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					                                                           NEEDS & WANTS - October 13, 2009

Type      Business           Description                                                                  Contact        Group       Notes

Lead in   Environmental      Needed - A Lead In Seller for a Strategic Buyer ( A large Public Company     Ever Macias   California
Seller    Protection         with main operations in China and a leading provider of environmental         (619) 232-
          Equipment          protection equipment ). Buyer has extensive acquisitions experience. Their       9375
                             primary interest is to locate Industrial Air and or Water Pollution Control Emacias@gott
                             Engineering and Consulting companies here in the US, with revenue               esman-
                             between $2mm to $20mm. Not interested in manufacturing companies, 
                             but are interested in companies with unique qualities and skill sets.

Buyer     Food Companies     B-1084 seeks Food Companies in the U.S. with sales $20MM to $200MM          Marvin    Metro NY/NJ
                             and EBITDA over 10%                                                        Schleyer

Lead in   Industrial Metal   A lead-in Buyer is needed for a visit this coming week with a Company that    Marvin    Metro NY/NJ
Buyer     Working            sells new and used Industrial metalworking machines, mostly of the larger    Schleyer
Needed    Machines           variety. They handle thousands of machines including a variety of CNC      201-224-3637
                             machines, manuel lathes, boring mills, etc. Located in the New York area, mschleyer@go
                             sales $12MM, highly profitable.                                              ttesman-

                             Need lead-in buyer for manufacturer of wood partitions/fixtures with         Stanley   Metro NY/NJ
                             revenue $10.9 million.                                                     Zimmerman
                                                        NEEDS & WANTS - October 13, 2009

Type      Business        Description                                                                   Contact        Group        Notes

Lead in   Electronic      The prospect company Manufacturers and Distributes Electonic Equipment Doug Cotton Mid Atlantic
Buyer     Equipment       primarily consisting of Diodes, High Power Semiconductors, Current and 724-512-0115
Needed                    Voltage Sensors and Thyristors. Company annual sales volume is in the  dcotton@gott
                          range of $10 - $15 million.                                               esman-

Buyer     Manufacturing   B-1550 Looking for distressed manufacturing companies $5 mil to $50 mil      John Kirst  Mid Atlantic
          Companies       in rev. Includes companies in Bank workout dept. or foreclosure.           610-764-4656

Lead in   Cranes -        Needed for 11/3/09 Face to Face meeting:                                          Karen    Mid Atlantic
Buyer     Wholesale       Lead in Buyer for a company with annual rev. of $12M located in VA. He is       Pettigrew
Needed                    very interested in speaking with a PEG that has an injection of funds to take 423-494-2261
                          his very successful company to the next level. I have not yet confirmed his kpettigrew@g
                          EBITDA. The SIC code for this company is 5082. This company wholesales          ottesman-
                          "big" cranes in the USA and abroad.                                 
                                                            NEEDS & WANTS - October 13, 2009

Type      Business          Description                                                                       Contact        Group     Notes

Lead in   Forging Product   SIC: 3462 Forgings (Mfr) – Iron and Steel. Location: Midwest.                    Robert          Midwest
Buyer     Manufacturer      Description:                                                                Siebelink, 734-
Needed                      The Company is an international leader in the manufacturing and supply of      546-3638,
                            cold formed products. They serve a variety of customers across several      rsiebelink@got
                            markets consisting of agriculture equipment manufacturers, railcar              tesman-
                            producers, RV parts, hand tools, building construction, automotive 
                            aftermarkets, and automotive OEM. Secondary support services include
                            threading, heat treating, CNC machining, drilling, and metal finishing that
                            permits them to offer an unlimited assortment of part configurations.
                            Revenue: $11M. Employees: 58

Seller    Canvas Products   SIC: 2394 Mfr - Canvas And Related Products. Location: Midwest                      Robert       Midwest
          Manufacturer      The company is an international manufacturer of quality textile products        Siebelink 734-
                            servicing industrial, military and automotive markets. The Company                546-3638,
                            currently focuses on converting textile materials into an array of products    rsiebelink@got
                            ranging from seat cushions, tops, covers and cargo assemblies for military         tesman-
                            vehicles, to seat cushions, tops, covers and cargo assemblies for industrial
                            markets. In addition, the company supplies the automotive industry with
                            returnable packaging, mutilation protection and a wide range of other
                            products servicing the non-productive sector. Revenue: $8M. Employees:
Lead in   B2B Business Firm Business to Business Firm Servicing Accountants, Franchises and Non-Profit Harry Nikitin New England
Buyer                       Organizations - Provides a Hosted Office Network that Employees &          978-887-0890
Needed                      Customers can Access Anytime, Anywhere Simplifies PC Maintenance,          hnikitin@gotte
                            Eliminates Server Support. Annual Sales $14M - 20 Employees - Northeast        sman-
                                                           NEEDS & WANTS - October 13, 2009

Type      Business          Description                                                                    Contact       Group       Notes

