt Putt Golf & Games          Rothberg Logan & Warsco       Mr. & Mrs. Stanley Seay       Mr. & Mrs. Edward Snyder    Mr. Don Stump                  Dr. Amy Totten                Mr. John Webb              Mrs. Joni Wyatt
     Quality Massage                 Mrs. Carolyn Rothermel        Mr. Joseph Secu               Mr. & Mrs. Lowell Snyder    Mr. & Mrs. Edwin Stumpf        Mrs. Sandra Totten            Ms. Pamela Webb            Mr. & Mrs. W.D. Wyatt
     Ms. Catharine Queen             Ms. Denise Roudebush          Mr. & Mrs. Steve Seifert      Mrs. Susan Sockrider        CB Richard Ellis Sturges       Tower Bank                    Mrs. Marilyn Wedler        Mr. Glen Wyland
     Quizno's                        Roussel Concrete              Mr. Dennis Seitz              Mr. Frank Solner            Mr. Barry Sturges              Tredway Pools Plus            Ms. Ann Wehrman            Mrs. Tara Yarian
     R. E. Crosby & Son                Construction                Ms. Cynthia Seleme            Mr. & Mrs. Dick Sordelet    Mr. Brad Sturges               Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Trent       Mr. & Mrs. Ted             Mr. Claude Yates
     R.E.A.L. Consulting             Mr. & Mrs. Mac Routen         Mr. & Mrs. Jeremy Senk        Source One Solutions        Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Sturges        Mrs. Jennifer Trent-Shirey     Weimerskirch              Mr. Robert Yates
     Mr & Mrs. Charles Raiford       Mr. Allan Ruckey              Mr. Ray Serrani               South Suburban              Ms. Margaret Sturm             Triscape, Inc.                Mr. & Mrs. Arthur          Mr. & Mrs. Mark Yearian
     Ralph Sechler & Son, Inc.       Rudd Equipment                Fort Wayne Sertoma Club         Neighborhood              Mr. Dale Stutz                 Ms. Patricia Tritch            Weingartner               Yearian & Associates
     Mr. & Mrs. Keith Ramsey         Ms. Dawn Rudolph              Mr. & Mrs. David Seybert      Mrs. Jeanette Sowers        Ms. Anne Sullivan              Mr. Hilton Tucker             Mrs. Phyllis Weingartner   Ms. Shari Yeoman
     Mr. Gannon Ramy                 Mr. John Rufner               Mrs. Sally Sgro               Mr. & Mrs. N. Daniel        Mr. Richard Sullivan           Mr. Charles Turner            Mr. & Mrs. Michael         Paul & Virginia Yergens
     Dr. & Mrs. Sisira               Mr. & Mrs. Joseph             Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin             Spangler                  Mr. & Mrs. Michael             Mr. & Mrs. Phillip Tyndall     Weisheit                    Rogers Foundation
       Ranasinghe                      Rumschlag                    Shaffer                      Mr. & Mrs. Don Specht         Summers                      Mr. & Mrs. Richard Uhen       Mr. & Mrs. Rick Welfle     YMCA of Greater
     Mr. Robert Randell              Ms. Amanda Rupp               Shambaugh & Son, Inc.         Mr. & Mrs. James Speed      Summit City Bass Masters       Ms. Denise Ulrich             Mr. & Dr. Mark Welker        Fort Wayne
     Mr. & Mrs. William Reed         Mr. & Mrs. Mark Rupp          Mrs. Margaret Shane           Spiece Fitness & Day Spa    Summit Club                    Ultrazone-Laser Tag           Mr. & Mrs. Andy Wells      Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Yoder
     Rehabilitation Hospital         Mrs. Zelma Rupp               Mr. & Mrs. James Shank        Ms. Donna Spina             Mr. Richard Sun Tec Corp.      United Faith                  Ms. Ruth Wells             Mrs. Kathleen Yoder
       of Fort Wayne                 Mr. & Mrs. Chris Ruppert      Mr. & Mrs. Phillip Shank      Mr. John Spokaeski          Susan's                          Presbyterian Church         Wells Fargo Bank           Mr. John Yorko
     Mr. & Mrs. Todd                 Ms. Mary Ryan                 Mrs. Bonnie Shearer           Dr. & Mrs. Roger Sporre     Mr. & Mrs. Dale Swaidner       United Methodist               Indiana, N.A.             Dr. Daryl Yost
       Reichenbach                   Mr. & Mrs. Richard Ryan       Mr. Gary Shearer              Sports Center               Sweetwater Sound                 Church Women                Wells Fargo                Mr. & Mrs. Robert Young
     Mrs. Beverly Reidenbach         Mr. Frank Rzepka              Ms. Carol Shedd               Ms. Nancy Sprague           Mr. Eric Swenson               United Way of                  Discretionary Funds       Youngs Flowers
