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                                                              A Covenant Controlled Community
  Vol. 22 No. 05                                                        May 2011                                          

       President’s Corner                                       Community Garage Sale – June 10th & 11th
    Ah, spring. Birds are chirping, flowers                                   The CKSII Community Garage Sale has been scheduled for Friday and
are blooming and grass is turning a luscious                                  Saturday, June 10th and 11th. All residents are invited to participate. In
green. What a terrific time to live in                                        an effort to drive more traffic to the sales throughout the neighborhood,
Colorado! It’s great to see so many kids out                                  ads will be run and large banners announcing the sale will be placed at
playing and riding their bikes and adults                                     community entrances. Take advantage of this free advertising and
walking their dogs. Please remember to                                        clean out that old “junk” and turn it into someone else’s treasure. Make
drive carefully as you go through the neigh-                                  a day or two of it with your neighbors. Have some fun and maybe even
borhood and be watchful of the increased                                      end up with some extra cash! Thanks to the Homeowners’ Association
foot traffic of kids, adults and a variety of                                 for sponsoring this event!
assorted animals.
    The April meeting of the HOA was well
attended with perfect attendance by the Board
of Directors for the fourth month in a row and                                           HOA Members: Large Item
8 guests. Thank you to all the Board members
and community members who demonstrate
                                                                                          Trash Pickup – June 18th
                                                                               It’s time to clean out that garage and get those trees and shrubs
their interest in CKSII by attending and
                                                                            trimmed! The HOA has scheduled, with EDS Waste Solutions, Inc., a
actively participating in the monthly HOA
                                                                            large item pickup on Saturday, June 18th for all HOA member house-
meeting. We were very pleased to welcome
                                                                            holds. Old furniture, mattresses, appliances and trimmed branches and
five members of the newly recruited social
                                                                            shrubs are welcome. Hazardous materials such as oil, paints, poisons,
committee. Bob Haberkorn will be leading
                                                                            solvents or appliances containing Freon cannot be accepted. Also,
the committee of Jon Brouillet, Tom
                                                                            items that cannot be compacted and will not be accepted include: con-
Tellschow, Elisa McKee and Thomas
                                                                            crete, dirt, sod, rocks, railroad ties, automobile wheels, etc.
Sizemore. Also on the social committee, but
                                                                               Current HOA members must place items at the curb by 7 a.m. on
not attending the meeting, is Donna
                                                                            Saturday, June 18th. The trash company will not carry items from your
Tellschow. Be sure to mark your calendars
                                                              home or garage. Please, mark your calendars, let the cleanup begin and take advantage
for Saturday, August 27th and come and join
                                                              of your HOA membership!
the fun at the Annual Community Picnic.
    Now for another recruitment request! We
are moving rapidly ahead with the landscape
and irrigation design for the entry way
planters on Yukon and Chatfield. I would
                                                                                CKSII Is Now On Facebook!
                                                                  Our community now has a Facebook page. A link has been placed on the CKSII
like to find a few volunteers to help work
                                                              web site home page at Click that link and you’ll be taken to the new
with the designer to choose plants and to
                                                              Facebook page. You can also click on the “Like” button, which adds you to the mail-
help with planting and maintaining the gar-
                                                              ing list. Once on the list, any time that updated information is posted about the com-
dens. I know you have all noticed beautiful
                                                              munity, you’ll be notified automatically. If you are not already on Facebook, it’s easy
entryway gardens in other neighborhoods
                                                              to do and completely free. All that you need is an email address.
and this is our opportunity to create the same
                                                                  Having CKSII on Facebook is one more way to encourage participation in the
first impression on Yukon and Chatfield!
                                                              community and gives you an easy way to keep track of what’s going on. Check it out!
Please give me a call if you are interested.
    Hope to see you at our next meeting on
May 10th.
                                                                 “Being a full-time mother is one of the
                   — Stephanie Haberkorn,
                      President CKSII HOA
                                                                 highest salaried jobs in my field, since       CKSII HOA
                                                                      the payment is pure love.”
                                                                                   —Mildred B. Vermont
                                                                                                               BOARD MEETING
                                                                                                              Tues., May 10th, 7 p.m.
      EDS Waste Solutions, Inc. • 303-278-8600                                                                Coronado Elementary School
   DARCO HOA Property Management • 303-925-0150                                                                   Tuesday, June 14th
Page 2                                                                                            Columbine Knolls South II / May 2011