Lead in   Paper Products    Paper Products Distribution Center for Catering Supplies, Food Service       Harry Nikitin New England
Buyer                       Items, Janitorial and Household Products - Must be Strategic Buyer. Sales    978-887-0890
Needed                      $10M - 41 Employees - located in Northeast                                  hnikitin@gotte

Lead in   Screen-Printing   Looking for a lead in buyer for a screen-printing textile mfg company        John Gleason New England
Buyer     Textile Company   located in the Northeast that does $115 M in revenues and has EBITDA in      508-881-7335
Needed                      excess of $10 M. This company has an exceptionally long history and is      jgleason@gott
                            reputed to produce the finest textile prints in the world. It is fully          esman-
                            integrated, in that it produces its own print dyes and chemicals. The
                            company is owned by an ESOP.

Lead in   Aircraft          The ESP seller manufactures burn-certified aircraft upholstery leathers and    Robert   New England
Buyer     Upholstery        textiles for commercial and VIP customers throughout the world. They have     Mathews
Needed                      a brand-new factory in upstate New York. The company does $15 million in 518-372-6477
                            revenue.                                                                    rmathews@go

Lead in   Science &         The Seller prospect is a privately-held science and technology company      David    New England
Buyer     Technology        leading the development and commercialization of next generation         Culbertson
Needed    Company           biorefineries for the production of high-value bio-based chemicals from 978.223.1496
                            renewable feedstock, through the use of its proprietary biocatalyst     dculbertson@
                            technology. They are New England based with revenues of $10 million and gottesman-
                            have 60 employees. SIC: 2865 (also maybe 2869)                
                                                        NEEDS & WANTS - October 13, 2009

Type      Business        Description                                                                     Contact      Group       Notes

Lead in   Software        I'm looking for a Lead-in Buyer for the following software company: This        David    New England
Buyer     Company         business is the global leader in complete people management solutions        Culbertson
Needed                    that enable organizations to more effectively drive their business          978.223.1496
                          performance. They have a complete, end-to-end platform natively             dculbertson@
                          connecting all human resources and talent functions, including               gottesman-
                          performance management, succession planning, learning and development,
                          compensation, hiring and recruiting, workforce planning, social networking,
                          and core HR records. Sales: $18MM. Employees: 210. SIC: 7372. Location:
                          New England.

Lead in   Engineering &   $12M Engineering and manufacturing business which enhances and                    David    New England
Buyer     Manufacturing   expands it's customers' engineering and manufacturing with high efficiency,    Culbertson
Needed                    leading edge sources and processes. They are looking for a possible merger    978.223.1496
                          to grow. Location: New England. SIC: 3669, 3679. Specialty: Cable and         dculbertson@
                          harness.                                                                       gottesman-
                          Industry expertise:                                                 
                          • Military • Alternative Energy • Semiconductor and Electronics
                          Capital Equipment • Medical and Life Science
                          • Homeland Security • Industrial Equipment
Lead in   Data Backup &   This disk-based data protection company has a scalable backup and                 David    New England
Buyer     Protection      recovery system built to achieve the performance and capacity                  Culbertson
Needed                    requirements of the most data intensive organizations. Built on their         978.223.1496
                          patented scale-out architecture, their products enable data-intensive         dculbertson@
                          enterprises to deduplicate, back up, replicate, and restore petabytes of       gottesman-
                          data at wire speed without disruption to their existing infrastructure.
                          Sales: $15MM. Employees: 87. SIC: 3572.
                          Location: New England
                                                            NEEDS & WANTS - October 13, 2009

Type      Business           Description                                                                Contact        Group        Notes

Lead in   Sport Hat          A profitable $14mm sport hat (baseball, tennis, outdoor activity)         Jeff Widen New England
Buyer     Manufacturer       manufacturer; it has been in business for almost 100 years.             203-807-1033
Needed                                                                                               jwiden@gotte

Lead in   Energy Related     Sales are said to be $6.5 million. The SIC code 3825 is not the only one      Kurt     New England
Buyer                        that may be appropriate.                                                   Behrenfeld
Needed                       Our Company creates a better world through the responsible use of energy. 866-812-9886
                             We provide a whole-system approach to energy policy, programs, solutions, kbehrenfeld@
                             and software.                                                              gottesman-

Lead in   Robotic Systems    I need a lead-in buyer for an ESP appointment with a Company that             Jim Forte  New England
Buyer     Machinery          specializes in the design, engineering, fabrication and installation of     203-878-8759
Needed    Manufacturer       integrated robotic and machine vision systems. The company manufactures jforte@gottes
                             a variety of custom automated assembly and packaging machinery for              man-
                             various industries including: Personal care products, Medical Devices,
                             Automotive, Electronics, and Machine Components. The custom machinery
                             the company builds solves a number of common manufacturing problems
                             ranging from dispensing, labeling, capping, material handling, assembly, to
                             tray handling. Located in New England. SIC 3599. Revenue $7.3MM
Lead in   Electrical Power   Need Buyer for Electrical Power Distribution and Control Systems for    Jeff Widen New England
Buyer                        Demanding Markets and Environments; for Military and Commercial Power 203-807-1033
Needed                       Distribution Requirements. A True manufacturer of Reliable and Robust jwiden@gotte
                             Products; $20mm in sales; East Coast and Western locations.               sman-
                                                              NEEDS & WANTS - October 13, 2009