     Mr. Richard Reinstein           Mr. & Mrs. Phillip Sabo       Mr. & Mrs. Frederick Sheets   Ms. Linda Spurrier          Mr. Tom Swenson                  DeKalb County               Wells Fargo Insurance      Mr. Phillip Younts
     Mr. Bob Relitz                  Mr. & Mrs. Matthew            Mr. Steve Sheets              Mr. & Mrs. Jane Sroufe      Mr. & Mrs. William Swift       Mr. & Mrs. Chris Updike       Wendy's of Fort Wayne      Dr. & Mrs. Joe Yurkanin
     Mrs. Noreen Relue                 Sackett                     Mr. & Mrs. Tracy              SRT Prosthetics Orthotics   Mr. & Mrs. Adam Swinford       Ms. Diana Upton               Mrs. Lois Wenkheimer       Mr. James Zehr
     Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Rendina       Saint Anne Home                Shellabarger                 St. Joe Church of Christ    Dr. Jane Swiss                 Mr. & Mrs. Tommy Upton        Mr. Ralph Wescott          Mr. & Mrs. Ron Zeitlow
     Mr. Dennis Renke                Saint Charles School          Mr. & Mrs. Langston           St. Joseph Community        Swiss Re Life &                Ms. April Urban               Mr. Terry West             Ziebart
     Mr. & Mrs. Steve Rensel         Saint Vincent DePaul School    Shelton                        Health Foundation           Health America, Inc.         USTA Midwest                  Ms. Rosemarie Westhoff     Mr. & Mrs. Michael Ziembo
     Ms. Rose Renteria               Mrs. Marilyn Salon            Ms. Kim Shepard               Mr. & Mrs. Richard Staadt   Mrs. Jan Swygart               USWA Local 715                Mr. David White            Mr. Paul Ziolkowski
     Mr. & Mrs. Lionel Repka         Mr. Joseph E. Salta           Mrs. Nancy Shepler            Ms. Tina Stabler            Mrs. Pat Syndram               VA HBPC                       Mr. & Mrs. Ken White       Mr. & Mrs. Harold Zook
     Rescare Fort Wayne              Ms. Cathy Salway              Mr. & Mrs. Larry Sherer       Ms. Eileen Stafford         Mr. & Mrs. Adam Tackett        Mr. Clark Valentine           Mr. Larry White            Mrs. Connie Zurcher
       Southwest                     Sam's Club                    Mr. Dennis Sherman            Mr. & Mrs. John Stanley     Mr. & Mrs. Dewey Tagtmeyer     Ms. Wendy Van Antwerp         Mr. Herman Whitfield       Mr. & Mrs. Mike Zurcher
     Residence Inn by Marriott       Mrs. Lisa Sanchez             Mr. Gary Sherman              Ms. Kathy Stanley           Mr. & Mrs. Percy Talati        Mary E. Van Drew              Mr. Walter Whitley
     Dr. & Mrs. Paul Reszel          Mr. & Mrs. Paul Santos        Mr. John Shire                Mr. Larry Stannard          Mr. & Mrs. David Tally           Charitable Foundation       Ms. Helen Whitney
     Mr. Carsten Retrum              Mr. & Mrs. Jared Sarrazine    Ms. Lynn Shire                Mr. & Mrs. Russ Stanski     Mr. & Mrs. Fred Tana           Mr. & Mrs. Ed Vance           Ms. Velma Whitted
     Mr. Bill Reynolds               Mr. Jack Sauerwein            Mr. Robert Shireman           STAR Financial Bank         Mr. & Mrs. Michael Taub        Mr. George VanDenTop          Mr. James Wicht
     Mr. Jed Rice                    Ms. Charlette Savieo          Shoaff Park Lions Club        Starbucks                   Mrs. Karen Taylor              Mrs. Kim Vandermotten         Mr. & Mrs. Eric
     Mrs. Lori Rice                  Saxton Group Inc.             Mr. & Mrs. Steven Shoda       Mr. George Starkus          Mr. R. Gordon Taylor           Ms. Edye Vanhouten             Wickensheimer
     Mr. & Mrs. Lynn Rich            Ms. Michelle Saylor           Ms. Carma Shoemaker           Mr. & Mrs. Tim Stauffer     Mr. William Taylor             Mr. & Mrs. Robert Vegeler     Mr. & Mrs. Olin Wiland
     Mrs. Anne Richard               Mr. George Schaaf             Mr. & Mrs. Frank Shoener      Ms. Roberta Steck           Taylor Chapel United           Vera Bradley Designs, Inc.    Mr. Freddie Wilburn
     Mr. James Richardson            Mr. David Schafenacker        Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Sholl        Mr. & Mrs. Don Stedge         Methodist Church             Mr. & Mrs. August Verstynen   Ms. Erika Wilhelm

18                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 19
     thanks to all who gave honoraria and memorials to turnstone between