Columbine Knolls South II Homeowners                                                   Columbine Knolls South II
Association Board Meeting Minutes –                                          Home Owners Association Board Members are:
April 12, 2011                                                         Stephanie Haberkorn, President               Tom McEwen,
    CALL TO ORDER: President Stephanie Haberkorn called                home: 303-979-3735                           Director/ACC Chair
the April 12, 2011 HOA Board meeting to order at 7:03 p.m.                             home: 303-972-0099
                                                                       Debbie Opperman, Vice-President    
Board members Debbie Opperman, Ron Cunning, Greg Steward,              home: 303-525-2812
Tom McEwen, John Schutt and Justin Phillips were in atten-                         John Schutt, Director/ACC
dance. Roger Borcherding of DARCO Property Management and                                                           home: 303-972-2472
                                                                       Ron Cunning, Treasurer             
five homeowners were also in attendance.                               home: 303-972-9402
    APPROVAL OF MINUTES: A motion was made by Debbie                                   Justin Phillips, Director/ACC
Opperman, which was seconded by Tom McEwen, to approve the             Greg Steward, Secretary                      home: 303-514-7889
                                                                       home: 303-932-2875                 
minutes from the March Board meeting, as written. The motion 
passed unanimously.
    TREASURER'S REPORT: Ron Cunning reported that the                       The CKSII REVIEW is published and distributed monthly by the
                                                                       Columbine Knolls South II Homeowners’ Association, a non-profit
Cash Balance as of March 1, 2011 was $62,552.62. There was             homeowners’ association. It has a circulation of 565. All articles must be
$275.48 of income and $4,781.34 in expenses for the month. The         approved by the editor for publication. No endorsement of any product or
ending balances as of March 31, 2011 were $57,964.58 in check-         service is implied or stated by its inclusion in the newsletter. Copies of
ing, $13,061.26 in savings and $33,035.07 in time deposit. Ron         the Covenants, ODP and the Architectural Guidelines are available
                                                                       through any Board member or the website.
also reported that we have a total of 267 HOA members.                      The ad deadline is the 15th of the month for the next month’s
    Tom McEwen made a motion to approve the treasurer's                issue except for Jan issue which is Dec. 6th. For ad information,
report. John Schutt seconded the motion and it was approved            call Colorado Lasertype at 303-979-7499, or e-mail getinfo@Colorado
                                                                            Article deadline: 21st of each month; distribution: the first week of
    ACC REPORT: Tom McEwen reported that six ACC
                                                                       each month. Please send ARTICLES and “Letters to the Editor” to Barb
approval requests were received and have been approved in the          Steward; e-mail: “Letters to the Editor” must be
last month. No approvals are pending.                                  signed, include a phone number and preferably be 300 words or less.
    MANAGEMENT REPORT: Roger Borcherding of                                          CKSII Homeowners’ Association’s address is:
DARCO Property Management reported that three inspections                        CKSII HOA, P.O. Box 621625, Littleton, CO 80162
were conducted since the last meeting. There were thirteen viola-      Appearance of an advertisement in this publication does not constitute a recom-
                                                                       mendation or endorsement by the publisher, the editor or the association of the
tions. In most cases, courtesy letters were sent requesting that the
                                                                       goods or services offered therein. The opinions expressed in this newsletter are
violation be corrected.                                                those of the individual authors and not of the Board of Directors of your associ-
    One issue, regarding vehicle screening, is moving through the      ation, editor or the publisher. Neither the Board, editor, publisher, nor the authors
court in an effort to compel the owner to comply with a previous       intend to provide any professional service or opinion through this publication.
court decision requiring the owner to properly screen the vehicle
or remove it from the property, as well as pay all costs associated      Columbine Knolls South II Homeowners
with the covenant enforcement process.
    Another issue regarding screening, where the owner has been
                                                                             Association Membership Form
                                                                        I want to join the Homeowners’ Association.
contacted eleven times over the last four years and has not com-
plied with the covenant requirements, has been turned over to the       Name __________________________________________
HOA attorney so that legal action can be initiated.                     Address ________________________________________
    There are ten properties in the neighborhood that are for sale.     Phone _________________________________________
Four homes are in foreclosure. Status letters were requested and
issued for the sale of four homes, two of which are in foreclosure.     E-mail _________________________________________
    SOCIAL COMMITTEE: Bob Haberkorn has volunteered to                 Dues, with trash service, are $19.33 per month. Dues, without
                                                                       trash, are $9.25 per month. Please circle one amount for the
chair the Social Committee. Five additional volunteers from the        month that you would like your membership to begin.
community have also stepped forward as committee members.
                                                                       Beginning                      With Trash          Without Trash
The first event for the committee will be the Community Picnic             January                        232.00                 111.00
that is scheduled for Saturday, August 27, 2011.                           February                       212.63                 101.75
    CHATFIELD ENTRANCE: A contract has been signed                         March                          193.30                  92.50
with PKM Design Group, Inc. to design irrigation in the planters           April                          173.97                  83.25
and coordinate with Jefferson County. Because this project is              May                            154.64                  74.00
                                                                           June                           135.31                  64.75
being done in conjunction with the Chatfield construction project,         July                           115.98                  55.50
there is no cost associated with tap fees and Jefferson County will        August                          96.65                  46.25
pick up all connection costs for the planter irrigation system.            September                       77.32                  37.00
    GOVERNANCE POLICIES: The Board has submitted                           October                         57.99                  27.75
changes of the Governance Policies to the HOA attorney. Ron                November                        38.66                  18.50
                                                                           December                        19.33                   9.25
Cunning will meet with the attorney to discuss any further                   I have included a check for the amount circled above.
changes that may be necessary. A final version will then be made               I understand that this membership is effective through
available for a Board vote. These policies define how the Board                   December 31 and that dues are not refundable.
conducts the business of the Association.                                          Please send this form, with your payment, to:
                                                                                         Columbine Knolls South II HOA
                                              continued on page 3                    P.O. Box 621625 • Littleton, CO 80162
May 2011 / Columbine Knolls South II                                                                                                                     Page 3

