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					Ashley Libben

Professor Robison

Introduction to Teaching

February 17, 2004

                                      Family, Faith and 4-H:

                      The Road to Manchester College’s Education Program

       To really understand who I, Ashley Nicole Libben, really am, it is essential to understand

my family life. My family is undoubtably the most important and influential aspect of my life.

My dad is a dairy farmer and a volunteer fireman. He is originally from Port Clinton, Ohio, but

moved to Albion, Indiana shortly after college. My dad understands me better than any other

person. He can read my emotions and thoughts and reacts with amazing tact and understanding.

I admire my dad for his strength, character and solid beliefs. My mom is a registered nurse and

volunteers as a 4-H leader and a Sunday school teacher. Since coming to college, my mom has

become one of my best friends. I love shopping, watching movies and just talking with her. My

mom is warm, energetic and selfless. The final member of my family is my sister Courtney. She

is seventeen years-old and an amazing athlete. My sister can make me laugh regardless of my

mood, and we always have fun together. My sister inspires me because she is contagiously funny,

never quits and has incredible self-confidence. My family is my center, and whenever anything

gets thrown off balance in my life, I turn to them.

       My faith and church have also had an immense impact on my life. I am a member of the

Blue River Church of the Brethren and love all of the people within the church. I am continuously

amazed at how caring the people from my church really are. Every month, I receive at least one

care package and several cards of encouragement from people from my church. My faith and
                                                                                            Libben 2

relationship with God have shaped my values and how I react to different situations. My

relationship with God helps me to explore who I really am and push myself further in every aspect

of my life. God has been, and is, a constant in my life.

       One of the greatest character-shaping activities of my life has been 4-H. Working with

livestock has taught me responsibility and forever changed my work ethic. Other projects have

taught me to plan effectively and manage my time. Working with my club has really rounded my

sense of leadership. I love working with the younger members and helping them with their projects

and any problems they may have in life. Beyond clubwork, 4-H has been a great social experience

for me. The 4-H program is an amazing place to meet lots of different people; I have met some of

my best friends through 4-H.

       I have always loved learning, and my high school was very conducive toward my learning

style. I had several teachers who not only pushed me with my grades, but they also encouraged me

to push intellectual limits and make learning what I wanted it to be. One of these teachers in

particular, Nora Moorhouse, has particularly influenced me. She is an amazing person; she is

intellectual, spiritual and altruistic. She continues to grow every day, and I hope to have just a

fraction of the effect she has had on my life on one of my future students life.

       Throughout high school, I was always academically involved. I was an Honor Student and

a member of the Charles Adair Chapter of the National Honor Society. Through NHS, I

participated in many community service projects. Another amazing group that I was a part of was

Central Noble America’s PRIDE. The group is a drug prevention group that is also service-based.

Through PRIDE, I was able to work as a mentor to children at the Noble House which is a home

for abused women and children. These children were amazing and taught me just how universal
                                                                                         Libben 3

education, and the thirst for it, really are.

        All of these aspects of my life have drawn me to Manchester College. First of all,

Manchester is close enough to my home to allow me to visit my family whenever I or they need it.

Because I am a member of a Brethren church, I have heard of Manchester College all of my life.

Also, through 4-H, I have met current and past students of Manchester who truly love Manchester.

Their fervor and passion for this campus truly intrigued me. Manchester is well known for its

amazing intellectual setting. With a Nobel Prize winner among numerous others, it was

impossible to ignore Manchester’s history of academic excellence. I was also amazed at

Manchester’s belief in service. In a time when so many colleges focus on going to class, taking

tests and graduating, Manchester invests in its students. This above all else drew me to Manchester

College. Manchester is a personal college full of professors and administrative officials who truly

care. In this amazing atmosphere, I can be myself and will, hopefully, grow and find myself.

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