     June 15 and september 15, 2009.                                                                                           Wish list
                                                                    thomas Hunt                  andrea piwowar
         in Honor oF                  in MeMorY oF                  Mr. & Mrs. Carl Louraine     Mr. Charles Piwowar           Regular and decaf coffee, masking tape, duct tape, bleach, paper plates, tongue
     Concordia lutheran              linda "Meg" Beirbaum           Mustafa Karimian             Don pontius
                                                                                                                               depressors, latex-free Band-Aids, bottled water, plastic tableware, stage 2 baby food,
      Church 110th                   Mr. & Mrs. Steven              Mr. & Mrs. Ross Ehle         Mrs. Alberta Malcolm          construction paper, bubbles, play sand, paper towels, new bath towels, napkins,
      anniversary                      Ankenbruck                   Mr. & Mrs. Carl Louraine
     Mr. & Mrs. Bill Stiles          Mr. David Bierbaum                                          Vivian rietdorf               laundry detergent, dishwasher soap, glitter, divided foam plates, 8-ounce foam cups,
                                     Mr. & Mrs. Mike Horn           eliana Kosina                Mr. & Mrs. Steve Clark
     larry & Karen lehman's                                         Mrs. Angela Williams         Mr. & Mrs. Albert Lefevra     tempera paint, cotton balls, 6-foot vinyl table covers, colored chalk, new word search/
      50th Wedding                   Wayne Best
      anniversary                    Ms. Beverly Meyer
                                                                                                 Ms. Jackie McBride            puzzle books, stickers, Kleenex, and individual pudding, fruit, and applesauce cups.
                                                                    theron Kurtz                 Ms. Marcia McKinley
     Mr. & Mrs. David Kelley                                        Mr. & Mrs. Phil Howard       Mr. & Mrs. Tim Nagel
                                     Bernard Blackman                                            Mr. Ken Rietdorf
     Bob Burnsworth                  Ms. Phyllis Swank              stephen libbing              Ms. Paula Strasser
     Mr. & Mrs. Ted McElhaney        Mr. Gerald Westerfield         Mr. Mark Humbrecht           Ms. Peggy Weaver
                                                                                                                               Legacy Society
     Jeff Butler                     Vicki Bomersback               Florence louraine            thomas roberts
     Mr. & Mrs. David Conrad         Mrs. Frank Bomersback          Mr. & Mrs. Richard Andre     Mr. & Mrs. David Carter       Turnstone’s Legacy Society honors and recognizes those thoughtful and generous
     Bruce Gardner                   Maurice, Mildred &
                                                                    Blackhawk Ministries         Ms. Carol McGee               individuals who have provided for Turnstone’s future in their wills, trusts, and other
                                                                    Ms. Genny Daly
     Mr. & Mrs. N. Daniel             Marsha Chaney                 Mr. & Mrs. James DeBender    rachel ruppert                estate plans. By including Turnstone in your estate plans, you help ensure the
      Spangler                       Mr. Bruce Chaney               Mr. & Mrs. John Deiser       Ms. Arlene Thorn
                                                                    Mr. & Mrs. Louis Ehinger     Mrs. Angela Williams          health and sustainability of the agency. There are many options for establishing a
     Victoria Grose                  Cletus Couture                 Mr. & Mrs. Phil Ehinger
     Ms. Jean Larrabee               Mr. & Mrs. Ross Ehle           Mr. Lawrence Ehinger         Doris schultz
                                                                                                                               planned gift to Turnstone. For more information, please contact Nancy Louraine,
     Zachary Kieser                  Josephine Crosby
                                                                    Mr. & Mrs. Ray Ehinger       Mr. Calvin Schultz            executive director, at (260) 483-2100.
