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					                                            NEEDS & WANTS - January 12, 2010
Type      Business           Description                                                              Contact        Notes

Lead in   Unique Spices /    SIC/NAICS: 2087 / NAICS 311942                                       Bob Spindell
Buyer     Flavor             Revenue $63MM                                                          Midwest
Needed    Manufacturer /     Location: Midwest                                                   414-276-6331
          Blending           90+ year old company combining unique spices and seasoning flavor rspindell@gotte
                             systems with sophisticated blending procedures and quality control,     sman-
                             adding approximately 25 new flavors a month. NEEDED: STRATEGIC
                             BUYER FOR MERGE or STRATEGIC SELLER TO BUY.

Lead in   LED Display        SIC: 3993, 3674 7312; NAICS 33995, 33441, 54185                        Bob Spindell
Buyer     Systems            Revenue $33MM                                                            Midwest
Needed                       Location :Midwest                                                     414-276-6331
                             30 year + company designs, develops and manufactures digital         rspindell@gotte
                             billboards, outdoor/indoor LED displays and software solutions.           sman-
                             STRATEGIC BUYER NEEDED.                                     

Lead in   Trade Show &       SIC: 7389 / NAICS 56192                                                Bob Spindell
Buyer     Event Planning     Revenue: $127 MM                                                         Midwest
Needed    Company            Location: Midwest & National                                          414-276-6331
                             Lead in Buyer needed for Trade Show Marketing, strategic planning    rspindell@gotte
                             and great design — to fabrication, program management and on-site         sman-
                             execution company.                                          

Seeking   Aviation           S-1649 RFS                                                              Bob Spindell
Buyer     Aftermarket        SIC: 5088 / NAICS 42186                                                   Midwest
          Provider & FAA     Revenue: 2009 est. Combined companies - $18MM                          414-276-6331
          Certified Repair   Location: Midwest / Southeast                                         rspindell@gotte
          & Overhaul         Well known, 15 year, Aviation Aftermarket Provider of Parts and            sman-
          Provider           Services for commercial and military aircraft. Company has delivered
                             parts sourcing solutions for 15 years +. 2nd Related Company: - Two
                             FAA 114 Certified & Rapid Response facilities provide comprehensive
                             brake/wheel repair and overhaul service for all types of wheels and
                             brakes on both commercial and military jet aircraft. Customer include
                             all major airlines, Department of Defense, aviation parts suppliers
                             around the world. Second company in a % partnership with a $14B+
                             & 54,000+ employees + -- Worldwide Aero Space & Defense
                             conglomerate providing Buyer of these two above companies with
                             immediate (overnight) access to the many conglomerate owned
                             Aerospace, Defense & Security Companies.
                                             NEEDS & WANTS - January 12, 2010
Type      Business           Description                                                                    Contact       Notes

Lead in   Urethane           SIC/NAICS: 3083/326130                                                   Ed Neal
Buyer     (laminated         Revenue $6.5 (EBITDA Unknown)                                           Southeast
Needed    plastics)          Location: Southeast                                                  901-685-9411
          Manufacturing      Full service urethane manufacturer.International sales and services. edneal@gottes
                             Design and engineering services. Custom cast thermoset products and       man-
                             over 600 compound formulations.                             

Lead in   Medical Devices SIC: 3841                                                                       John Gleason
Buyer                     Revenue $200M (EBITDA) $25M                                                      New England
Needed                    Location: New England                                                           508-881-7335
                          Medical device mfg company that makes and distributes ―pics‖ and               jgleason@gotte
                          ―ports‖ for the cardio-oncology industry and also makes other                       sman-
                          cardiology and oncology related medical devices-target client is      
                          particularly interested in offshore investors-client is a leader in vascular
                          access and fluid management devices

Lead in   Wholesale Feed SIC: 519111, 519121, 519112 and 2048                                              Kay Sams
Buyer                    Revenue $25 MM                                                                     Midwest
Needed                   Location: Upper Midwest                                                         763-383-2920
                         Wholesale Feed Manufacturer and Broker. This is animal and fowl                  Mobile: 763-
                         feed, no dogs or cats.                                                            443-0962
Lead in   OEM Supplier       SIC: 2499-98, 2431-02 and 2541-98                                 
                                                                                                           Kay Sams
Buyer                        Revenue $35 MM EBITDA unknown                                                  Midwest
Needed                       Location: Midwest                                                           763-383-2920
                             Need a lead-in buyer for a company that is an OEM supplier of close          Mobile: 763-
                             tolerance wood and non-wood components serving a number of                    443-0962
                             different market segments including: interior and exterior windows and      ksams@gottes
                             doors, architectural millwork, kitchen cabinetry, fixtures and displays.        man-
                                              NEEDS & WANTS - January 12, 2010
Type     Business             Description                                                                       Contact                          Notes

Buyer    Alternative Energy   S-1640-KB                                                                     Kurt Behrenfeld   Revenues are estimated at 12.5m for 2009 with
Needed       Producer –       SIC: 2400, 2411, 2411                                                          New England        EBITDA of approx. 1.8m. 2400, 2411, 2499
           Premium Fuel       Revenue $12.5 MM EBITDA $1.8 MM                                                607-756-2464
         Pellets and Timber   Location: Northeast                                                           kbehrenfeld@g
            By-Products       Premium wood pellet production sold to Northeast retail chains,                  ottesman-
                              individual stores and distributors who sell mainly to residential users for
                              heatingpurposes. Also, producer buys and sells timber, wood chips
                              and other timber byproducts sold to other producers which have these
                              raw material needs. This company is in a fast growing industry and
                              prospects are bright. -See Seller Profile (seller chart) for more details.

