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					                                                                        Fog Fest — Pacifica’s own community celebration — coming this weekend to Palmetto Avenue
                                                                                                          By Jane Northrop Staff Writer
    Pacifica celebrates Fog Fest this weekend with special activities designed to entertain the whole family. This year’s theme is Pacifica Celebrates Music. The big community parade opens Fog Fest on Saturday at 10 a.m. with daz-
    zling floats, marching bands and local organizations marching to give people an idea who they are. There’s still time to join this year’s parade to play music of any kind — form any kind of band you like. Sing Karaoke with friends.
    The folks in the crowd, who often recognize so many people in the parade, cheer loudly and show their support. It’s a moment many in the community treasure as it shows how connected everyone is. Parade entry forms can be
    downloaded at or or by telephoning 359-5719.The grand marshal of the parade will be Benjamin Wade, best known as Coach Wade on the television show, “Survivor.” The
    annual arts and crafts festival takes over Palmetto Avenue Sept. 24-25 as artisans fill the street with booths containing one-of-a-kind clothing, handcrafted jewelry and artistic household items for sale. Community organizations
    and businesses set up booths to give people a chance to learn more about them, as well. Local non-profit organizations man the food booths, providing hearty festival food that’s fun to eat and delicious while strolling down the
    street or sitting at a stage area. Musicians will perform throughout the day on Saturday and Sunday on three stages. There is still time to enter the 2011 Fog Fest photo contest. This year’s theme is “Picture This — The Sounds
    of Pacifica.” Entries will be accepted through Tuesday, Sept. 20 and can be submitted at the Pacifica Chamber of Commerce, 225 Rockaway Beach Avenue, Suite 1 or Sanchez Art Center, 1220 Linda Mar Blvd. Submit entries
    with a $10 entry fee and the official Fog Fest photo contest form downloadable at Winners of the photo contest will be announced on Sunday morning during Fog Fest. There are four divisions for
    adults — best utilization of contest theme, best special effects, best black and white and best color — and one for youth — best photo of any type. First place winners earn $50, $25 for second place and $10 for third place.
                                                       For more information about the photo contest, email or call Kathleen Salvia at 355-1894.
    The winning photos will be displayed near the Sand Castle and Sculpture contest at the corner of Santa Rosa and Palmetto. That’s another fun activity as local groups vie for the pride of building the best sand castle of them
    all. On Sunday, the Family Fun Fest provides all day activities for the whole family. Kids love the face painting and the many special activities designed just for them on the yard of Ingrid B. Lacy Middle School, 1427 Palmetto
    Avenue. Trained volunteers and the city’s Parks, Beaches and Recreation employees staff the event. Also on Sunday, the Fog Jog Run and the Fog Jog Stride, sponsored by the city’s PB&R Dept,. the Pacifica Rotary Club and
    the Pacifica Tribune will be held. The five-mile run begins at 9 a.m. at Salada Blvd. and Francisco Blvd. Men’s and women’s divisions from age 13 to 70 and up are available. The Stride is a three-mile walk that begins at the same
    place. Check in between 8 a.m. and 8:45 a,m. at the PB&R office located at 1810 Francisco Blvd. to join. Entries cost $20.

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