                                                                    Ms. Eleanor Ehinger
     Mr. & Mrs. Lynn Kieser          Mr. & Mrs. Jose Becerra        Mr. & Mrs. Ron Ehinger       Melvin schwartz
                                     Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Burns        Mr. & Mrs. Carl Ehinger      Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Webber
     Marcia lary
     Kappa Delta Alumni
                                     CMS Roofing Inc.
                                     Mr. & Mrs. Abner Crosby
                                                                    Mr. & Mrs. Steve Ehinger
                                                                    Mr. & Mrs. Ed Ehinger        Charles & Dorothy            A perfect day
                                     Mr. & Mrs. Charles Crosby      Mr. & Mrs. Ross Ehle          secord
     alex leckron
     Mr. Terry Shockey
                                     Mr. & Mrs. Jim Crosby          Mr. & Mrs. Gerry Ehle        Mr. John Secord              The	weather	couldn’t	have	been	better	on	September	2!	It	was	sunny	and	warm,	
                                     Mr. & Mrs. Frank Crosby        Mr. & Mrs. Tom Galvin
                                     Erie Haven                     Mr. Robert Gibson            Fred seresinhe               and	a	refreshing	breeze	passed	through	every	now	and	again.	The	bugs	even	stayed	
     arthur & Marcia litton          Ms. Francile Firestine         Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Girardot   Dr. & Mrs. Sisira
     Mr. & Mrs. John Burke           Mr. & Mrs. Philip Gallmeier    Ms. Beth Hasselbusch           Ranasinghe
                                                                                                                              away!	This	year,	19	teams	participated	in	Turnstone’s	29th	Annual	Golf	Outing,	
                                     Mr. Clifford Gamble            Mr. & Mrs. Bob Hunt                                       held	for	the	third	straight	year	at	Autumn	Ridge.	The	event	raised	more	than	
     Colin Mcintire                  Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Gepfert      Mr. & Mrs. Rex Jacquay       libby sheldon
     Ms. Cheryl Alevizon             Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Graves         Ms. Pat Ladig                Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Dixon      $33,000	in	support	of	Turnstone’s	programs	and	services,	which	are	provided	to	
     Mr. William Bradford            Mrs. Jane Hendry               Ms. Cecile Ladig
     Citizens Telephone Corp.        Mr. & Mrs. Mox Irmscher, Jr.   Mr. & Mrs. Carl Louraine     earl smith                   children	and	adults	with	disabilities	on	a	sliding	fee	scale.	Many	thanks	to	Classic	
     Grable & Associates Realty      Mr. & Mrs. Jim Klopfenstein
     Heritage Pointe                 Mrs. Carol Lineberry
                                                                    Mr. & Mrs. Greg Lynch        Mrs. Carol Terman            Café	and	Club	Soda	for	providing	lunch	and	appetizers—it	was	delicious	as	always!	
                                                                    Mr. & Mrs. Gene Marks
     Ms. Francile McIntire
     Mr. & Mrs. Ed Moore
                                     Mrs. Bernadette Mattingly      Mr. & Mrs. Mike Marks        lisa snyder                  We	also	extend	our	thanks	to	the	many	sponsors,	auction	donors,	players,	and	
                                     Mr. & Mrs. Robert Muhn         Ms. Maureen McGary           Ms. Sue Mau
     Mr. Theodale Weser              Mrs. Mary Pickett              Mrs. Jacki Moore                                          volunteers	for	making	this	year’s	outing	a	success.	For	a	listing	of	sponsors,	
                                     Mr. & Mrs. Charles Putt        Mr. Mike Moran               Barbara stout
     Julie Meyers                    Mr. & Mrs. Stan Shaffer        Mr. & Mrs. Paul Mourey       Mr. Carl Stout
                                                                                                                              please	see	page	9	of	the	Annual	Report.
