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					Marketing & Technical
  Resources for the
  Gravure Industry

       February 2009    1
Gravure Association of America
            Mission Statement
The mission of the Gravure Association of
America, Inc. is to promote the use of the
gravure printing process for publication
printing, package printing and product
(specialty) printing. GAA resources are
dedicated to the collection and
dissemination of the state-of the-art, as
well as historic, information pertaining to
gravure technology, marketing,
environmental issues, government
regulations, education and training.

                  February 2009
Gravure Association of America
   What is Gravure?
Gravure is an intaglio printing process. The image
carrier has the image cut or etched below the
surface of the non-image area. On the gravure
image carrier (usually a copper cylinder), all the
images are screened, creating thousands of tiny

                        February 2009                3
Gravure Association of America
   What is Gravure?
During printing, the image carrier is immersed in fluid
ink. As the image carrier rotates, ink fills the tiny cells
and covers the surface of the cylinder. The surface of
the cylinder is wiped with a doctor blade, leaving the
non-image area clean while the ink remains in the
recessed cells.

                          February 2009                       4
Gravure Association of America
   What is Gravure?
Substrate is brought into contact with the image carrier
with the help of an impression roll. At the point of
contact, ink is drawn out of the cells onto the substrate
by capillary action.

                         February 2009                      5
Gravure Association of America
   Where do you find Gravure?
Gravure is used for publications, catalogs, Sunday
newspaper supplements, labels, cartons, packaging,
gift-wrap, wall and floor coverings and a variety of
precision coating applications.
                       Samples of Gravure:

                        February 2009                  6
Gravure Market Segments
   Gravure Three PPP’s

        Publishing
        Packaging

         Product

           February 2009   7
    Gravure Market Segments
           Publishing Market
Three companies with printing plants in the
  United States.
Process of choices for long run, high quality
  publication printing.
Gravure has strengthened its position of
  dominance in the long run US consumer
  magazine market (15% of market, 25 of top

                   February 2009                8
Gravure Market Segments
               Publishing Market

Gravure printing includes flyers, direct mail pieces,
brochures, magazines, and advertising inserts.

                      February 2009                     9
    Gravure Market Segments
                     Packaging Market
   Packaging has been experiencing a very competitive market over the years. We are
    seeing reports of a strengthening gravure market coming from both equipment
    suppliers and trade shops.
           Below are numbers on packaging market shares:
   Gravure market share worldwide in packaging:
           Japan 85%                    Europe 25%
            Asia 50%                    North America 18%
    Gravure market share in flexible packaging worldwide:
           Asia                80%
           Europe              50%
           North America       20%
    Print processes used by brand-name manufacturers:
           Gravure exclusively 50%
           Gravure & Flexo     30%
           Flexo               20%
                                                            Sources: GFK Group

                                     February 2009                                 10
Gravure Market Segments
     Packaging Market

           February 2009   11
       Gravure Market Segments
                   Product Market
   Housing related products growth has slowed but no sign of
    a recession.
   US Automotive related products losing market share
   Gift wrap business is generally flat.
   Floor covering:
    • Carpet market declining
    • X & Y generations prefer hard surfaces
    • Price is key as we continue to experience strong competition
      from Asia.
   Postage Stamps (government outsourcing)

                             February 2009                           12
Gravure Market Segments
     Product Market

         February 2009    13
        Gravure Services
 Technical Services
 Marketing Services

 Event & Conference Services

 IT Services

 Online Services

 Publishing Services

 Administration Services

 Gravure Education Foundation

              February 2009      14
Gravure Association of America

 Consulting
 Bruce Beyer, GAA technical director, provides a valuable
 "outside" perspective to help you sharpen your focus. He's
 nationally recognized throughout the gravure industry as an
 expert troubleshooter who can spot the problems and
 deficiencies, then help you frame and execute the best
 solution, case by case.