CKSII HOA Meeting Minutes, continued from page 2
    FACEBOOK: Justin Phillips has set up a Facebook page for
the CKSII community. A Facebook presence provides additional
exposure for the community and makes it very simple for people
to find the CKSII web site. Upcoming events such as HOA Board                                 SHARE AMERICAN FAMILY LIFE
meetings, community events and items of interest to the commu-                                WITH AN INTERNATIONAL STUDENT
nity may also be posted here.
    The meeting was adjourned at 7:40 p.m.                               Home stays needed in Littleton. Families must be interested in other
                                                                         cultures, have private bedroom and bath for student, be willing to help
                                                                         students practice their English. $650/month compensation from students.
Keep Children Safe In The Car                                            Call Missy at Spring International 303-794-2622 or
    Safety is your number 1 concern when driving, and it’s even
more important – if that’s possible – when you’re traveling with
children. The proper car seat is crucial. Here’s how to choose one
that protects your most precious cargo:
• Check the safety label. Make sure it meets or exceeds feder-
al safety requirements for carrying children.                                      Premier Care with the Compassion Your Pet Deserves.
• Be wary of used seats. A previously owned seat that’s more
than six years old may not be safe. Look for missing parts, cracks,       Full Service Medical Care and Surgery
or other signs of wear and tear. Call the manufacturer to ask about
                                                                                                Founded in 1984
durability and recalls.
• Get the seat that fits your child. Infant seats are designed for
children from birth to about 20-35 pounds. You’ll need a front-fac-               Monday – Friday: 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.
ing safety seat capable of holding children until they reach 40                      Saturday: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
pounds, and after that a booster seat can be used until they hit about          Sunday Urgent Care: 9 a.m. to 10 p.m.
80 pounds. Keep careful track of how big your child is.
• Learn the safety belt test. When your child is about 13 years
old, he or she may be ready to ride with just a seat belt. Do the              303-973-4200                            www.dcah
child’s knees bend at the edge of a regular car seat? Does the belt             10148 W. Chatfield Ave., Littleton, CO 80127
ride low on his or her hips? Does the shoulder belt lie on the
child’s collar or shoulder? Does the child sit comfortably with
seat belt and shoulder strap correctly fastened? If any of the
answers to these questions are no, keep the child in a safety seat
until he or she has grown sufficiently.
                                                                            Summer 2011
                                                                         Entertainment Series
   RiddleS of the Month
  If a snail crawls halfway around a circle then turns                                      at Clement Park
  around and crawls halfway back, is it now back                         (near the corner of Bowles & Pierce in Littleton)
  where it started?                                                                               JUNE
                                                                          BRING YOUR                                              Andy Hackbarth
                                                                                                     – Upbeat Folk/Flamenco Guitarist
  You are attending a party with some friends when                          FAMILY &
  one of them states that there is something in the room that                                        John Coelho – Hawaiian Way Entertainment