     Ms. Beth Kloser                 Mr. Phillip Shirmeyer          Ms. Cathy Nowicki
     Mrs. Virginia McKenzie          Mr. Howard Shook               Mrs. Cindi Rolleston         ruth strauss
     Mr. & Mrs. Scott Smith          Ms. Mary Thieme                Mr. & Mrs. Mark Rupp         Ms. Patricia Beers
                                     Mr. & Mrs. John Wendling       Mr. & Mrs. Clarence Seitz    Mrs. Gretchen Bonsib
     Vivian Miller                                                  Mr. & Mrs. Stan Shaffer
     Mr. & Mrs. Donald Miller, Jr.   eric Daseler                   Mr. & Mrs. Larry Sievert     Bertha tindall
     Mr. & Mrs. John Miller          Mr. & Mrs. Bob Dixon           Dr. & Mrs. Thomas Smith      Mr. John Vogel
                                     Ms. Suzanne Heingartner        Ms. Joyce Spahr
     turnstone preschool             Ms. Edith Linker               Ms. Carole TenBarge          arlene White
      Class of 1994–95               Mr. & Mrs. Carl Louraine       Mr. & Mrs. Bernie Vodde      Mr. & Mrs. Ross Ehle
     Mr. & Mrs. Vernon Pitcher       Mrs. Cindi Rolleston           Ms. Kathy Wetter
                                     Mr. & Mrs. Scott Wood          Mr. & Mrs. Robert            laurie Williams
     rudy svoboda                                                     Winkeljohn                 Ms. Arlene Hillenburg
     Mr. Arthur Finco                Ken Disler                                                  Mr. & Mrs. Norman Williams            From left:
                                     Mr. & Mrs. Ted Barry           alberta lulos
     Mr. & Mrs. percy talati         Mr. & Mrs. Carl Berry          Mr. & Mrs. Tom West          nile Williamson                  mike marland,
     Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Davis          Mr. & Mrs. Tom Felger
                                     Fort Wayne Track Club
                                                                                                 Mr. & Mrs. Steve Brown           Edwin Gorrell,
                                                                    Hamida Munji                 Ms. Patricia Caudle
     turnstone therapy staff         Mr. Mitch Harper               Mr. & Mrs. Ross Ehle                                         Roberta Gorrell,
     Mr. & Mrs. James Solon          Ms. Kathy Jarvis
                                     Ms. Veronica Philbin           richard nill, sr.                                          Tim Terman, Kelly
                                     Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Reidy
                                     Ms. Mary Lou Schoeph
                                                                    Mrs. Charlotte Nill                                           Clevenger, and
                                     elizabeth Grabach
                                                                    Brooke peters                                                   scorekeeper
                                                                    Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Gerbers
                                     Mr. & Mrs. Mark Berron         Mr. & Mrs. Norman Wente                                      Beth Clevenger.
                                     Mr. & Mrs. James Kyler

20                                                                                                                                                                                                                       21
     thank you to the 2009 team turnstone Fort-4-Fitness                                                                       the lyon Family
                                                                                                                               Ms. Sara Diss
                                                                                                                                                            Ms. Jeanette DeVore
                                                                                                                                                            Mr. Phillip Ehle
                                                                                                                               Mr. Robert Doonan            Mrs. Vicki Leininger
     runners, walkers, and rollers                                                                                             Mrs. Melanie Fogwell
                                                                                                                               Ms. Eve Kaufman
                                                                                                                                                            Ms. Stephanie Louraine
                                                                                                                                                            Dr. & Mrs. Michael Mirro
     Tina Acosta, Sarah Aubrey, Elizabeth Augustine, Terri Beauchot, Shawnda Beckstedt, Anne Bobilya, Greg Clark,              Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Lyon      Mrs. Jacki Moore
     Kelly Clevenger, Jim Dammeier, Dan Davis, Cathy Distelrath, Ruth Dunlap, John Emerick, James Ezell, Bob Gibson,           Mrs. Beth Whitaker           Ms. Nancy Schenkel
     Amber Goldman, Jenette Henry, Kevin Hughes, Jared Kent, Jan Labas, Jim Labas, Sam Labas, Nancy Louraine, Michelle                                      Dr. Lillian Schumacher