Buyer     Custom Vitamin      S-1642-KB                                                                     Kurt Behrenfeld
Needed   and Mineral Premix   SIC: 2834                                                                      New England
          Manufacturer for    Revenue $26.2 MM EBITDA $1 MM                                                  607-756-2464
           Feed Industry      Location: Northeast                                                           kbehrenfeld@g
                              Company provides a full line of specialty feed additives while also              ottesman-
                              serving as a private label manufacturer and packager for the Feed    
                              Industry, Independent Nutritionists, and Resellers. -See Seller Profile
                              (seller chart) for more details.

Buyer    Industrial Solvent S-1647-KB                                                                       Kurt Behrenfeld
Needed     Distributor &    SIC: 5169-16                                                                     New England
         Services Provider Revenue $12 MM EBITDA $500K                                                       607-756-2464
                            Location: Northeast                                                             kbehrenfeld@g
                            Distributor and service provider of various solvents used in a wide                ottesman-
                            variety of commercial applications. Areas of focus include: bulk and   
                            package service; dry cleaning and laundry supplies; antifreeze and
                            HVAC service; waste service and parts washers. -See Seller Profile
                            (seller chart) for more details.
                                          NEEDS & WANTS - January 12, 2010
Type      Business         Description                                                                  Contact       Notes

Buyer       Tool & Mold    S-2538-OB-KB                                                             Kurt Behrenfeld
Needed       Designer &    SIC: 3544-07, 3599-98                                                     New England
            Manufacturer   Revenue (Canadian) $6.3 MM EBITDA $900K                                   607-756-2464
                           Location: Northeast                                                      kbehrenfeld@g
                           The Company is a full service tool and mold fabricator. The Company’s       ottesman-
                           engineering staff accommodates product and mold designs and the 
                           manufacturing facility converts the design concept to production ready
                           molds. The Company’s revenue can be classified as production
                           injection molds (50% of sales in 2007), engineering changes (20%),
Lead in   Wire &Cable      SIC: 3315                                                                    Marvin
Buyer                      Revenue $12 MM                                                             Schleyer
Needed                     Location: NY                                                              Metro NY/NJ
                           Manufactures high temperature and custom designed wire & cable for       201-224-3637
                           aerospace, communications, computers, automotive, steel and paper        mschleyer@got
                           mills, petrochemical plants, public utilities, nuclear power plants,        tesman-
                           mining and defense.                                            

Lead in   Frozen Foods     SIC/NAICS code 5142/5149                                                   Naz Jiwani
Buyer                      Revenue $20M M (EBITDA Not known at this time)                            New England
Needed                     Location Toronto, Canada                                                 416-497-1545
                           A multi-service manufacturer of high quality frozen hors d’oeuvres       njwani@gottes
                           since 1997. The company specializes in bringing the flavors of the           man-
                           world with its appetizer entries. The products are sold in the retail
                           markets through private label brands and the company’s own brand.
                           Its selection of products reflects various international cuisines from
                           Asia, Latin America, Europe, Southeast Asia and North America. The
                           company has a well established presence in the North American retail
                           and foodservice industries.

Seeking       Air Cargo    S-2568-1 OB RJS                                                              Robert J.
Buyer          Service     SIC: 4512-02                                                                 Siebelink
                           Revenue: $28.6 MM (11 months 2009) EBITDA: $6.8 MM (11 months                Mdiwest
                           2009)                                                                     734-546-3638
                           The Company provides air freight solutions to clients in the United      rsiebelink@gott
                           States, Canada, Latin America, as the Caribbean. They maintain a              esman-
                           fleet of [21] aircraft (4 types) and a selection of cargo handling
                           equipment, including K-loaders. The Company operates under air
                           carrier licenses: Parts 121, 135, and 145 of the Federal Aviation
                           Regulations and is Hazmat certified.
                                             NEEDS & WANTS - January 12, 2010
Type      Business           Description                                                                     Contact       Notes

Seeking     Wood Pallet    S-2558-1 OB RJS                                                                   Robert J.
Buyer       Manufacturer SIC: 2448, 2499, 5031                                                               Siebelink
           and Distributor Revenue: $5.8M (2008) EBITDA: $1.2M (2008)                                        Mdiwest
                           This pallet manufacturing and distribution company provides standard           734-546-3638
                           and heat treated wood pallets to some of the most accredited                  rsiebelink@gott
                           corporations and factories in the United States. The company utilizes              esman-
                           [2] vertically integrated mills. The Company’s process include: timber
                           debark, milling, cutting, nailing, heat-treat, and post-process sawdust
                           sale/disposal. Operations are supported by automated industrial
                           equipment, lift trucks, and a fleet of flatbed trucks for distribution. The
Seeking   Automotive -     Company distributes directly to surrounding customers in OH, IN, TN,
                           B-1265 RJS                                                                        Robert J.
Sellers   Aftermarket        Private Equity Group                                                            Siebelink
                             Seeking automotive brake component manufacturers – aftermarket                  Mdiwest
                             preferred. Recent platform addition in Ontario, looking to immediately       734-546-3638
                             acquire add-ons.                                                            rsiebelink@gott
                             Revenue: open EBITDA: open Location: open                                        esman-