  everyone can touch with either of their hands, but you can                 FRIENDS                 Pairadeux – Rock Duo/Cover Band
  only touch it with your left hand. What is it?                          TO PICNIC AT               Moses Jones Band – R&B/Motown/High Energy
  What are the next two letters in this series: A E F H I K L M?         THE PARK AND                Red, White & YOU! Patriotic Celebration
                                                                                                     Chase N the Dream Band
  What’s not a game, but can be played; is never seen, but often              ENJOY
  made?                                                                                              The Champions – 80’s Cover Band
                                                                            OUR FREE                 Denver Municipal Band Wind Festival
  Two vertical 750 foot posts have a 1000 foot rope tied                                             – “Cannon Concert”

  between their topmost points. The rope sags to within 250 feet
                                                                           CONCERTS!                 Kort McCumber & The High Road
                                                                                                     – Americana/Roots Rock/Blues
  of the ground. How far apart are the posts? (If you get this
                                                                                                     Littleton Drum Studio’s Local Talent Showcase
  one, pat yourself on the back! No peeking at the answer!)
                                                                           HOTLINE:                                                     Istari – World Percussion

  There is only one correct answer to this question. Which                303-409-2626
  answer is it? A. Answer A; B. Answer A or B; C. Answer B or                                        Foothills Staff – Open Mic Night

  C; D. None of the above (Come on, you can do it!)                                                  Boulder Acoustic Society – Americana/Blues/Indie Rock

                                                                                                     Wayne Francis – Ventriloquist
  Your hands have ten, and ten has two, and two has one, and
  that's your clue. What am I?
Page 4                                                                                        Columbine Knolls South II / May 2011

Wildfire Prevention: We're All In This Together
Firefighters work the Indian Gulch Fire                                How to Mitigate
    On March 21, I enacted a temporary fire ban for Jefferson              Now is the time to clear firewood, brush, and grasses from
County. That weekend, three human-caused wildfires had                 around your home. Remove pine needles from roofs and decks.
sparked in Jeffco, including the 1,500-acre Indian Gulch fire near     Move cut firewood away from your house. Cut down trees that are
Golden. The Indian Gulch fire burned for a week and required           close to the house. Don’t wait until it’s too late! Creating “defensi-
over 460 firefighters and support staff to suppress it.                ble space” around your home may keep fire from reaching it, and
    Climate experts are predicting a bad fire season, with the         may also give fire crews the room they need to defend it.
number of wildfires statewide far outpacing anything seen in               When you’ve made a pile of logs, brush, pine needles and
recent years. In March alone, 64 wildfires burned in Colorado.         branches, you’ve got what firefighters call “slash.” Next step:
Months of dry weather have made grasses and fuels downright            remove the slash from your property. Don’t burn it! A list of com-
crispy. An act that might not have started a fire last year – like a   munity slash-collection sites for 2011 is available on our website.
tossed cigarette – now has greater potential to ignite a fire, with    Your local fire department can help you put together a plan for
potentially devastating effects. Fire experts recommend prepara-       both short and long-term mitigation.
tion, mitigation and prevention.                                           Rally your neighbors to help protect your community. Identify
                                                                       those who could benefit from a community work day to help pro-
How to Prepare                                                         tect their house. By helping each other, you help yourselves.
    Don’t assume it won’t happen. Homes in the foothills are           Fire Ban: Part of Prevention
most vulnerable, but suburban homes near open space can be at              Enacted to prevent new wildfires, the current fire ban pro-
risk as well. Create an emergency plan with your family. Where         hibits the following behaviors:
will you go, how will you reach each other, and what will you              • Anything which produces an open flame or could create
bring? How fast can you get out if your neighborhood is evacuat-               an uncontrolled fire
ed? Can you help deputies identify elderly or disabled neighbors           • Using fire to burn trash, debris, or vegetation
who may need assistance?                                                   • Any campfire, warming fire, or charcoal fire
    Register your mobile or VOIP phone to receive e911 calls               • Smoking outdoors, except in an area that has been cleared
from the Sheriff’s Office in an emergency:                   of all combustibles
sheriff/sheriff_T62_R259.htm. Traditional land-line phones in              • Any fireworks
unincorporated Jeffco are automatically registered to receive              • Chainsaw use, except when equipped with an approved
e911 calls. Our call won’t get through to you if you have a                    spark-arresting device and other accessories
solicitor-blocking service.                                                                                             continued on page 5
May 2011 / Columbine Knolls South II                                                                                                Page 5