     Love, Adrianne Lyon, Madison Lyon, Troy Lyon, Garrett Martz, Deb Maynard, Emily Mead, Lance Miller, Jennifer Neher,       emily Mead &                 Mr. & Mrs. Tom Skiba
                                                                                                                                elizabeth noll              Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Sturges
     Neal Neizer, Pat Nolan, Randy Outman, Robert Pfundstein, Kay Schory, Tracy Shellabarger, Gretchen Shellabarger,           Ms. Joyce Dafforn-Van Zant   Mrs. Kelly Updike
     Dan Spangler, Donna Spina, Brad Sturges, Cassie Tinnel, Tom Trent, Gary Wedler, Marilyn Wedler, Amanda Weybright,         Ms. Kendra Dossen            Ms. Karen Tyner
     and Courtney Zuehsow.                                                                                                     Mr. David Hart               Mr. & Mrs. Bill Vrabel
                                                                                                                               Ms. Gwen Hill
     together, these individuals raised more than $10,200 in support of turnstone’s therapeutic programs                       Ms. Lisa McIntre             Jennifer neher
     and services! thank you also to all those who supported their efforts by making gifts in their honor:                     Pat Rose                     Mr. Mark Hartman
                                                                                                                               Mr. & Mrs. David Yuhas       Ms. Jeniffer Jordan
     tina acosta                   Mrs. Kelly Borror              Jim Dammeier                   Ms. Kristina Koos                                          Mr. Michael Kelly
     Mr. & Mrs. John               Mr. & Mrs. John Brooks         Ms. Diane Bigelow              Mr. & Mrs. Duane Krall        Jenette Henry
                                                                                                                               Marilyn Bauer
                                                                                                                                                            Mrs. Kathy McManama
                                                                                                                                                            Ms. Holly Miller
                                                                                                                                                                                          Elizbeth Augustine with Randy
       Rajanayakam                 Mr. & Mrs. Ben Campbell        Mr. Philip Bonahoom            Life Development Centers
                                   Mrs. Carol Cornell             Mrs. Kim Chase                 Mrs. Kim Lunato               Mr. Tony Billman             Miss Arlene Morales           Outman, the first wheelchair
     elizabeth augustine           Mr. & Mrs. Ben Eisbart         Mrs. Betsy Dammeier            Ms. Susan Martin              Mr. & Mrs. Sheldon Bixler    Mr. & Mrs. Lee Neher
     Ms. Lou Augustine             Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Elyea        Mr. & Mrs. Jeremy              Mrs. Julia Maxwell            Marge & Jim Brown            Mrs. Cheryl Ryan              finisher in the Fort-4-Fitness.
     Mr. Alan Dausman              Mr. Robert Johnson               Dammeier                     Ms. Linda McCaw               Monica Brown                 Ms. Amy Schreiber
     Dr. Linda Hite                Mrs. Nancy Louraine            Mr. Norb Dreyer                Mr. & Mrs. Crayton McCleery   Manny Castillo               Ms. Erin Stewart
     Mr. Steven Stouder            Mr. Rick Oliphant              Ms. Janice Hand                Mr. Dennis McCreary           Ms. Carolyn Christlieb       Thomas & Susan Trent
     Ms. Michelle Welty            Mrs. Lesley Pfleging           Ms. Sharon Jones               Mr. & Mrs. Carl McNutt        Jennie Chuck                 Ms. Rebecca Ward              Mr. John Richwine         Mr. Garrett Martz
     Mrs. Gail Weybright           Ms. Mary Watson                Ms. Patricia Mosher            Mr. Patrick Monaghan          Ms. Anette Clevenger         Dr. Daryl Yost                Mr. & Mrs. John Shannon   Ms. Deb Maynard
     Miss Angie Weybright                                         Mrs. Mary Lynn Pottorff        Mr. & Mrs. David Moran        Ms. Addie Colley             Mrs. Judy Zehner              Mrs. Denise Wood          Mr. Neal Niezer
     Ms. Margaret Weybright        Gregory Clark                  Ms. Linda Spurrier             Mr. & Mrs. John Moran         Kim Cubic                                                                            Ms. Kathy Porter
                                   Mrs. Barbara Fox               Ms. Anna Yahl                  Mrs. Joyce Paschka            Ms. Diane Drake              patricia nolan                Donna spina               Mr. & Mrs. Tracy
     shawnda Beckstedt             Mr. Todd Haines                Mr. John Yahl                  Ms. Renee Perkins             Mr. Scott Eagleson           Mrs. Patricia Anderson        Ms. Vicki Beeks            Shellabarger
     Ms. Christine Beckstedt       Ms. Lisa Isenbarger            Ms. Ann Zurcher                Ms. Jean Phillips             Mr. Randy Fry                Mr. & Mrs. Mike Anderson      Ms. Mary Cabell           Mrs. Kay Schory