                        Bruce Beyer

                     February 2009                        15
Gravure Association of America

Operator Certification
 An online textbook-based technical course that
 enables individuals to proceed at their own pace,
 before completing online self-testing to obtain a
 grade instantaneously and move through eight

                     February 2009               16
Gravure Association of America

   Technical Assistance
    Help is just a phone call away when you need
    assistance in solving your gravure related
              Call Bruce Beyer 254.366.0467

                         February 2009             17
Gravure Association of America

 Textbook

    Comprehensive textbook covering all
    aspects of gravure printing.

   Technical Manuals
    Specialized reference manuals on specific
    technical areas such as doctor blades,
    engraving and ink.
                     February 2009              18
Gravure Association of America
GAA is continuing the process of growing our marketing
strategy in these economic difficulties. We are:
to reaching the global gravure industry by using our
marketing & technical resources.

                       February 2009                     19
Gravure Association of America
   GAA Basic Gravure Seminar
    • March 16th – 20th @ Western Michigan University
   GAA Spring Board of Directors Meeting
    • April 14th – 16th @ Arizona State University
   Sustainability & Process Control in Gravure
    Packaging Printing Seminar
    • June 10th – 12th @ Rochester Institute of Technology
   GAA Environmental Workshop
    • June 16th – 18th @ Toronto, Canada

                           February 2009                     20
Gravure Association of America
     2009 Conference & Event Services
   GAA Basic Seminar
    • September 14th – 18th @ Western Michigan University

   Advanced Pressroom Technology Seminar
    • Week of October 26th @ Western Michigan University
   GAA Fall Board of Directors Meeting
    • October 2009 @ Keswick Hall, Keswick VA

   GPC Conference
    • November 17th – 20th @ Naples Beach Hotel & Golf Club, FL

                             February 2009                        21
Gravure Association of America
              IT Services

 Need help navigating the new online
    magazine? Contact Team GAA
     member Allen Krusenstjerna
         for login assistance.

                 February 2009         22
Gravure Association of America
          Online Services

   Whether it is shopping for
   products, registering for an
 event, or browsing the pages of
 GRAVURE magazine, you can do
      it all at

               February 2009       23
Gravure Association of America
               Publishing Services
   Gravure is the bimonthly journal of the Gravure Association
of America, Inc. and the official voice of the gravure industry
in the USA and abroad. It is distributed to all GAA members
and to selected gravure buyers and customers, educators and
students. It is also available to nonmembers through
individual subscriptions.
If you’re interested in advertising
contact GAA.

                           February 2009                      24
Gravure Association of America
       Administration Services

 Team GAA is available to assist
      with locating technical
  assistance, placing an order or
 registering for an event. Contact
       GAA at 201.523.6042

                February 2009     25
Gravure Association of America
               Gravure Education Foundation
   In 1979, the founding trustees of the GEF recognized that ensuring
    technological change would continue to accelerate. New technology
    became a catalyst for changes in customer needs and demands and in
    competition in the print communication and marketplace.
   These founding trustees agreed that the industry’s next generation
    would require specialized education in order to manage and produce
    in the new business environment. Their foresight gave rise to the
    Gravure Education Foundation.
   The GEF is dedicated to promoting and supporting educational
    development in gravure technology. In order to meet and exceed the
    demands of an ever-changing marketplace, we encourage and
    support programs that include extensive instruction in gravure
   The Foundation has made steady progress since its inception in 1979,
    and we are proud of the support we provide for educational
    development in gravure technology. As we embark upon our third
    decade, the Foundation is strengthening its support by implementing
    new educational initiatives and expanding its support of existing

                                February 2009                         26
Gravure Association of America
    Gravure Education Foundation
The mission of GEF is to promote and
support educational development in
gravure technology by raising and
properly distributing money and resources
to deserving educational institutions and
students. The foundation will motivate
and develop individuals with technical
proficiency and leadership skills for the
print communication industry.
                 February 2009          27
Gravure Association of America

     Meet GAA’s

                               BILL MARTIN

               February 2009                 28
Gravure Association of America
Where our marketing & technical
  resources meet the gravure
        printing world!

        E:

         201.523.6042

           February 2009          29

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