Wildfire Prevention, continued from page 4
                                                                                           “Automotive Service”
     The full text of the fire ban is linked from our homepage,, and will remain in place until the ban is lifted.
To report fire ban violations, call 303-277-0211. In the case of a
lit cigarette discarded from a vehicle, try to provide a license plate      7855 S. Platte Canyon Rd., Littleton, CO 80128
number and vehicle description.                                                            Phone: 303.972.3800
Spread the Word
    Wildfire doesn’t discriminate – it may take anything in its path.                         Become a fan on Facebook
For residents of the wildland/urban interface, it means we’re all in
this together. We’ve got to educate ourselves, share resources, and      Additional 10% off for Col. Knolls South II Residents
help our neighbors. Please share this article with your friends and
neighbors. For additional information about preparedness, mitiga-
tion and prevention, visit our Ready Jeffco web page, or call our
Emergency Management office at 303-271-4900.
                                              — Sheriff Ted Mink

Your HOA At Work
    The Columbine Knolls South II Homeowners’ Association,
and in particular, the Board of Directors, works very hard to con-
stantly improve the community. This involves many, many hours
of effort and all of these people, since the HOA was formed in
1984, do this work on a voluntary basis. Why, because they want
to continue to make the neighborhood a great place to live.
    The most recent example is the entrance to the community at
Chatfield and Yukon. The Board made the decision to have an
irrigation system installed so that the two planters below the
signs, can be used. Up to this point, very little has been planted
because there was no access to water. By coordinating this work
with Jefferson County, the cost to the community is substantially
decreased. For example, there are no tap fees involved and these
fees can be very, very expensive.
                                                                            Steve Travers
                                                                             Columbine Knolls South II’s
    The lights have also been turned back on on the west side of
Yukon and the Board will have the electrical work done on the                   #1 Real Estate Agent
east side, as soon as the Jefferson County Chatfield Improvement
Project schedule allows. In addition to the lighted signs at the
entrance, it will also allow us to have lights during the holiday
    The HOA Board is always looking for ways to make the com-
munity better and we need your help. If you have any ideas that
you think would be beneficial for the neighborhood, send us an
email or give us a call. We would really like to hear what you
have to say. All of our email addresses and phone numbers are on
the second page of this newsletter.                                             Supporter of the Columbine Knolls South II
    If you are not an HOA Member, the HOA Board would like to                           Homeowners Association
ask you for your support. Most of the things done by the HOA
benefit every person in the community, not just HOA members.                        (303) 548-2744
Please help us by becoming a member of the Association. It’s   
easy to do. Fill out the membership form that is in this newsletter
and send it in with your dues payment. If you would like to par-           The Kentwood Company
ticipate in the HOA-sponsored trash pickup program, that’s easy
to do also. Just mark the form and we’ll do the rest.
    To all of those in the community, who have supported the
HOA over the years, by becoming members, thank you very
much. You are the reason that the Association has been able to
make the improvements and sponsor events that benefit everyone
who lives in the CKSII community.                                                                                   Partner in Education
Page 6                                                                                                                         Columbine Knolls South II / May 2011