     Mr. & Mrs. Ted Litzenberg     Mr. Kent Pyle                                                 Mrs. Susan Reams              Alfonso Garza                Sister Arnold                 Mrs. Ann Colburn          Mr. & Mrs. N. Daniel
     Mr. Jason Ott                 Ms. Allison Roach              Cathy Distelrath               Mrs. Paula Riehm              Mr. Mike Gerbers             Mr. John Arnold               Ms. Eunice Conrad          Spangler
                                   Mr. & Mrs. Tom Skiba           Mr. Steven Alles               Ms. Karen Salerno             Mr. Brad Griffith            Ms. Judy Baker                Mr. Ken Gingrich          Mr. Brad Sturges
     annie Bobilya                 Ms. Linda Staley               Mr. & Mrs. Jim Cox             Mr. & Mrs. Dick Shaw          Martha Heckler               Nancy Bertsche                Mr. Dave Gongwer          Ms. Camellia Tobin
     Mr. David Bobilya             Ms. Betty Windsor              Mr. Robert Cox                 Ms. Mary Snyder               April Henry                  Ms. Mary Bickford             Mr. Robert King           Ms. Theresa Wagler
     Mr. Donald Bobilya                                           Mr. Jon Dernier                Mr. James Swain               Deb Henry                    Ms. Margaret Campbell         Mr. & Mrs. Allen King     Mrs. Courtney Zuehsow
                                                                  Mr. Robert Distelrath          Betty Turner                  Mr. Tom Herr                 William & Nancy Critell       Mrs. Joan Lininger
                                                                  Mr. Chad Distelrath            Mrs. Marcia Van               Mr. Gary Holt                Mr. & Mrs. Gene Falkenstern   Mrs. Sharon McKay         Gary & Marilyn Wedler
                                                                  Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Distelrath   Mrs. Jody Warner              Mrs. Zlata Karajic           Mrs. Elaine Fitch             Ms. Rozann Schmidtke      Ms. Wilma Wilhelm
                                                                  Ms. Linda Emenhiser            Ms. Susan Witmer              Ms. Denise Kendig            Flagship Financial            Ms. Leah Tourkow
                                                                  Ms. Connie Polanco                                           Mr. Brad Kiess               Ms. Kathryn Froebe            Mr. & Mrs. Ron Zeitlow    amanda Weybright
                                                                  Ms. Jan Rison                  James ezell &                 Mrs. Tammy Killion           Ms. Judy Grider                                         Mrs. Elizabeth Augustine
                                                                  Mr. Ollie Snyder                 Cassie tinnel               Mr. & Mrs. Don Lanham        Ms. Shirley Gronski           Brad sturges              Ms. Margaret Weybright
                                                                  Mr. & Mrs. Mick Shingleston    Mrs. Dana Alder               Mr. & Mrs. Mike Lortie       Mr. & Mrs. Charles Hieber     Jeff Sturges
                                                                                                 Mr. David Bayle               Mr. & Mrs. Paul Lortie       Mrs. Mary Jane Jones          Barry Sturges             Courtney Zuehsow
                                                                  John emerick                   Mrs. Janet Blanford           Mrs. Sherry Lytle            Mr. Donald Lassiter           Jeremy Carnahan           Ken & Rhonda Kelley
                                                                  Mr. Marlin Bauer               Mr. Gary Ezell                Mr. Robert Maroney           Mr. Tony Lemmon               TE Incorporated
                                                                  Mr. & Mrs. Richard Berning     Ms. Portia Ezell              Mr. McNagny                  Mrs. Sherry Mommer            Dave Davis
                                                                  Mrs. Mary Bottoms              Ms. Krista Jauregui           Ms. Renae Miracle            Mr. Mike Nolan                Lowell Griffin
                                                                  Mrs. Roberta Buroff            Mr. David Mengyan             Mrs. Sarah Petro             Ms. Terry Pozezanac           Tom McGee
                                                                  Mr. & Mrs. Gene Caryer         Mr. & Mrs. Mike Nelson        Mrs. Sara Roehling           Ms. Geraldine Ringland        Tommy Schoegler
                                                                  Cedarville Elementary          Ms. Doris Newton              Mr. Phillip Thomas           Bev Scheiderer                Anna Bowman
                                                                  Mrs. Karen Christopher         Mr. & Mrs. Randy Outman       Jett Yoder                   Mrs. Stephanie Scheumann      Karen Spake
                                                                  Mr. & Mrs. Leon Davis          Mrs. Amy Owens                                             Mr. & Mrs. John Shannon       Eric Olsen
                                                                  Mr. & Mrs. David Doster        Mr. Gary Pate                 Kevin Hughes                 Mrs. Beverly Steinkamp        Bill Cupp
                                                                  Durm Insurance Agency          Mrs. Kay Prince               Mr. Bruce Gardner            Ms. Karen Thomas              Rob Binns