Type      Business           Description                                                                         Contact       Group       Notes

Lead in   Government         Prospect that has sales of $30 million with EBITDA $6 Million and is one of           Paul     New England
Buyer     Cotnractor         the largest in its niche field. Its mission, since incorporating in 1996, is to    Cogliandro
Needed                       assist government agencies to meet their business objectives. It partners         508-234-4675
                             with clients on IT initiatives to improve customer service, increase              pcogliandro@
                             operational efficiency and maximize compliance. With a dedicated team of           gottesman-
                             full-time business and information systems consultants and a suite of   
                             software solutions, it is one of the largest organizations of its kind
                             dedicated exclusively to tax, labor and child support agencies.

Lead in   Telecommunicatio Company headquartered in the Northeast with estimated sales of $18.3                 Harold Salm New England
Buyer     ns               million and an SIC code of 7389 that provides convenient, high quality              203-226-5026
Needed                     teleconferencing, web conferencing and webinar services at prices well              hsalm@gottes
                           below the competition. With great services, great rates and unmatched                   man-
                           web-based conveniences, the Company makes teleconferencing, web           
                           conferencing and webinar services affordable for small businesses and easy-
                           to-administer for large corporations.

Lead in   Seal               Need of a buyer for a Seal manufacturer in New England w/ $5.5MM in                  Jim Forte  New England
Buyer     Manufacturer       sales. Offers complete in-house application and design engineering,                 Phone 203-
Needed                       manufacturing and test capabilities. The Company serves a broad base of              878-8759
                             markets including Aerospace/ Defense, Chemical and Petrochemical                  jforte@gottes
                             Processing, Medical, Nuclear, Off-Shore Oil Technology and others. The                 man-
                             company's services include integration of standard and custom designed  
                             metallic seals into customer's applications.
Lead in   Engineering &      I need a lead-in buyer for an ESP appointment with an engineering                    Jim Forte  New England
Buyer     Manufacturing      oriented, manufacturer of high-energy alkaline electrochemical cells,             203-878-8759
Needed                       batteries and support electronic equipment. The Company specializes in            jforte@gottes
                             the manufacture of rechargeable silver-zinc cells and batteries. The                   man-
                             Company is located in New England. SIC 3692. Revenue $6.3MM             
                                                              NEEDS & WANTS - October 13, 2009

Type      Business             Description                                                                      Contact       Group         Notes

Lead in   Aircraft           I need a lead-in buyer for an ESP appointment with an industry leader in         Harold Salm New England
Buyer     Maintenance        the design and manufacture of aircraft maintenance support equipment            203-226-5026
Needed                       and test systems in the Northeast with estimated sales of $9.3 million and      hsalm@gottes
                             an SIC code of 3829. Products and services include aircraft engine accessory        man-
                             test equipment, aircraft component test equipment, ground support     
                             equipment, data acquisition &control systems, universal electronic and test
                             systems, aircraft wheel and brake shop support equipment, tooling, and
Lead in   Plastic Lamination I need a lead-in buyer for an ESP appointment with a manufacturer of             Harold Salm New England
Buyer                        plastic lamination products in the Northeast with estimated sales of $8.3       203-226-5026
Needed                       million and an SIC code of 3089. The company does custom plastic                hsalm@gottes
                             laminations and printing and sells identification card supplies and finishing       man-

Lead in   Horizontal           Revenue in 2008 was $26 million, in 2009 expected to be about $11              Don Vincent South Central
Buyer     Directional          million. Should be larger HDD company or construction company building        713-468-0191
Needed    Drilling             conduits to span rivers, lakes, or highways for utilities.                    dvincent@gott

Lead in   Corporation          Corporation Franchising, tax reporting, organization structure, provide          Don Vincent South Central
Buyer     Organization         corporate shells of specified age and jurisdiction from inventory of            713-468-0191
Needed    Services, Reports,   corporate shells of many jurisdictions (states, provinces, countries) Assist in dvincent@gott
          Corporate Shells     meeting reporting requirements.                                                     esman-

Lead in   Industrial Pumps     Lead in buyer needed for manufacturer and distributor of industrial pumps    Ed Neal         South East
Buyer                          for chemical application, off-highway equipment, air conditioning, and    901-685-9411
Needed                         refrigeration markets for over 50 years. The pumps serve a variety of     edneal@gotte
                               functions in industry, including crop sprayers, concrete trucks, asphalt      sman-
                               milling machines, anti-icing trucks, turf sprayers and many others. Many
                               products are custom designed solutions for loyal customers. Location
                               Southeast. Revenues $8mm. ISO certified. SIC 3561.