                                                                                                         You Can Fix Anything With... Duct Tape
                                   Teen Services                                                             Duct tape was developed during World War II as a water
To add your teen’s name, please email Colorado Lasertype at getinfo@colorado and leave the following information: the neighborhood you live
                                                                                                         resistant tape for sealing cases of ammunition. Consumers today
in, your age, phone number and the categories you would like included.                                   use it for almost anything – and their creativity doesn’t have any
Categories: (B) Baby-sitting; (*) Red Cross Cert for CPR; (L) Lawn care;                                 limits. Here are some of duct tape’s most unorthodox uses:
(S) Snow removal; (P) Pet & House sitting. No recommendation or endorsement of any of
the names on this list is implied or stated by the homeowners association board or Colorado Lasertype.
                                                                                                            •   Ankle support. Wrapping a few layers of duct tape
                                                                                                                around your ankles and joints can give you added stabili-
     Emily C.                               13          B*/P                303-948-9601
                                                                                                                ty when playing sports.
     Olivia H.                              12          B*/P                303-933-9573
     Caleb Q.                               14          L/S/P               303-904-0800                    •   Wart removal. Place a piece of tape over your wart and
                                                                                                                let it settle for a few minutes. Pull it off, and the wart will
     Daniel S.                              15          L/S/P               303-904-4532
                                                                                                                usually pop right off with it. (Some recommend applying
     Eric S.                                13          L/S/P               303-904-4532                        a little crushed aspirin to the surface of the wart before
     Jaclyn S.                              16          B*/P                303-904-4532                        putting the duct tape on.)
     Marissa S.                             13          B*/P                303-932-2399                    •   Storm safety. When a hurricane or severe thunderstorm
     Thomas S.                              13          B*/P                303-859-3422                        threatens, place some duct tape in an X across your win-
     Mike Z.                                14          B*/P                303-933-6789                        dows to prevent breakage. Also, seal up your doors and
                                                                                                                windows to keep water out. (Remember, it’s waterproof.)
                                                                                                            •   Bandages. Duct tape can be used as a temporary bandage
                                                                                                                to bind wounds until proper medical care is available.
                                                                                                            •   Space travel. Duct tape was perhaps most famously used
                                                                                                                during the Apollo 13 mission to attach square carbon diox-
          $300 off                                            10% off                                           ide filters to round receptacles, enabling the system to
                                                                                                                remove CO2 from the air in the lunar module refuge. Duct
  Exterior or Interior Painting                                Package at                                       tape was also used on the moon to repair the Lunar Rover
        American family owned.                                  Tan Time                                        during the Apollo 17 mission.
          15 years in business.                               303-973-5700
         10% discount for cash.                            8996 W. Bowles Ave., Littleton                    Ironically, duct tape isn’t actually considered safe for sealing
                                                               Must present coupon.                      ducts. Wikipedia reports that building codes usually require a
   Workmans Comp & Liability Insurance
                                                                                                         fire-resistant product.

         Best Little Mower House in Colorado
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                                                                  Chatfield Time Rentals & Sales
                                                                                     6641 W. Ken Caryl Ave.
                                                                                       Littleton, Co 80128
                                                                                      Phone: 303-979-4810
                                                                                       Fax: 303-979-7268
May 2011 / Columbine Knolls South II                                                                                                                                       Page 7

                                                          CLASSIFIEDS                                                                 PIANO- Receive your piano instruction
 Classified ads are $2.95/line for 2011. Contact Colorado Lasertype at 303-979-7499 or getinfo@colorado                               from a highly qualified teacher. All ages to place an ad. To view our display ad prices, visit our website at www.coloradolasertype.                             welcome. Call Jean at 303-932-0669
 com. The deadline for placing a classified or display ad is the 15th of the month for the next month’s issue
 (i.e., 15th of Sept. for Oct. issue), except the January issue, which has a deadline of December 6th.                       Aminals Pet Sitting Service: Pet sitting
                                                                                                                             (in your home). Bonded & ins. Refs. avail.
TUTOR: Exper. w/ K-6. Diane 303-971-0533                                          Spring Allergy Season Clean up. $100 Call Nancy at 303-335-6237
                                                                                  discount. Air duct cleaning. 720-299-7782.
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AERATION - $30 most lawns. Mowing,                                                                                           job too big or too small. Insured. Call Troy
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National Mental Health Month                                                                                                                                                  Digit
   Established in 1949 to raise awareness for the treatment for
mental illnesses, to promote health and wellness in homes, com-                                                 have two correct answers.
munities, and schools, and to dispel misunderstandings about the                                                correct, then answer B would also be correct and again we would
nature of the disease.                                                                                          there is only one correct answer to this question. If answer C was
                                                                                                                be at least two correct answers. This contradicts the statement that
                                                                                                                either answer A or answer B was the correct answer, there would
   ALL TO DAY!            UA                   RY                 O.
 C A L L T O D AY ! W E G UA R A N T E E E V E RY T H I N G W E D O .                                           B or C) would also be correct. This leads to the conclusion that if