                                                                  Dr. & Mrs. Bob Ellison                                                                    Mrs. Denise Wood              Joel Harter
                                                                  Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Emerick       amber Goldman                 Michelle love                Mrs. Mary Worrell             Kathy Moses Denig
                                                                  Mr. Samuel Emerick             Mrs. Sheila Cuffy             Amelia                       Ms. Kelly Yingling            Peter Bobeck
                                                                  Emerick & Associates           Mrs. Caryl Goldman            David Bell
                                                                  Ms. Linda Englehart            Mr. Jesse Louis               Bryan Cobb                   randy outman                  team turnstone
                                                                  Mr. & Mrs. Jack Flory          Mrs. Kelly Marks              Laura Craig                  Mr. James Ezell               Mrs. Tina Acosta
                                                                  Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Friedrich    Mr. Robert Ndirangu           Ms. Roberta Foster           Ms. Angela Krugh              Ms. Sarah Aubrey
                                                                  Mr. & Mrs. Terry Garman        Mrs. Deborah Oberlin          Karen Love                   Mrs. Daun Outman              Mr. Gregory Clark
                                                                  Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Garman       Mr. & Mrs. Greg Rietdorf      Becky McCutchen                                            Mr. Kelly Clevenger
                                                                  Ms. Ronda Goodspeed            Mr. & Mrs. Fred Spade         John Parrott                 Bob pfundstein                Mr. Dan Davis
                                                                  Ms. Bonnie Hellinger           Mrs. Krista Walker            Florence Voirol              Mr. David Blakeslee           Ms. Cathy Distelrath
                                                                  Mrs. Martha Hoar               Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Worman      Ashley Zak                   Ms. Noreen Davis              Ms. Ruth Dunlap
                                                                  Mr. & Mrs. John Homrig                                                                    Hearcare Audiology            Mr. Dick Fox
                                                                  Mr. & Mrs. David Kelker        the labas Family              nancy louraine               Mr. & Mrs. Ken Schilf         Mrs. Cindy Geisman
     Clockwise from left: Donna Spina,                            Mr. William Kerbel, Jr.        Kent and Andrea Scholz        Mr. Mick Baker
                                                                                                                               Mrs. Debby Beckman
                                                                                                                                                            Mrs. Gayle Stewart            Mr. Robert Gibson
                                                                  Ms. Mary Kiningham             Fran Gull                                                                                Mrs. Amber Goldman
     Adrianne Lyon, John Emerick,                                 Mrs. Marjorie Kiracofe         Jim and Carrie Stanley        Mr. & Mrs. Mark Berron       Dan spangler                  Mr. Kevin Hughes
                                                                  Mr. Jim Kiracofe               Alan Ayres                    Nancy Bertsche               Mr. & Mrs. Charles Hieber     Mr. Jared Kent
     Amber Goldman, Tina Acosta,                                  Mr. Dave Klein                                               Mr. & Mrs. David Bobilya     Mrs. Michelle Kimpel          Mrs. Vicki Leininger
     and Robert Pfundstein.                                       Mr. & Mrs. Mike Koehlinger                                   Mrs. LeAnn Cooper            Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Lambert       Ms. Michelle Love

22                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             23
                                                                    address service requested
                          Fort Wayne, Indiana
                            Permit No. 260
    U.S. Postage


                                           Children and adults with Disabilities

                                           Fort Wayne, Indiana 46805
                                           3320 North Clinton Street
                                           turnstone Center for

A belated thumbs-up
Our apologies to Team Fearless—we included the wrong team’s photo in the last
issue of Topics. Congrats to the Fearless Flyers for taking first in Division II during
the U.S. Power Soccer Association National Tournament in June.

The team includes (from left) Autry Keener, Zach Kieser, Chad Cahill,
Colin mcIntire, Brandon Stump, Sean Cahill, and Greg Buse.

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