  Te hnology should not...
  Technology should not...
                                                                                                                also be correct. If answer B was correct, then answer C (Answer
                                                                                                                D. If answer A was correct, then answer B (Answer A or B) would
                                    ruin your favorite tie.
                                           ur       te
                                    ruin your favorite tie.                                                     two posts were right next to each other.
                                                                                                                must be folded directly in half which would happen only if the
          COMPUTER        SE
  ON SITE COMPUTER AND IT SERVICES FOR                                                                          250 feet above the ground. Since the rope is 1000 feet long, it
                 SMALL BUSINESSES
  RESIDENCES AND SMALL BUSIINESSE                                                                               0 feet. The rope sags 500 feet from the top of the post to make it
                                                                                                                N & T are next. These are letters of the alphabet that have no
                                                                                                                                                                 Your right elbow.
                                                                                                                             back is only 1/4 of the return trip (half of a half).
                                                                                                                             No, it crawls halfway around the circle, but halfway
  303.932.8555 | |
  3 0 3 . 9 3 2 . 8 5 5 5 w w w . a s p i r e d e n v e r. c o m o f f i c e @ a s p i r e d e n v e r. c o m                                                Riddle Answers
Page 8                                                                                     Columbine Knolls South II / May 2011

      Columbine Knolls South II                                      Doing Improvements?
Homeowners Association Treasurer’s Report                            Please Submit Your ACC Form
                                                                         Just a reminder that before you make improvements to your
 Beginning check book balance: March 1, 2011: $ 62,552.62
                                                                     property, you need to submit two copies of the ACC Improvement
 INCOME                    CURRENT            YTD       BUDGET       Request Form to the Architectural Control Committee. The form
 Membership dues/Assessments   $ 183.30   $ 28,088.56       $ 0.00   is available on our web site,, on the ACC page. It’s
 Other Income                   $ 92.18       $ 92.40       $ 0.00
 Total Income                  $ 275.48   $ 28,180.96       $ 0.00   a simple form to complete and helps you and the ACC with the
                                                                     approval process. If you don’t have internet access, call any of the
 EXPENDITURES              CURRENT            YTD       BUDGET       three ACC Board contacts on page 2 of this newsletter and they can
 Trash Service Fees            2,676.50  7,956.32       32,000.00    get you what you need. You can also call Roger Borcherding at
 Management Company              869.95  2,486.75       10,000.00    DARCO Property Management (303-925-0150), with any ques-
 Legal Fees                      776.00  2,246.00       12,000.00    tions that you might have regarding the approval process.
 Legal Fee Re-imbursement         10.00  (260.00)            0.00
 Insurance                         0.00      0.00        2,000.00
 Bank Service Charges              0.00      0.00           50.00    New To The Community?
 Income Tax                        0.00     45.00          120.00        Are you new to the community? Let us hear
 Rentals: PO Box/Storage         107.46    151.46          600.00    from you. CKSII is a large sub-division and the
 HOA Meeting Costs                25.00     75.00          400.00    Homeowners’ Association wants to keep everyone
 Office Supplies, Postage          0.00     97.76          700.00    informed. You can help the HOA help you by letting us know that
 Publishing, Copying, Printing     0.00      0.00          600.00    you have moved in. Call Ron at 303-972-9402. He can get you
 Newsletter Editor & Delivery    225.00    675.00        2,700.00    set up with HOA membership, as well as, trash service.
 Webmaster                        75.00    225.00          900.00        We have a web site,, which will provide you
 Social / Welcome Activities       0.00      0.00        2,000.00    with a wide variety of helpful information, including the CKSII
 Utilities                        16.43     45.25          250.00    covenants and the ODP. Welcome to the neighborhood!
 Miscellaneous                     0.00      0.00        2,000.00
 Total Expenditures            4,781.34 13,763.54       66,320.00                        Covenants Online
 Check book balance: March 31, 2011 57,964.54                            Covenants can be downloaded from
 Savings account balance:               13,061.26                     Questions can be emailed to any board member, contact info
 Time deposit balance:                  33,035.07                     on page 2, or via U.S. mail to:
 Current Members:                  267                                    CKSII HOA • PO Box 621625 • Littleton, CO 80162

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       breaking rules, making mistakes, and having fun.”
                                               —Mary Lou Cook

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